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Fiksu: iPhone 4S launch helped app downloads hit all-time high in October

epicapps 520x245 Fiksu: iPhone 4S launch helped app downloads hit all time high in October

Owners of Apple’s new iPhone 4S smartphone helped boost application downloads by as much as 70% in its launch weekend, ensuring that app downloads hit an all-time high in October, a new report from app marketing specialists Fiksu reveals [1] .

Capturing data from 6.54 billion mobile app actions and 143 million downloads, Fiksu’s Indexes recorded a 40% increase in download volume following the launch of the iPhone 4S when compared to the same period before its release.

The increase in iOS device users boosted organic app downloads (app downloads that weren’t as a result of an advertisement or promotion) in October. These rose 75% during the launch and levelled out at 54% in the weeks following.

The Fiksu App Store Competitive Index (which measures average daily downloads top 200 free U.S. iPhone apps) increased 29% from 3.8 million downloads in September, to a record high of 4.91 million in October. However, with many users upgrading their iPhones, many downloads would have included existing apps. With that in mind Fiksu revised its estimates to calculate a net volume of 4.5 million new app downloads.

index competitive lrg 201110 520x213 Fiksu: iPhone 4S launch helped app downloads hit all time high in October

Fiksu looks back at October as the perfect time for mobile advertisers and marketers to create new windows of extreme growth, “regardless of cost”. The company believes that developers looking to maximize value and return on investment were best placed to debut apps and new promotions in the weeks following the initial launch, taking advantage of “the efficiencies in heightened volumes at significantly lower costs.”

During the launch weekend of the iPhone 4S, mobile marketing costs remained high but fell in the weeks following the launch as traffic decreased. This meant that by the end of October, Fiksu’s Cost per Loyal User Index levelled out to $1.47 â€" a 17% drop compared to September’s record high of $1.64.

index loyal lrg 201110 520x213 Fiksu: iPhone 4S launch helped app downloads hit all time high in October

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Free iPhone App Highlights the Social Aspect of Listening to Music

[] Leiden, Netherlands - Synendo announced Music Party is now available for free in the iTunes App Store. The app helps get the party started by enabling users to share their playlists while playing music at parties or social gatherings. It also enables friends who are attending the event and listening to the music to make requests and tell the DJ what they really think about what they're hearing by entering their votes. Music Party functions like a jukebox in the user's pocket, showing not only the songs that are coming up on the DJ's playlist, but also the DJ's entire music library.

With Music Party, users create a set list from the songs they have in their iPod library. Then they invite their friends to connect to their device via their local Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. Friends connect via the same free Music Party app.

Users can vote on the DJ's set list, request songs, and chat with friends about the music. Music Party was developed by independent software developer Synendo.

Synendo founder Marco Henkes says, "I wanted to make an app that was about more than just music. Listening to music is a social activity, but I felt that the other apps on the market did not do justice to the social aspect of enjoying music together." From now on Music Party will be free, so everyone can try this app out.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS and later, 3G iPod touch or later
* iOS 4.2 and later
* 3.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Music Party 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

Synendo is an independent software developer in the Netherlands that specializes in apps for iOS devices. The company's first creation was Didakto, an educational iPad game for schoolchildren. Copyright (C) 2011 Synendo. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.



Top free apps for iPhone, iPad

Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST

The number of apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is huge and chances are that someone, somewhere is always working towards developing a new app to suit your needs. 

This is not the best part. The good part of having apps, apart from their usage, is that surprisingly many of the best apps are free.

Here, we have listed some of the best free iOS apps for social networking, news, photography, productivity and more. So, take your pick as we bring you some of the best from the world of apps. And, if we have missed out on any, please do let us know.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


This app has really improved with time. The new version is a hit and it provides quick access to your most visited sections like news feed, notifications, messages and so on.

It is user friendly and gives you instant notification of any movement on your Facebook page. It also allows you to 'like'.

In fact, in some ways the experience is so much better that it beats the original browser version.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


Dropbox offers you the convenience of transferring content from your computer on to your device.

It works virtually, where you dump files you want to sync in a folder on your computer and it's immediately available on your device through Dropbox.

This means you don't have to download these files each time, and you can also view them whenever you are offline.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST

Read It Later

This is an amazing app. It basically allows you to save web pages so that you can read them later. What makes it better is, the offline pages are typically free of advertisements or other material.

The service is free, as is this app. Here, you can search, sort and even tag the items in your list. It also archives all the articles, which you have read earlier.

Read it later ties up all your computers and other devices by a single account. This means you can save an article from work or home and read it on your iPhone or iPad later.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST

Opera Mini 6

This app claims to offer iOS users a fast and cost-effective web-browsing experience. Opera Mobile uses the same rendering engine as the Opera desktop browser and supports HTML5. It uses servers to compress and render pages to 90 per cent of the data traffic.

It also supports full pinch-to zoom on multi-touch devices, an improved YouTube video integration, a single column view and Added Opera Mobile Store icon to your speed dial list.

This is not all. With the background tab loading, you can also synchronise bookmarks from your desktop computer, if you are using Opera as your browser.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


Audibe is a library for audiobooks and it stocks over 3,000 titles. You can download the app for free, but just like most apps all the titles that are available are not free.

However, it allows you to sign up for a membership, after which you can avail these books for a discount the discount could be anywhere between 15-20 per cent.

As you purchase, you can also collect credit points along the way, which you can use to purchase a book for free.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


This application takes the popular Microsoft Photosynth technology and makes it mobile. Photosynth is a tool that takes several photos and 'stitches' them into a three-dimensional experience.

As with all modern applications, the app is social. It allows one to share their images via Photosynth's online service or on social network sites like Facebook.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


This is a free personal magazine app. But, what makes it interesting from other apps is that it customises the contents for the user by following his reading preferences from the Google Reader and Twitter account. It also displays contents that the reader would probably like to read.

Recently, Zite which was acquired by CNN, introduced a new update to its iPad app that includes a feature called Sybil. This feature allows Zite to create and switch between multiple profiles on a single device.

It's a great addition to the personalised news discovery app, since it can now recommend uniquely tailored content to more than one individual in a single household.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST

Adobe Photoshop Express

As the name suggests, Adobe Photoshop Express is a quick, free and easy tool for making edits to your iPhone/iPad photos. You can use it for cropping, straightening, to adjust exposure, colour effects, sharpening and more.

It allows artistic filters such as soft focus or sketch to your images, while a copy of your original file is always saved.

For iPad, it supports portrait and landscape orientations, redesigned online, edit, and and the ability to upload to and Facebook simultaneously.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


It is already popular with the iPad users. Now, Apple has also introduced iBooks for its smaller devices iPod Touch and iPhone.

Effectively iTunes for books, the app combines a reader and store, in Apple's typically usable and integrated fashion.

The app now supports PDF viewing, and boasts a range of other more minor improvements, including new ways to bookmark (complete with syncing across devices), your choice of white or sepia colored pages, more font options and, of course, greater stability and better performance.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


Gorillacam was introduced by the creators of the Gorillapod tripods. It brings together a number of features to hugely improve an iPhone's camera (timer, multi-shot, spirit-level, on-screen grid, 'press anywhere' capture). For instance, it offers digital zoom up to 4x to get the details.

It also has other features like anti-shake and tap to focus, auto-save and continuous rapid fire, where you can take unlimited photos of up to 1.6 frames per second!

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


Twitter, which was formerly known as Tweetie on the iPhone is a combination of polished interface, plentiful options and multi-account support. Unlike, Tweetie this app is free.

It has all the regular features like instant updates from your friends, industry experts, celebrities and so on. It also allows real-time search and access to maps enables you to see what's happening around the world.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


Comics offers dozens of downloadable free comics - and once you run out of those, you can choose from other paid titles.

Here, all the comics are formatted to fit the iPhone screen. And, reading works on a frame-by-frame automated 'zoom' basis, and is surprisingly usable.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


TonePad is a purely digital musical toy, which is more suited for iOS handhelds. TonePad uses a grid-based interface that enables you to turn notes on and off and compose pleasing and harmonious loops.

It also allows you to edit, save and upload your tunes. TonePad features a clean minimalist user interface with a full 16x16 matrix. What more? The sound quality remains good irrespective of how many notes are playing at the same time.

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Last updated on: December 1, 2011 09:57 IST


Runkeeper uses the GPS technology to track your fitness activity. This means you can keep a tab on your jogging, cycling and other routine workouts, while mapping your details like calories burned and so on for free.

Previously split into 'pro' and 'free' versions, the developer now generously includes all the features in one free app.

Once you are through with your workout, the data is synced to the Runkeeper website, where you can view a history of all your activities. And, to make your workout more interesting Runkeeper allows you to integrate the app with your iPod playlist, which will play automatically the moment you being your regime. You can also share your activities online.

How To Jailbreak the iPhone

Jailbreak is a process of "unpacking" the iPhone operating system in order to accept other applications. Agan so that could change the look of Apple's gadgets according to taste.
iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, has its own exclusivity compared with smartphones from other vendors. Among them, Agan must have an account at the Apple ID to access and install apps from the App Store.
The problem, I obtain an ID that Apple's official line was not easy. Hence the unofficial way to maximize the function Apple gadget. And, Jailbreak including illegal procedures.

Jailbreak is not an official procedure from Apple. This paper is solely to share information. If it turns out that Agan jailbreak do fail, or even broken gadgets Agan, yes at own risk! Additional notes Ane before doing the jailbreak process is better Agan understand the advantages, disadvantages and risks jailbreak.


  1. The most important thing to understand that the Jailbreak is a step that is not supported by Apple. Thus, the in-jailbreak gadgets make warranty expire.
  2. IOS upgrades become more difficult. Usually IOS upgrades can be performed so that the operating system can be downloaded through iTunes. Well, if already on the iPhone jailbreak then upgrade the IOS have to wait longer. Agan need to make sure that the new IOS is compatible with the iPhone that has been in-jailbreak. If not, do not do the upgrade because it can cause the iPhone is not functioning.
  3. iPhone jailbreak can not be returned to the setting pabriktanpa help restore data via iTunes installed on your PC.
  1. can get a free iPhone apps without having to have an account at the Apple ID that is obtained by registering a credit card.
  2. Homescreen, lockscreen, icons and menus can be customized agan.
  3. can change the look of the theme by downloading it from third-party applications such as Cydia.
Jailbreak with JailbreakMe
Many applications that can be used to jailbreak the iPhone. Ane using JailbreakMe because this is a new method and includes easy to jailbreal. Can be used for all of Apple gadgets that use IOS 3.1.2 or newer.

Here are the steps to jailbreak with JailbreakMe.

  1. iPhone backup in iTunes for just in case problems occur later.
  2. Make sure Agan uses Wi-Fi signal or fast data network. Because if the network is disconnected, the risk of failed jailbreak will happen.
  3. Open website of the iPhone.
  4. Select "Slide to Jailbreak". 
  5. Okay relax first. Wait JailbreakMe Agan downloaded to your iPhone. If completed, a notification will appear when the application is already installed Cydia.
  6. After that, Agan could open the Cydia application and let the application work automatically.
  7. Now, Agan is near to be able to enjoy all the free applications are available at AppStore. Of course once agan must have Apple ID.
Getting Apple ID

1. Run the iTunes application.

2. Click on the iTunes Store link on the left side of the iTunes application window. ITunes application will connect to the server and loads the iTunes page.

3. Click the App Store on the top of the iTunes window.
4. Click the sign in which there is on the right side of iTunes
5. After that, a pop-up window will open and ask for ID to enter the Agan Agan had. Click the 6. Create New Account.
7. Click the Continue button to create a new account.
8. Accept the terms proposed by the iTunes Terms of Service, continue to click the Continue button.

8. In the next window, enter your email address, passwords, and identify other data (email and password will be used as user IDs and passwords Apple Agan). Complete all the requested data.

9. Min 8 digit password in it consists of numbers and letters, one letter that there should be capital letters.
10. Continue to click the Continue button.
11. This section is the most important part of this process, select None in the Provide a Payment Method.

12.Continue by entering the name, address, city, state, and some other data on self-Agan. Continue to click the Continue button.
13.Once it Agan verify via email.

Unjailbreak iPhone
Agan setinggan can restore your iPhone to a position before the jailbreak. How, by Agan to restore the device via iTunes.

  • Connect iPhone to your computer Agan
  • Run iTunes and allow the device to work Agan Agan until iTunes recognizes the device and to synchronize the device to the computer via iTunes Agan
  • Click the Restore button, and then allow the device to work with iTunes Agan to restore the initial data.
Done. IPhone or other Apple products, has returned to the position before the jailbreak. [by staryus [1] ]
. Thank you for reading articles: How To Jailbreak the iPhone . Please read the article © staryus [2] the other. Create a blogger friend who liked my articles, please share it anywhere you like (blog, facebook [3] , twitter [4] etc). However, please include a link if the source of the article which bloggers share (copy / paste). Let's build a better world, by sharing useful information. thank you! Please follow us on twitter [5] or join the facebook fan page [6] and How To Jailbreak the iPhoneSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend [7]
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Mobile App Downloads Hit a Record High with iPhone 4S Launch, Report October …

/PRNewswire/ â€" Fiksu [1] , Inc. ( [2] ), the industry’s first mobile app user acquisition platform spanning the entire mobile ecosystem, today reported that the iPhone 4S launch caused a large spike in mobile app downloads.

The Index experienced as much as a 70 percent increase in download volume during the iPhone 4S launch weekend and 40 percent increase in download volume during post-launch, when compared to the pre-launch time frame of the new iPhone’s availability during October. Fiksu also observed a notable increase in organic downloads: up 75 percent during the launch and settling in at 54 percent post-launch.

“As predicted, October was a frenzied month; the availability of the iPhone 4S weekend launch caused an unprecedented surge in app downloads, providing great opportunity in volume for mobile advertisers,” said Micah Adler, CEO, Fiksu. “For mobile marketers seeking a window of extreme growth regardless of cost, the iPhone 4S launch presented a bonanza to secure large volumes of new users. But for those seeking to maximize value and ROI, the best bet was to resist the temptation to join the initial rush. Our advice to cost conscious marketers was to wait it out for a week and then take advantage of the efficiencies in heightened volumes at significantly lower costs.”  

The Fiksu Indexes [3] , which measure monthly fluctuations in competition for rank in the app stores, and the cost to acquire loyal users(1), help mobile app marketers benchmark their performance against industry averages.

The Fiksu App Store Competitive Index [4] (which measures the average aggregate daily download volume of the Top 200 free U.S. iPhone apps) increased overall by 29 percent from 3.8 million downloads in September to a record high of 4.91 million in October. Usually the Index captures mostly new app downloads but, given a new device launch, this month the Index also recorded many existing apps being added by people upgrading from their previous iPhone model. Factoring this in, the likely net volume is 4.5 million new app downloads.

During the peak weekend of new iPhone sales, mobile marketing costs remained high, then fell in the weeks that followed due to decreased costs in traffic. By the end of October, the Fiksu Cost per Loyal User Index [5] netted out to $1.47. Marketers taking advantage of the immediate post-launch cost efficiencies saw a 12 percent decrease â€" 17 cent drop â€" in cost per loyal user when compared to September’s all-time high of $1.64.

For Fiksu’s full analysis, visit [6] .

Data for the Fiksu Indexes was sourced from more than 6.54 billion mobile app actions â€" such as app launches, registrations and in-app purchases â€" and more than 143 million downloads recorded by apps marketed via the Fiksu for Mobile Apps [7] user acquisition platform.

About Fiksu

Fiksu [8] , Inc. helps leading brands boost iOS and Android mobile app ranking and secure large volumes of loyal users. The Fiksu® for Mobile Apps [9]  platform spans the entire mobile ecosystem providing the most cost-effective, predictable and intelligent mobile advertising solution, slashing user acquisition costs and ensuring sustained user engagement. Based in Boston, Mass., Fiksu is venture-backed by Charles River Ventures. More at [10] , @Fiksu [11]  and on the Fiksu blog [12] .

1: For the specific purpose of the Fiksu Indexes, a loyal user is defined as someone who opens an app three or more times.


SOURCE Fiksu, Inc.

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IPhone Store Blogger Template | CoolBthemes

More About Blogger Template

Platform Type Blogger / Blogspot
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Descriptionsfree IPhone Store Blogger Template is iphone related blogger template, its 2 columns, 3 Column footer, top menu, Free Premium, Wordpress Look, quality, background image, Slideshow, read more, SEO Ready, and more
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DesignerSameera Chathuranga
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iPhone wallpaper version 09
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iPhone Applications to give you Comfort and Happiness «

Integrating all the features of the internet, cellular phone and iPod, thee iPhone has transform the lives of more people. There a lot of features and apps that actually are suitable with iPhone and these are some of the reasons why these are well loved both by the amateurs and professionals. Every app has different appearance and functions. Any person can select from the different kinds of iPhone apps. Basing on what applies to your requirements; applications for iPhone are now accessible online.

And since these are already available on the net, selecting the appropriate app is the most significant. A lot of the iPhone apps today are provided by a lot of websites online. Aside from having large storage for the apps of iPhone, still you only have to go for those that are very important.

App reviews are present on most web sites where you can get the coolest apps. It is always a wise thought knowing what the other people have to say with the apps they have set up. This will also save time and effort as well as giving us idea on which apps are goo to be downloaded. Your computer and iPhone might be damaged with the installation of some of the iPhone apps as these have many spyware and Trojans.


If ever you will buy an iPhone, you should check the apps in it and what are still features that you can add up. Frequently, the apps that are very significant with iPhone still have to be downloaded by you. Perhaps the most efficient technique of knowing the proper app is to find the web page that will be showing the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone apps. These can be seen in some blogs, articles or feedbacks from a blogger and all of these are very necessary so that we will know on what are the proper apps to be downloaded. What you need to do is to carefully read and comprehend each of the feedback that is posted on the article.

There are many web sites really that would enable you to browse from the free to paid apps download for iPhone. There are many apps available that you can install and some of these are games, tools app and iPhone apps but you have to think if these suit your budget. If you are not careful in selecting the apps and websites where you can get the one to be downloaded can actually cause your device to be replaced or maybe to be fixe because of the damages. There is actually a website that will provide you the most trusted iPhone Reviews. Its purpose is for you to pick up your choice from the numerous applications that you can avail at the moment.

Query uShip iPhone App [1] into Yahoo; do you discover the thing you need? The next occasion you search uShip [2] , you’ll see that these hyperlinks are what you really required!

This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 at 10:29 pm by Philip Wickland and is filed under Communications . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 [3] feed. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

  1. ^ uShip iPhone App (
  2. ^ uShip (
  3. ^ RSS 2.0 ('http)

Spotify to Add Facebook-Style Apps

Spotify AB will begin offering Facebook-style apps that add various features and functions to its popular online-music service, a move that could differentiate the Swedish company amid growing competition from Google Inc., Inc. and Apple Inc.

Wednesday's announcement at a press conference in New York included presentations of apps from Rolling Stone magazine, CBS Corp.'s music-recommendation service and Songkick, which helps inform users about coming concerts by artists they like.

Since Stockholm-based Spotify is opening its app platform to any developer, much as Apple does for its iPhone app store, more functions are likely to arrive soon.

Though ...

Spotify AB will begin offering Facebook-style apps that add various features and functions to its popular online-music service, a move that could differentiate the Swedish company amid growing competition from Google Inc., Inc. and Apple Inc.

Wednesday's announcement at a press conference in New York included presentations of apps from Rolling Stone magazine, CBS Corp.'s music-recommendation service and Songkick, which helps inform users about coming concerts by artists they like.

Since Stockholm-based Spotify is opening its app platform to any developer, much as Apple does for its iPhone app store, more functions are likely to arrive soon.

Though ...

Free Curacao app available | FloridaGoGo: Florida vacations, staycations, beaches, resorts, attractions, tourism & more

by FloridaGoGo

The Curacao Tourist Board (CTB) and the Curacao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA) have announced Curacao to Go is now available in the iTunes App store as a free download for iPhone and iPad. The app offers  information on Curacao’s restaurants, clubs, shops and sightseeing locations. It also features an events calendar. For more information, visit [1] .



Review: Apps to Make Holiday Shopping Easier

Even if you love to shop, it can be a pain this time of year. Stores are crowded, gift options seem endless and it's hard to determine if you're getting the best prices.

If you have a smartphone, though, there's a simple solution: Apps. There are tons of mobile apps to help you save time and cash this holiday season. Most of them are cheap or free.

I tried several apps meant to ease holiday shopping frustrations and found a bunch that make the task easier â€" and a few that make it more fun.

Price Check by Amazon and RedLaser (free, available for iPhone and Android) â€" With these two apps on my phone, I felt like a low-price-finding machine. Both let you search for items by typing in the name or by scanning a barcode. With Price Check, you can also search for items with your voice or by taking a photo of things like books and DVDs.

RedLaser, owned by eBay Inc., is great for finding items online and in nearby bricks-and-mortar stores. I found myself checking prices on everything from watches to collapsible water bottles, sometimes just for the heck of it. I used it at a local Sur La Table cookware store to compare prices on a set of water glasses before buying them, and was pleased to see the $19.99 price was lower than at some online retailers and a nearby Bloomingdales department store.


In this Nov. 23, 2011 photo, an Associated Press reporter is shown demonstrating an app for shopping in front of an Old Navy store in San Francisco. If you're trying to save cash and time this holiday season, a slew of smartphone apps can help. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) Close

RedLaser also includes a handy feature for making simple shopping lists, and a history feature that records all the items you've looked up, so you can go back and find things later on.

Price Check's layout is slightly more attractive than RedLaser's, though it's limited to the Web since it gives online-only results from and companies that sell through Inc.

I really like the way Price Check displays search results, with the product at the top of the screen and three tabs that let you quickly scroll through prices, a description and user reviews. And if I found an item's price was lower online than in the store, it would be simple to buy it through the app.

The best part about Price Check is the abundance of product reviews (the same ones you see when you go on or use the Amazon Mobile app). They're indispensable for looking up potential gifts and helping me think twice before making purchases.

Gift Plan ($2.99, available for iPhone) â€" If you have a hard time organizing your gift list, or tend to misplace it after writing it out, you'll like Gift Plan.

The app lets you make elaborate gift lists for family and friends. You can set up lists of potential presents, jot down people's likes and dislikes and â€" even more helpful for those of us who never remember such things â€" their clothing sizes. The app's "Occasions" tab shows you upcoming holidays or birthdays, and a "Shopping" tab helps you track gifts you plan to buy.

Gift Plan denotes each gift-giving occasion with a different color, which makes it easy to spot them on the app's built-in calendar, and you can choose when and how often you want to be notified about upcoming events.

Another cool feature: You can set up a passcode to keep sneaky loved ones from snooping at your list.

Shopkick (free, available for iPhone, Android) â€" Shopkick essentially turns shopping into a game, where you get real-world rewards for going to local stores. If you hate shopping, this can make a painful activity more fun. If you adore shopping, the app may be harmful to your wallet.

TED launches iPhone app, brings spread-worthy ideas to the small screen

TED App Comes to the iPhone

Award-winning free iOS app now available on iPhone and iPod touch, debuts TED Radio and other audio features, joins acclaimed iPad app

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today TED, the nonprofit devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading," launches its free TED app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Adapted from its award-winning iPad app, the new TED iPhone app allows users to browse and watch TEDTalks, videos ranging from 3 minutes to 18 minutes in length. TEDTalks feature great ideas from speakers on everything from genetics and geopolitics to sculpture and creativity.

The TED iPhone app experience is tailored to mobile phone users who use their devices when on the move. For instance, users at the gym or out walking the dog now have the option to simply listen to TEDTalks audio. With the iPhone app, TED introduces TED Radio, which streams curated audio TEDTalks 24/7 -- click the button and start listening immediately. The app plays audio in the background, allowing listeners to multitask, using other apps like Safari or Mail simultaneously.

"Mobile users are often just that -- mobile. They're on the go, out walking around," said Chris Anderson, TED's curator. "We've designed an entirely new experience just for them that lets them listen to TEDTalks on headphones, right from their pockets."

Also new to the iPhone app is Bookmarks, a user-requested feature, which allows users to flag and save talks they don't have time to watch at the moment. They simply tap the Bookmark button, then access talks later from the My Talks tab -- with no obligation to wait for a video download.

Many popular features of the TED iPad app can be found in the new iPhone version:
Browse + share: Users can see the latest TEDTalks videos as soon as they're published. Browse the TED library by theme, tag or rating. Search for a talk or speaker by name, topic or popularity. Share a talk over Facebook, Twitter or email. And download videos directly to the device for offline viewing.

Discover new ideas: Using the "Inspire Me" feature, users can tell the app what kind of talks they want to see (Inspiring? Funny? Jaw-dropping?), dial in how much time they have, and let the TED app build a custom playlist to fit their schedule -- for viewing immediately or watching later.

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The app can be downloaded here:

HINY is a free Siri-ish app that tells you NYC MTA Service Status

Rochester, New York â€" For iPhone owners who live in New York City area, or just travel there, HINY is a welcome tool that will help them navigate the mass transit options. NoTie.NET created HINY in response to the MTA’s AppQuest Challenge and is making it completely free to download and use.

If you like Siri, and live in or travel to New York City, you will love HINY. HINY literally tells you the MTA Service Status for Subways, Busses, Rail and Bridges. HINY goes a step further than Siri, as users can select a Male, Female or Robot voice. Dozens of service lines are selectable and the status for each is displayed and spoken out loud.

HINY is voiceover friendly, making it great for the visually impaired. HINY is also great for commuters with their eyes on the road or more important things.

The timing is perfect, as Apple is preparing to unveil their flagship Grand Central Terminal retail store. Now users can walk out with their iPhone, download HINY for free, and know what the status is of all MTA services instantly!

Voting is open now through December 21st and users are asked to vote early and often (yes, the MTA allows and even encourages one vote per day.)

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.1 or later
* 0.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
HINY 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category.

HINY 1.1
Download from iTunes
Vote for HINY
YouTube Video (demo)
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

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The New Marriott Mobile Speaks Your Language – Wildly Popular App for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android™ Devices Now Available in Five Languages

Reflecting Marriott International's (NYSE:MAR [1] ) increasing focus on global markets, the company is now offering its successful mobile app for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices in Chinese, Spanish, German and French. [See below for slideshow of images.] First introduced in English three months ago, the app has already been downloaded more than 500,000 times. Travelers were so eager for the new Marriott mobile booking app that in less than two days after introduction it became the most downloaded free travel app and the fourth most downloaded free app in the iTunes App Store.

Don't have an iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device? No problem. The company also announces the launch of its all new 'app-like' Marriott mobile website in Chinese, Spanish, German and French, as well as English, that can be accessed from any web-enabled mobile device â€" the site even has an 'app like feel,' from taps to finger-swipes.

'As the Marriott International portfolio of hotels expands and diversifies worldwide, we are putting a premium on investing in our eCommerce channels, including mobile,' said Shafiq Khan, senior vice president, eCommerce for Marriott International. 'The launch of the app and new mobile website in four additional languages demonstrates Marriott's commitment to serving our customers by speaking their language while they are on the go.'

The new Marriott Mobile tools enable time-crunched travelers to quickly find nearby hotels, book a room, check their upcoming reservations and get details about their hotel, including photos. With the app and mobile website, travelers can also enroll in Marriott Rewards, check their point balance, and even find out what's happening in the local area.

To download the free Marriott app in Chinese go to [2] , in Spanish go to [3] , in German go to [4] , and in French go to [5] . The English version is available at [6] .

As further validation of Marriott International's long-term mobile strategy, Internet Retailer predicted in September that Marriott Mobile would be the third largest mobile commerce sales platform in the world in 2011, behind only and Apple. The success of Marriott Mobile builds on the success of In 2010 based on property-level sales, ranked among the top ten consumer retail websites in the world.

Marriott's mobile app for smartphones and its upgraded mobile website were provided and developed by Kony Solutions, which provides unique Write Once, Run Everywhere platform technology utilizing its work with Kony Solutions. The platform leverages a single application definition so applications are designed and developed just once, meaning Marriott will be able to deliver richer content to its guests more quickly. Marriott's mobile website and apps are hosted and managed by AT&T and include quality control testing to ensure the most positive user experience.

Visit Marriott International, Inc. (NYSE: MAR [7] ) for company information. For more information or reservations, please visit our web site at [8] , and for the latest company news, visit [9] .
*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

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I Have Fallen in Like With My Kindle Fire

I admittedly love gadgets, but I can usually resist feeding the "I want to have it first" buying frenzy. I waited until the second generation Kindle came out before jumping onto the eReader train; despite my own predictions, I never bought an iPad even when it got a camera [1]  and last year, I gladly gave up my iPhone in order to go to an Android system [2] .  This month, with the purchase of Amazon's latest Kindle, The Fire, I have broken my "Never buy the first generation version" rule.  For some reason, when the pre-order email arrived for the new Kindle Fire, I jumped all over that bad boy... all that iPad glittery fun for 1/3 of the price.

Could. Not. Resist.

A week in and, while not quite in LOVE, I am deeply in LIKE with Thunder Bunny 1969.

Ooops, did I just share the name of my Fire out loud? 

Here is a quick review.

Like I said, I don't own an iPad or a Nook so I can't really do much in the way of making comparisons. I have used an iPad in the past and some of my best friends have are iPad users, so the obvious differences are that The Fire does not have a 3G option, Blue Tooth capabilities or a camera. When it comes right down to it, though, I just could never get myself to drop the $500-$800 even if it would raise  apple cult street cred. Here are a few more reasons why I took The Fire leap after such a long time of tablet resistance.

  • Relative Cost - While $199 plus the cost of a case [4] is nothing to sneeze at, compared to $500-$800 for the iPad, this was a no-brainer. I have been itching to get some kind of tablet and since I am already so tied to the Kindle with my eLibrary, the cost was a huge motivating factor.

  • Realistic Use - While I know that some of my friends do use their iPad for productivity and work, I am willing to bet that a vast majority of people use their iPad primarily for entertainment purposes: games, movies, social media and more games. The Kindle Fire does all of that: games, movies, social media . . . and did I mention that it was only $200.

  • Portability - The Fire is about the size of a regular Kindle. It has a 7" screen, but and is a little thicker than previous version. The best part is that it fits in most of my jacket pockets so I can take it out and about without looking like I am going to some meeting when in actuality I am going to sit in some cafe and play Words With Friends [5] .

What I can offer are some generally impressions about the Kindle Fire in relation to the previous Kindles.

Differences I like:

  • Android - This is obviously the biggest change, going from a reader only system to an android operating system. This allows for the system to surf the web, download apps, watch videos, etc.

  • Color - Unlike previous versions, The Fire has a color screen and is back-lit when reading. I have not decided how the long-term comfort will be with the back-lit screen, but totally digging on the color.

  •  Navigation - The touch screen is easy to use with little to any learning curve in order to being using The Fire. Like the iPad this is a machine that you just pick up and start using.

  • East of set-up - What set up? If you ordered it via your Amazon account it shows up charged and registered to your account. Apps that you have on your Android phone that are compatible with The Fire magically show up and all of your books are ready to be downloaded onto The Fire.

Differences I don't like:

  • Folders - One of the best parts about previous Kindles when the ability to place books into folders. As it stands now, The Fire allows you organize "favorites" on your shelf, but they are still all displayed as individual icons. I would love to put them in a folder of some sort.

  • Battery Life - I have not really tested the battery life, but it seems like it lasts about 2-3 hours of actual use. The previous Kindles, again a less robust operating system, lasted for days.

  • Blog Reading - The Fire does not support Blog subscriptions, so I'll just have to trust that my blog [6] is being published. Yes, you can still get them via the web browser, but it's not the same.

  • Whisper Sync - The best part of the older Kindles was waking up in the morning to see that my paper had already been downloaded and it was ready to read. The Fire requires you to download each edition each day via it's WiFi-only connectivity.

There is still much to be discovered as I get used to it, but will wait to see ow these shake out and shape up before making any comment. These "wait and see" issues are:

  • More apps for The Fire: Spotify, Google apps, etc.

  • Integration of Amazon's Cloud Services: music, photos, etc.

  • Use of Fire for productivity and work:

  • Please feel free to ask me any questions if you have 'em.

So there you have it, a quick review. In a nutshell, if you are like me and have not yet jumped into the tablet world, I would highly suggest going for it with The Kindle Fire. You can buy it HERE [7] .


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