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iphone games free – Best Free Games of The Day August 5, 2011

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How can i Jailbreak my iPhone?

Question by Simply.Kaitlyn: How can i Jailbreak my iPhone?
I want to Jailbreak my iPhone for free, where would I download it, and what one cause I know there are many different types! Thanks (=

Best answer:

Answer by -Steph (:
If it’s on 3.1.3 it can’t be jailbroken, but if it’s on 3.1.2 the best one is Blackra1n, which is simple as you only have to download it and click one button.

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Whew! Restoring iPhone software
Jailbreak iPhone

Image by adria.richards [1]

Free Books By The Truckload « cell phone

Need something to read?  Have 1.8 million free titles to choose from with MegaReader, a $1.99 ebook reader for the iPhone.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to download 1.8 million PDF files to your phone.  Instead, what the app does is offer a single access point to the plethora of free ebooks on the internet, via half a dozen repositories.  The current list includes Baen Books, eBook Search, Feedbooks, Internet Archive, Project Gutenberg, and Smashwords.

Megareader comes with 22 books preloaded for offline reading.  To read a different book offline, you have to search online, download and save it to your library, all within the app.  You can also import books from Calibre.

When you tap on the title and begin reading, the experience works much like most regular e-readers.  There are plenty of customization options for formatting what you’re reading (font size, font style, background color, line spacing and text justification), although it doesn’t really bring anything you can’t find elsewhere.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing here you can’t get from other ebook readers on the iPhone.  Since you can only access free materials, you can’t expect any popular titles.  Even worse, there’s no way to buy anything in-app, so it’s strictly to be used for free reading.  Still, if all you want is to find something to read on occasion without having to shell out cash, it’s a good pick up.

Megareader is a decent app for $1.99.  It doesn’t really bring anything novel to set it apart, but the price and features are just about right.

Parallels Improves Program for Putting Windows on Macs

Apple's Macintosh computers have long been able to run Windows, in addition to their native operating system, Mac OS X. But the process has sometimes been clumsy, slow or taxing to the machine and it hasn't been tailored to the new Lion version of Apple's OS.

Walt Mossberg reviews the newest version of Parallels Desktop, a popular utility for running Windows programs simultaneously with Mac programs.

Now, the most popular utility for running Windows programs simultaneously with Mac programs has been updated in a speedier version that takes advantage of some Lion features. It's called Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac, and it goes on sale Sept. 1, as a $50 upgrade for current Parallels users and on Sept. 6 for new users at $80. The product comes from a Seattle company of the same name.

I've been testing the new Parallels 7 on last year's version of the MacBook Air laptop, running Lion with 4 gigabytes of memory. That's the recommended amount of memory for running Windows 7, the version of Windows I tested.

In my tests, this latest Parallels edition ran Windows quickly and smoothly, and integrated well with some of Lion's new features, even though my test Mac isn't the fastest Apple laptop available today.

For instance, while I'm writing this in a Mac program on the Air, I'm simultaneously running the Windows-only Internet Explorer Web browser, and a couple of other Windows programs, with no discernible slowdown in any of them. I can easily recommend Parallels 7 to Mac users who need to use Windows programs some of the time.

I also tested a new companion Parallels Mobile iPad and iPhone app, which allows you to remotely control both your Mac and Windows running on your Mac. I am less sanguine about this product, which also goes on sale Thursday, for an introductory price of $5 (the regular price is $20). It did work, but like similar mobile programs for controlling PCs, I found it a bit awkward to use.

Parallels works by creating a so-called virtual machine inside your Mac. Within this virtual machine, you can install a copy of Windows you've purchased and it will behave like a faux Windows computer, compatible with the same programs as a physical Windows PC.

You can run Windows programs on your Mac either in one large window that displays the Windows desktop and taskbar, or in a mode that allows the Windows programs you run to simply appear on the Mac as if they were Mac programs, without the Windows desktop.

Going Back and Forth

Either way, you can switch back and forth between this virtual Windows computer and your regular Mac environment. You can copy and paste material between Mac programs and Windows programs, and drag files between the two operating systems. You can even open files from the Mac side of the machine in Windows programs, provided they are compatible.


Parallels Desktop 7 lets Windows programs, like Excel on the left, appear on the Mac as if they were Mac programs, without the Windows desktop.

This isn't the same as another method for running Windows on a Mac, called Boot Camp—a built-in feature of the Mac designed by Apple. Boot Camp, which also requires you to purchase and install Windows, has two big advantages over Parallels: It's free, and it dedicates the Mac's hardware solely to Windows, so it runs Windows programs even faster.

But it has a big disadvantage. It doesn't allow you to run both operating systems simultaneously, or copy and paste material between them. With Boot Camp, if you want to switch between the Mac OS and Windows, you have to reboot the Mac.

I found that the new Parallels started and resumed Windows much faster than its predecessor. When launching Windows, the Mac no longer slowed to a crawl, as it had in past versions.

All Windows 7 programs I tested launched and ran quickly and smoothly, and the fancy visual effects in Windows 7, such as mini-previews for icons in the taskbar, worked great.

Playing Solitaire

I was able to run the Windows versions of Microsoft Office (including Outlook), Quicken, and many other programs. I also easily ran such Windows-only programs as IE, Windows Media Player and even the venerable Windows Solitaire.

In addition, the new Parallels for the first time can take advantage of the Mac's built-in webcam.

It has a new wizard for creating a virtual machine. And now, it will even allow you to buy, download and install Windows right from within Parallels. Previously, you had to obtain Windows separately. This is a big improvement, in my view.

Windows in Launchpad

Windows, and Windows programs, can be displayed in Lion's new Launchpad feature, which mimics the main screen of an iPad. They also show up and behave like Mac programs in Lion's new Mission Control feature, which shows all the programs running on the Mac in miniature. Windows programs can also run in Lion's new full-screen mode.

The companion iPad app has been enhanced so it not only remotely controls the virtual machine, but the entire Mac. This has some advantages, such as allowing you to view Flash videos that the iPad normally can't play, by playing them remotely on the computer.

But I found that, as on other iPad apps for remotely controlling computers, controlling PC and Mac screens is difficult using iPad gestures.

Many Virtual Machines

Parallels 7 can create and run multiple virtual machines, and also handle operating systems other than Windows. For instance, I was able to run Linux and an open-source version of Google 's Chrome OS on my Mac using Parallels. At one point in my tests, I had four operating systems running at once, and could control all four from an iPad.

Oddly, the new Parallels can even run a second, virtual copy of Lion, on a Lion-equipped Mac, though this would mainly be of interest to developers testing products.

(Apple says Lion won't work in a virtual machine running on a PC.)

There are a couple of drawbacks to Parallels 7. As in prior versions, it can't run the most graphics-intensive Windows games and other programs, so heavy-duty gamers will do better with Boot Camp or a physical Windows PC. And I found it wouldn't share my Verizon 4G data modem with the Mac OS.

If you're likely to be using Windows most of the time, it's best to just use a regular Windows PC. But for Mac users who need to run a few Windows programs some of the time, Parallels 7 is a fine product.

—Find all of Walt Mossberg's columns and videos at the All Things Digital website, [1] . Write to him at .
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What website can I use to make free iphone custom ringtones?

Question by Tasha: What website can I use to make free iphone custom ringtones?
I remember using this one site where I can upload a song, cut it and download it. Does anyone know what site that was? :( I totally forgot.
im having a hard time signing up for ventones because my carrier isn’t there. :( (

Best answer:

Answer by Zac
use the Ventones site

its the best free ringtone making site

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The New Yorker Animated Cartoons! Go to to see all the new cartoons! Free iPhone app: By Charles Barsotti and Frank Cotham. In Flip You!, cranky turtle’s got a foul mouth In Twist and Pout, all bottle openers are pigs. In the Beer Book, a would be author gets rejected.

AirHockey IPad Download Full App 2010 | iphone apps | ipad apps

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Where can I download ringtones by paying per ringtone and not a plan?

Question by jas2world: Where can I download ringtones by paying per ringtone and not a plan?
I’m just trying to download a couple of ringtones to my phone. I don’t want gimmicks or plans or free websites where I have to wade through advertizements and other crap to get a ringtone. Anyone know of a simple site where I can get a ringtone or two and pay for them individually?

Best answer:

Answer by kelsimarks
Go through your cell phone company. Usually they will have a website where you can input your phone number and choose to buy one or thirty of your chosen ringtones. They will be approximately $ 2-4 per ringtone… but it sure beats having to pay $ 40/month for some ridiculous subscription service!

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Tick Tick.mp3

Image by Remko van Dokkum [1] Download Free –
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How to Jailbreak iPad 2 iOS 4.3.4 (JailbreakMe 3.0 Leak)

Download link-

Extra tags
[Download] Permanent Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 421 (UPDATED Jan 08 2011) [Download] RedSn0w 09[4 Untethered iOS 421 Jailbreaks (UPDATED Jan 08 2011) [HOW TO] iPhone JailBreak v 3.1.3 by [latest]iPhone 4 jailbreak spirit UPDATE JANUARY 2011 [MAC PC] Official Jailbreak Released! All Devices iOS 4.3.5 4.3.4 [Download Below FREE] Free PS3 Jailbreak New Version UPDATE JANUARY 2011flv Free PS3 Jailbreak! New Version! UPDATE JANUARY 2011flv Gull1Hack Free Download URL – Untethered Jailbreak for your Iphone firmware 3.1.3 Hack6ipod Jailbreak ipod nano 6g no spam o fake DOWNLOAD LINK How to Make Modchip PS3 355 PS3 Jailbreak 355 Tutorial Firmware Download How to Jailbreak 3 55 PS3 Firmware! Jailbreaked with PSJailbreak! Modchip USB PS33 55! UPDATE JANUARY 2011 how to jailbreak 3.1. iOS 4.3.5 4.3.3 4.3.4

Duration : 0:2:10

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“Scene It?” - a Movie Trivia Game is Now Free to Download!

iPad and iPhone users who love to watch movies would be happy with this good news. “Scene it?”, a movie trivia game for iOS device is now available to download for free!. “Scene It?” was normally sold for $1.99, and it is free for a limited time only. Hurry up!

Scene It? - a Movie Trivia Game is Now Free to Download!

“Scene It?” App Overview

Publisher: Screenlife, LLC.
File size: 493 MB (iPhone) and 865 MB (iPad)
Normal Price: $1.99
Supported Device: iPhone and iPad with iOS 4.2 or later.

“Scene It?” featuring a brand new gameplay that delivers a dynamic quiz experience shaped by your category selections and performance. The content pulled from hollywood’s biggest hist, provides a rich catalogue of movie clips, stills and audio from the movies you love.

What I don’t like from this app is the only its huge size. 493 MB for iPhone and 895 MB for iPad is a super big size to download and install on my device. I choose to skip this giveaway, but for you who are interested with this app can download “Scene It?” for iPhone [1] or “Scene It?” for iPad [2] during this free offer. However, there is no detail information about when this giveaway will expire. Hurry up and Good luck!

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Travis Brice is a computer technician and also father of two cute children. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. Now he also writes for Spyontech on his spare time. He loves to write about operating system, especially Microsoft Windows.

  1. ^ Scene It for iPhone (
  2. ^ Scene It for iPad (

Free Navigation iPhone® Apps Help in Turn-By-Turn Mapping & Safe Driving

Home » Apps » Free Navigation iPhone® Apps Help in Turn-By-Turn Mapping & Safe Driving

Your Smartphone features advanced GPS capabilities that can be your ultimate driving guide in mapping locations and directions. Now, you can download navigation apps on your Smartphone that uses the GPS functionalities in your Smartphone and enhance its navigational benefits. We have rounded up some navigational apps that cost you nothing to download but help you a great deal whenever you feel lost, prevent you from taking wrong turn, and make your journey safe.

AT&T Navigator

AT&T Navigator iPhone app converts your iPhone into a voice-based navigation system so that you can keep your eyes on the road, rather than keeping them on your phone. The app provides turn-by-turn driving directions and also includes other essential features that guide in every turn. It utters street names and renders automatic re-routing so that you do not miss even a turn. You can send the address of the destination through the website, directly to your phone, and the app will preplan the entire route to the mentioned address in advance. It also gives updates on millions of points of interests and businesses, guides you with lowest gas prices within the nearest vicinity, and lots more. Even traffic views are updated from time to time to fetch you latest traffic conditions while you are driving. Another unique feature of this app is that you do not need to leave the app screen, including the map, to change songs on your iPhone.

Waze GPS & traffic – Social, fun!

Waze is another free navigational app that mixes fun with utility and you do not need to shell out a single penny from your pocket to enjoy all this. This is a social traffic and navigation app to facilitate you to save commuting time by fetching road reports from accessible drivers in a certain location. The app Waze’s social networking features make it unique from other iPhone navigational apps. The social layer enables several drivers like you, within your location to create a traffic report including latest traffic information. You can take active role in sharing police traps, traffic hazards, and accidents to warn other drivers within the proximity. You can access localized driving groups from Facebook, Twitter, foursquare, etc. The more you use it, the more addictive you become to its useful characteristics.

Therefore, no matter how often you take wrong turns and directions, these free apps will help you catch up with the right direction, help you prevent road accidents, traffic hazards, and map a safe, time saving journey for you. If you have tried these or some other navigational apps, share your opinion below.


I-phone app offers motivation to exercise

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - If you're feeling a little sluggish and need a good incentive to exercise, there's an app for that.

You can download an app called "Nexercise" on your Iphone for free. It monitors all sorts of physical activities, from running and weigthlifting, to fencing and polo.

Then it rewards users with free merchandise and discounts for working out. The app developers hopes to promote a healthier way of living by giving out free gear.


Surf The Web, Android Style, With Dolphin Browser -- AppAdvice

photo 4

One of the things that makes Dolphin Browser stand out from other mobile Web browsers is the touch gesture feature. If you swipe your finger in a particular pattern, you will be directing the browser to perform a particular function. For example, if you draw a “V” in the gesture box, you will be redirected to the bottom of the web page that you are currently on. There are nine preset gestures and you can add your own. You can access the touch gesture box by selecting the finger icon at the bottom of the screen. This feature seems like it should have been included in the iPhone’s native Safari browser since it works perfectly with the touch screen concept developed by Apple.

You can also view Web pages as thumbnails from the app’s Webzine feature. You can choose from 10 different categories, including finance and entertainment, and view articles from the listed websites as thumbnails for easier browsing on a small screen. For example, if you want to see the latest news from NPR, you can add the website to your Webzine column and when you visit it, you will see articles listed in a way that is similar to an RSS reader. You will see the title, a thumbnail image, if included, and the first few sentences of the story.

You can open new tabs while browsing, just like a desktop browser. Instead of hiding multiple websites under an icon, you can easily view which sites you have open from the tabs at the top. You can also access your favorite websites with Speed Dial, bookmark websites, and view Web pages in desktop mode if you don’t want to automatically be redirected to a mobile configured version of a site, like Wikipedia.

Overall, this free app is an intuitive and touch screen friendly way to browse the Internet with a mobile device, It runs smoothly, loads quickly and doesn’t seem to have any glitches. The Webzine feature is a great way to view the more popular websites, allowing you to see thumbnail lists of articles. This is a potential replacement app for Safari, and if you have already replaced Safari, it is great competition for some of the others as well.

Tilt Steering Concept for iPhone Games

Best iphone application :

Happy Tappy Car Racing Challenge
The concept behind this game is maximum fun with utmost simplicity. We believe in games which are easy to work with and simple enough to be enjoyed by anyone people of all ages.

This hilarious fun-filled two-player car racing game tests your “tap-power”. The faster you tap faster your car moves.

Happy Tappy Fun Race!!

How to update iPhone software?

by admin on August 31, 2011

My iPhone software…. I want to update it because I want to download other apps from the app store but most of them say this require the software 3.2 or 4.0 so how can I update my software for free? Oh and if you please can suggest an app for downloading music that’s free please do or a app that will let u download things and also an app that can search and download music videos for free?

Use phone apps to keep tabs on latchkey kids - Technology & science - Tech and gadgets - Back to School

By the time I reached high school, there were plenty of times I would let myself in the house after I got home from school. And if I forgot my key, there was always a spare on hand in a secret hiding place. 

Today, there’s no need for a spare key — or a key at all in most cases. With an Internet-connected door lock, kids can punch in their personal code to unlock the door or use their smartphone to send an unlock code.

Plus you can get alerts when your children use their personal code to unlock the door or if the code isn’t used with a certain timeframe — say during the window when he or she should arrive home from school.

All Internet-enabled locks make use of your home’s Internet service to connect you with your lock. There’s a small base station that plugs into an Ethernet jack on your modem or router that communicates wirelessly with your door knob.

If the power goes out, the lock can still be opened with a physical key or by manually entering the code on the lock’s keypad as long as the battery lasts. Of course, remote unlocking and reporting won’t work if the power goes out.

Lockitron Door Knob Kit
The Lockitron Door Knob Kit ($315 on [1] ) replaces most standard door knobs —complete with a working physical key.

Inside the knob is a motorized lock, which you can open using a free iPhone app [2] or by browsing to [3] from any smartphone.

For non-smartphones, you can subscribe to a service that enables you to unlock your door via text message for $5 per month. Lockitron owners can create codes with expiration dates, but can’t set hours of operation.

Schlage LiNK Starter Kit with Wireless Keypad Deadbolt
Inside the Schlage LiNK Starter Kit ($299.99 on [4] ), you’ll find a Schlage Light Module, in addition to the base station and lock found in most kits. With the Light Module, you can have a light turn on when your child enters her unlock code.

For $8.99 per month, you can receive text message alerts when your child uses his code and the ability to remotely unlock or lock the door, using your computer or the free iPhone app [5] or Android phone app [6] .

You won’t receive alerts if the power goes out, but the lock codes will work as long as the lock’s batteries have power. Codes can be programmed to work at certain times of day and can be revoked remotely. If you cancel your subscription, the codes will continue to work and you can program new ones manually using the door lock.

Other components that work with the Shlage LiNK system are a wireless camera ($189 on [7] ), a wired camera ($44.68 on [8] ) and a thermostat ($131.17 on [9] ).

If you’re looking to invest in a home automation system, you can put together a relatively inexpensive Control4 starter kit with a controller/base station, remote control and lock for about $1,000 at Best Buy stores with a Magnolia Home Theater department.

Control4 systems require professional installation, which means you’ll be paying for a few hours of Geek Squad time on top of the cost of the system. Once the controller is in place, though, you’ll have a wide range of products you can add to your system, including locks, lighting controls, thermostats, multi-room music controls and cameras, to name a few.

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Lowe's Launches Home Improvement App For iPhone And iPod Touch

MOORESVILLE, N.C., Aug 31, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Lowe's, the world's second largest home improvement retailer, announces its Lowe's App for iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store. The application is designed to support customers with their home improvement projects, and provide tools to help simplify the shopping experience.

"With the Lowe's App, we are leveraging the popularity of iPhone and iPod touch to help customers make more informed purchasing decisions on the go," said Gihad Jawhar, vice president of "We've also included a wealth of interactive content to inspire consumers on their next home improvement project."

The Lowe's App allows consumers to:

* Research and purchase products;

* View inspiration galleries;

* Locate the nearest store via GPS;

* Watch how-to videos;

* Access product ratings & reviews;

* Share products with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Email;

* Use MS Tag scanning to extend the reach of interactive content (reviews, how-to, etc.)

The Lowe's App is available free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at .

About Lowe's

With fiscal year 2010 sales of $48.8 billion, Lowe's Companies, Inc. is a FORTUNE(R) 50 company that serves approximately 15 million customers a week at more than 1,725 home improvement stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Founded in 1946 and based in Mooresville, N.C., Lowe's is the second-largest home improvement retailer in the world. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Lowe's

         Lowe's Companies, Inc. 
         Julie Yenichek, 704-758-4364  
         Colleen Maiura, 704-758-2282 

Copyright Business Wire 2011

Is There Such A Creature As Cheap Car Insurance For Woman Drivers? | Mobile Phone Reviews, News | Mobile softwares download | Car Insurance Quotes | Free iPhone Apps

Let’s dispell a myth, cheap car cover for lady drivers is not really any different than cheap car cover for men bar that in some bags it might be a diminutive cheaper or at smallest amount a diminutive easier to get.

The factors used to compute cheap cover are many and altogether place prospective policyholders in rating groups that categorize bank of risk. Obviously, in one rating group, gender, there’s a difference.

Are women augmented car drivers than men, though? Only your cover battalion actuary knows for sure, but altogether young men are careful a advanced risk to insure. In that age rating group, auto cover best quotes might errand women.

Cheap Based On Your Needs

What really counts, though, is whether car cover for lady drivers is cheap cover based on their own needs. Best quotes for lady drivers can be obtained online at automated websites that return quotes from several contending cover companies simultaneously.

Women who know the ins-and-outs of car cover for women need only decide the buck quote to get cheap insurance.

Get Help If You Need It

If you’re not familiar with auto insurance, however, you may want to contact an cover agent who can guide you arterial the compute and augmented ensure that you purchase the breadth you require.

They can also show car drivers ways to lower their rates by ascendant deductibles or lowering Comprehensive or Collision coverages which become less practical as a vehicle ages.

Just remember, there are six main types of car insurance–Bodily Injury Liability, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Property Damage Liability, Collision, Comprehensive, Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage–that cover your liability to others, pay your abrupt medical and added expenses, cover attack to property, pay for upkeep to or replacement of your car, cover expenses due added causes of damage, and cinch you abutting folks without insurance.

Most of all, don’t forget that what’s cheap cover in the short run can put your finances in danger in the long run, and that auto cover protects your assets, not you.

Car Insurance Quotes.


Save Money By Getting A Term Life Insurance Quote Online | Mobile Phone Reviews, News | Mobile softwares download | Car Insurance Quotes | Free iPhone Apps

When deciding or choosing what life insurance is best for you, you can avoid feeling pressured into a policy by searching for a term life insurance citation online. The service is terrific and it can be a fast turnaround because you control how fast or slow the clarify can be. Getting a term life insurance citation online is as simple as the click of the mouse. With so many life insurance companies now inaction on the Internet, all you have to do is log onto the alternative sites and audit out the levy for term life insurance.

When you audit for a term life insurance citation online, you do not have to pay for the quote. This service is free and you should appeal quotes from at fewest three alternative companies. This way you can do a comparison of online life insurance quotes. Each of the companies has a form that you fill in and they will respond to you with the quote- commonly in less than 24 hours.

Some of the required questions you will have to answer to get a term life insurance citation online are your age, occupation, medical history and whether or not you smoke. All of these factors affect the price the online citation you receive. A younger person will certainly get a much abase premium than an big person because the likelihood that he/she will die within the term of the policy is much less.

Your occupation is also a deciding component in receiving the best possible online life insurance quotes. This is because the life insurance association looks at the dangers involved. If you do work at a chancy occupation, then it is possible the association will have to pay out a accord on the insurance ago the term runs out. One affair you do have to remember with receiving term life insurance quotes online is that these quotes are for a specified term, such as 10 or 15 years. If you are still alive at the end of the term you do not collect any alimony from the policy.

Whether or not the life insurance association needs you to have a medical depends on your medical history. If you have a catalog of heart ailment for example, it will affect the term life insurance citation online that the association will give you. You many get a policy with a clause inserted saying that should you die of this illness, present not be any accord paid out. You so have to be honest in answering the questions for the online life insurance quotes because it might result in cancellation of your policy down the road. Then you are left with no policy and you will have paid out alimony in premiums for nothing.

However ago receiving a term life insurance citation online make sure you have base out exactly what type of life insurance you need.

Car Insurance Quotes.


Download iOS 5 SB Settings Theme for iPhone and iPad|Cydia Tweak

by bhadresh on August 31, 2011


iOS 5 SB Settings Cydia Theme Released for iPhone and iPad, which is Developed by Raul Martinez and it available at Cydia [1] Store for free Download.

As you all knows iOS 5 yet to be official, but it’s already released for developers only. According to Rumors iOS 5 will be released with the iPhone 5 Released date, that means it can be available next or in October, because the Released date yet to confirmed but rumors says iPhone 5 will released on September 30th or October 7th at the same date iOS 5 will launch.

Well that all about Firmware, but before that you can enjoy iOS 5 SB Settings Theme on your Device which is available for free download for iPhone and iPad.

To download iOS 5 SB Settings Theme on iPhone and iPad, it should be required running jailbreak latest Firmware and also needs 1016 KB Space for Storage Purpose.

Stay tune with us for more details on Cydia Theme for iPhone/iPad and don’t forget to like our Facebook Profile – iOS 5 SB Settings Theme

  1. ^ Cydia (

Finest no cost Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers for download :: Debbie's Blog

Finest totally free Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers for download

Post by Bellu Su

Thanksgiving is just all around the corner. Whether or not you are difficult at function in the workplace or just soothing at house, you can get in the mood of this holiday festivities by decorating your iPhone with a totally free Thanksgiving iPhone wallpaper, to conserve your work, we have list the best free of charge Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers below, which will sure to get you in the mood for this year’s Fall turkey season.

Finest Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Happy Thanksgiving View full size of finest no cost Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Happy Thanksgiving

Greatest Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Thanksgiving Vector View complete size of finest totally free Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Thanksgiving Vector

Best Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Slice of Pumpkin PieView full size of greatest no cost Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Slice of Pumpkin Pie

Finest Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Thanksgiving Greeting View full size of best no cost Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers-Thanksgiving Greeting

Very best Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Pleased Turkey Day View full size of finest free of charge Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Pleased Turkey Day

Best Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Give Thanks View full size of finest free of charge Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers – Give Thanks

Whether or not you happen to be seeking for some thing funny, lovely, gracious, yummy or just plain cute, you are going to uncover just the Thanksgiving iPhone wallpaper you’re hunting for in this list of the leading six greatest free of charge Thanksgiving wallpapers. Be positive to download the greatest free of charge Thanksgiving iPhone wallpapers to get yourself into the Thanksgiving mood.Convert videos or rip DVD movies for the iPhone 4If you have got a new iPhone 4 and would like to convert your videos to iPhone 4 supported video, you may try Aneesoft iPhone four Video Converter.

If you would like to watch your DVD movies on your iPhone 4, just get Aneesoft DVD to iPhone 4 Converter to rip/convert DVD movies for iPhone four.

Now get iPhone Converter Suite and save 30%! This iPhone Converter Suite contains two programs: Aneesoft iPhone four Video Converter and Aneesoft DVD to iPhone 4 Converter.

Bellu Su is a devoted fan of Apple who works to gather information, guidelines and news for iPad users and Mac OS users.

Far more Thanksgiving Articles

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Domino's launches on iPad, iPhone sales top £10m | News

Domino’s Pizza has launched an iPad app after sales generated by its iPhone app topped £10m within eight months of its launch.

Its iPhone app has generated over £10m in orders since launch

The iPhone app lets users locate their nearest branch using GPS technology and they can also pay for their orders online via a credit card or PayPal account.

Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director for Domino’s Pizza, said the company launched an iPad app as shipments of iPads were outstripping iPhones.

“We have achieved fantastic sales to date through mobile channels – our iPhone app generated £10m in pizza sales in just eight months,” he said. “We expect this trend to continue with our new iPad app and further take-up of our existing apps for iPhone and Android.”

The new app is free to download and also accompanies Domino’s Pizza’s m-commerce site which helped generate over £1m of orders in the final quarter of last year ( 5 Jan 2011 ).

The Domino’s iPad app was designed by mobile specialist agency Somo [1] , which has also worked with brands including Audi and EA Games.

Carl Uminski, COO of Somo, said the launch would further bolster Domino’s mobile revenues and that Domino’s Android app, launched in May, was growing as quickly as the iPhone app did when it hit the market ( 18 May 2011 ).


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Ipad Download Motion pictures Services For you to Find

Dr Browns Baby Bottles [1]

Before any of us came to understand the wonders in the little gadgets named the iPhone and the iPad, the phrase apps (short designed for applications) has been only used with desktop pcs and desktops. But when the computer provider, Apple, gave you and me the iPhone and the iPad, a lot of apps and also other free ipad device download occurred as properly. Today, the quantity of downloadable apps online provides reached a lot more than sixty 1, 000. Any interesting thing you can think of for the device, there is bound to be a great app get rid of.

People with tried or owned the iPhone leading to a release in the now well known iPad are sensitive to how versatile a lot of these gadgets can be. You can pretty much do anything with the iPad; from playing videogames to help you learning learn how to cook your preferred recipe. There are apps designed for virtually everything nowadays. Nevertheless, the important things is to select website that but not only offers a lot of these iPad downloads, but assures the security in the user as well.

Any ipad device user, whether a beginner or a complicated user, can easily be lured by websites that offer various ipad device downloads. Movies alone are useful to lure us to see websites, which allow its users to get movies to help you iPad for free, in order to extend the site’s online traffic. Nonetheless surely, you know that the just due to the fact something is normally free doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go get rid of every singular time. In each and every decision everyone make one can find consequences that could prove really overwhelming.

As a consumer together with an ipad device user, you must understand that websites that provide free downloads depend largely on online traffic to make some capital. They still be required to pay the bills, mind everyone. So these people entice Internet surfers to explore their site by offering up free ipad device download to hold the site’s traffic all the way to possible. High online traffic produces advertisers and the more advertisers the web page has, the more often money they are able to make. The draw back with huge online potential customers is that it must be usually susceptible to viruses and also other malicious codes which can infect together with cause problems on the device, particularly the website doesn’t employ any reliable reliability measures.

To tell the truth, the perfect alternative designed for iPad downloads are pay back sites. There are two kinds of pay internet sites online. The primary kind tend to be websites that need you to pay for every single download everyone make, very similar to Apple’s practical application store. But this is not an option for the of us who’s to succeed hard for every single dollar people earn. It is simply too expensive. The one-time fee will be much cheaper since you are only required to pay once being membership fee as a swap for unrestricted downloads.

After some time, you can realize the correct way economical one-time pay back sites can be. If you need to download cinema to ipad device, you may well download numerous movies you want after paying just once. Furthermore, most websites tend to be secure more than enough that you will not regret only provide unlimited downloads, but peace of mind as properly. You simply cannot possibly put a cost on this, can everyone? Any intelligent consumer can see the positive aspects that internet sites like these have to offer. [2]

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Download PhoneView 2.7.1 for mac

Download PhoneView 2.7.1 for mac

PhoneView is the Mac companion for iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch. Access voicemail, SMS/MMS, call history, photos, App Store app data, notes, file storage, iTunes media, voice memos and contacts with one click. PhoneView also automatically archives your messages, call history and voicemails, so you can access them even when your iPhone is not available.
  • Store any type of data.
  • Access your music, videos, podcasts and photos.
  • Play, export and archive voicemail
  • Access notes, SMS, MMS, contacts and call history stored on the iPhone.
  • Move files between work and home.
  • Back up important data to your iPhone.
  • Keep useful apps and installers with you at all times.
  • Free Demo.
What’s New
Version 2.7.1:
  • Minor fixes and enhancements.
  • PPC / Intel
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  • iTunes 9.2 or later

Download JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper Free 1.7.5 for mac

Download JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper Free 1.7.5 for mac

JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper Free helps you snipe eBay auctions.

Are you tired of staying up late in the night and still losing auction in the last seconds? You need JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper to help you. This is a software snipes eBay auctions. It runs on your own computer, so your eBay login stays secure and local. JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper Free Edition is a free software. It is ideal for casual eBay buyers who snipes one item at a time.

What’s New
Version 1.7.5:
  • Accommodate the eBay site changes related to the bidding process

PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

- Excitement For All


Marketing technology company Fiksu has released new data [1] that shows a downward trend in mobile application installations on iPhone. The increase, in broad terms, is marginal, given the size of the iPhone’s user base, but any non-upward movement is curious.

Says Fiksu, there was a drop from 4.505 million iPhone app installs per day in June to 4.25 million app installations per day in July.

The Fiksu App Store Competitive Index [2]  measures the average aggregate daily download volume of the Top 200 free iPhone apps in the U.S., and sourced its data from 2.7 billion mobile app actions recorded by the apps on the Fiksu for Mobile Apps user acquisition platform. These actions include app launches, registrations and in-app purchases, among other things.

Says Fiksu CEO Micah Adler, “one reason [for the downward trend] could be the absence of incentivized promotions which many had been using to bulk buy downloads and boost rank. App marketers are now starting to reallocate budgets into non-incentivized promotions that can deliver a higher loyal user conversion rate at a lower net cost.”

As you may recall, Apple clamped down on incentivized installs in April [3] , and began rejecting apps that use pay-per-install or offer walls from the iTunes App Store.

Fiksu also notes that the cost for acquiring a loyal user (according to its Cost per Loyal User Index) decreased, too. In July, following four months of increases, the cost dipped 5.5% to $1.20.

So is Apple’s crackdown on incentivized installs really to blame here? For this, we turned to market leader in application distribution and monetization, Tapjoy [4] . Interestingly, it had no comment.

But Peter Farago of Flurry Analytics [5]  confirmed that the general trend is correct from April to mid-summer, but he couldn’t vouch for Fiksu’s specific numbers. “With lower cost price per acquisition removed (incentivized installs), we are seeing prices go up,” he notes.


Launch Date:


Fiksu, Inc. is a new marketing technology company. Fiksu™ for Mobile Apps is the company’s first solution designed to help mobile app brands achieve their business goals faster and…

Learn more [6]

Go to Source [7]

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Download Apple Logo Display Theme for iPhone & iPad|Cydia Tweak

by bhadresh on August 31, 2011


The Apple Logo Display Cydia Theme Released at Cydia Store, which is developed by Scate Windows and available at Cydia Store for free Download.

To set Apple Logo Display Theme on your iPhone and iPad, there should need Display Recorder Cydia App on your Devices, the Display Recorder needs because of changes in taps, on settings/ Display recorder to make it work and set the taps in show taps you must aspen winter board to active.

The Apple Logo Display theme contains 5 colors Green, Red, Purple, Blue and Yellow and will be added more colors in future update, so you have numbers of choice to set Apple Logo Display Theme.

To Download Apple Logo display theme on iPhone and iPad, it should be jailbreak with the latest iOS firmware and also needs 288 KB SPace for Storage purpose.

Stay tune with us for more details on Cydia Apps for iPhone/iPad and don’t forget to like our Facebook Profile.

Download Windows 7 Desktop Theme for iPhone & iPad|Cydia Tweak


Windows Desktop theme now you can set by installing this Cydia Tweak on your iPhone and iPad, Which is Developed by Danny Lopez and it’s available at cydia Store for free Download. The Windows Desktop Cydia Theme inspired by Windows 7, which has great iCons, Custom icons, Media Player, Lockscreen, Setting, Mail, Safari, and amny things theme as Windows 7.

With this unique theme you can convert your iOS Device into Windows Phone theme, which look like Windows 7 Desktop and the inside Folders, icon style everything converted to Windows 7 Style, it looks pretty and it’s great theme for windows lovers who really want to enjoy windows on there iPhone or iPad.

  • Windows 7 Inspired style
  • Windows 7 icon style
  • Custom icon style like Media Player, Safari, Mail and setting

Download [1] Windows 7 Desktop Theme for iPhone and iPad

To Download Windows 7 Desktop Theme on iPhone and iPad, it should be running required with latest jailbreak iOS Firmware and also needs 12621 KB Space for Storage purpose. 

Stay tune with us for more details on Cydia Apps for iPhone/ iPad and don’t forget to like our Facebook Profile – Windows 7

Which is Developed by Danny Lopez and it’s available at cydia Store for free Download. The Windows Desktop Cydia Theme inspired by Widnows 7, which has great iCons, Custom ICons, Media Player, Lockscreen, Setting, Mail, Safari, and amny things theme as Widnows 7. 

With this unique theme you can convert your iOS Device into Widnows Phone theme, which look like Windows 7 Desktop and the inside Folders, icon style everything converted to Widnows 7 Style, it looks owsem and it’s great theme for windows lovers who really want to enjoy windows on there iPhone or iPad.

Features :

Windows 7 Inspired
Windows 7 icon style
Custom icon style like Media Player, Safari, Mail and setting

Download Windows Desktop Theme for iPhone and iPad

To Download Windows Desktop Theme on iPhone and iPad, it should be running required with latest jailbreak iOS Firmware and also needs 12621 KB Space for Storage purpose.

Stay tune with us for more details on Cydia Apps for iPhone/ iPad and don’t forget to like our Facebook Profile.

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Dining Out with Food Allergies & Intolerances: Now There's an App for That

BOSTON, Aug 31, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Millions of people with food allergies and intolerances struggle to find restaurants that will accommodate their dietary requirements. Now, there's an app for that. AllergyEats ( ), the biggest and fastest growing online source for finding allergy-friendly restaurants, has just launched a free app for the iPhone and Android smartphones, allowing users to access this valuable, peer-based resource anytime, from anywhere.

"The new AllergyEats app builds off the outstanding success of the core AllergyEats website, which has a tremendous -- and rapidly expanding -- number of users finding and rating restaurants based on their level of food allergy-friendliness. Our new mobile app offers all of the same benefits as the original AllergyEats website, with the added convenience of portability," explained Paul Antico, Founder of AllergyEats. "Now, users have on-demand access to this wealth of information right at their fingertips."

"The AllergyEats app offers peer-based allergy-friendliness ratings as well as restaurants' websites, menus, directions and more, conveniently accessible from users' iPhone and Android smartphones. Users can search by city or zip code -- or from wherever they find themselves -- making it even easier for busy, on-the-go families to find accommodating restaurants, whether they're researching options in advance or grabbing a last-minute meal while out and about," Antico continued.

AllergyEats is a free, user-friendly resource that provides valuable peer-based feedback about how well (or poorly) restaurants accommodate the needs of food allergic customers. Most restaurant review sites include information about establishments' food, ambiance or service, but AllergyEats is singularly focused on food allergies, with peer reviews spotlighting where people with food allergies or intolerances have more comfortably eaten and where they've encountered challenges.

Both the AllergyEats app and website provide well over 600,000 restaurants nationwide, which users can rate. The peer ratings and feedback allow food allergic and gluten intolerant diners to quickly and easily find restaurants that will more likely cater to their special dietary requirements -- and avoid the ones that won't.

Users can easily access information for many restaurants such as menus (including gluten-free menus), allergen lists, nutrition information, certifications, web links, directions and more.

"AllergyEats has significantly improved the way food allergic and gluten intolerant individuals find allergy-friendly restaurants. Now, our new app makes it even easier and more convenient to locate these restaurants -- whether you're across town or across the country," Antico continued.

"As an added benefit, the new app also lets diners rate restaurants on-the-spot, while the experience is fresh in their minds. Whether the user's experience was positive, negative or somewhere in between, their feedback helps the entire food allergy and intolerance community," Antico explained.

The AllergyEats app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes app store and the Android market, which are conveniently linked from the AllergyEats home page.

AllergyEats has been endorsed by highly-respected food, health and allergy organizations and individuals, including the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Gluten Intolerance Group, Massachusetts Restaurant Association, Chef Ming Tsai and more.

For more information, please go to .

SOURCE: AllergyEats

         For AllergyEats 
         Adrienne Walkowiak, 603-659-9345 

Copyright Business Wire 2011

Nice Iphone Downloads photos | Apple,iPhone,iPhone 3,iPhone 4, iPhone 3g, iPhone 4g,hiPhone,ifone

Some cool iphone downloads images:

Official Army iPhone app
iphone downloads

Image by The U.S. Army [1]
Soldiers and others can now read the latest Army news on their iPhones, thanks to a new application created by the team that developed the Army’s Web site, [2] .

See more at [3]

Army iPhone download among top 25 free news apps [4]

Download the Army iPhone app on iTunes [5] [6]

iPhone Wallpaper #2
iphone downloads

Image by Djenuwine [7]
Optimisé pour l’écran de l’iPhone 4.
Free download.

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