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Remember, the emoji-only messenger? It has finally launched on the App Store


Earlier this summer, iPhone users were treated to one of the biggest App Store fads in recent months in Yo . The app allowed you to communicate with others by sending a simple Yo notification â€" that was it. Following in the footsteps of Yo was, announced in late June as an emoji-only messenger. The app, as you probably guessed, is an instant messaging platform for sending messages with only emoji characters. After a two month wait, the app has now launched on the App Store. sent out an email to those that signed up for the app prior to its release with instructions on how to unlock the username they reserved, including a six-digit code to enter. The team also announced that it remains undecided about releasing an Android version of the app, while sarcastically suggesting that the two Windows Phone users out there will have to wait a while for the app to reach that platform.

We’re not sure why you could possibly need, but it is now available on the App Store [1] as a free download for iPhone and iPad.

If you give it a spin, let us know how many minutes it takes you before tapping the uninstall button.

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Apple rolls out free Battery Replacement Program internationally

Battery Replacement Program

Apple started rolling out its Battery Replacement Program internationally today, offering free battery replacement for a subset of iPhone 5 devices that were sold between September 2012 and January 2013. The company notes that “a very small percentage of iPhone 5 devices may suddenly experience shorter battery life or need to be charged more frequently.” iPhone 5 users that are experiencing these symptoms can go to a dedicated page on the company’s website to check their device’s serial number and see if they are eligible for a free battery replacement.

This marks the second and final phase in the roll out of the Battery Replacement Program, which was first initiated last week for customers in the US and China. Now open worldwide, the program allows any iPhone 5 found to be in the subset of defective devices to have its battery replaced at no cost.

In order to check for eligibility, iPhone 5 owners should go to this dedicated website [1] , select their country, and enter the serial number of their device. If eligible, users will be able to choose one of three service options to have their battery replaced. They will either be able to make an appointment at an Apple Store, or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or contact Apple Technical Support.

The company explains on its website that if an eligible iPhone 5 has damages that could impair the replacement of the battery, such as a cracked screen, this issue will have to be taken care of first, likely at the owner’s cost. If a user has already paid for a battery replacement before, and it was found that the device was eligible for a free replacement, then the user may contact Apple to get a refund.

Finally, Apple notes that this battery replacement doesn’t extend the warranty coverage of the device. This program is open to affected iPhone 5 devices for two years after the date of purchase, or until March 1, 2015, whichever offers the longest coverage period.

  1. ^ this dedicated website (

Quip Productivity Messaging App - Business Insider

Quip's productivity suite for iPhone, iPad, Android, and the desktop seeks to solve the messy problem of collaboration.

It's a bit similar to Google Drive, but Quip's answer to streamlined collaboration lies in its robust messaging platform, which combines the quick nature of an instant messenger with a fully-fledged document editor.

The result is a flexible app that lets teams and individuals comment, tag, and message others all from within the document you're working on. And since Quip works on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or on the web, it syncs across all your devices, making it easy for teams using a variety of equipment.

Quip is split into two main sections: the messaging side of things, which contains your inbox and chat, and your desktop, which is your workspace where all your documents are kept.

Quip app


Quip describes the inbox section as the "What's new" section, and it basically tracks all your conversations, both private and public.

How you communicate on Quip is entirely up to you. You can create group messages, start private conversations, or even chat about a shared document without having to jump around or stop editing.

If a document is shared with others, Quip automatically inserts a chat thread to the left of the document, which brings some structured focus to everyone's thoughts on that particular project.

Here's what it looks like sharing and messaging someone in the web version of Quip.

 You can share documents via a private link, or add people individually.

When you're working on a document, Quip's simple text editor lets you choose between paragraph, heading, and list formats, with drop-down options for adjusting the font size and style.

Quip app


It's a limited set of options, but it keeps the editing process tidy, avoiding the usual "options overkill" issue of other productivity suites, which can be more intimidating than helpful.

One of the coolest feature of Quip is "mentions" â€" it's how you insert comments, images, and charts on the fly.

You can always insert things using the "Insert" key on the in-app keyboard, but you can also "mention" or insert things using the @ symbol followed by the type of mention you'd like to insert.

You can @mention people, web links, charts, images, and even lines of code.

The same style of tagging works within Quip's chat platform, too. It's a faster way to reference a document, and it's all accessible from your keyboard, which speeds things up.

Quip app


Quip also realizes that not everyone uses Quip, so the app makes it a breeze to import new documents from your email, desktop, or Google Drive.

Importing Word documents is as easy as dragging and dropping.

You can also easily import and link your Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox accounts.

The nice thing about Quip is it's flexible enough to adjust to your work habits.

If you're working on an individual project, you can avoid the entire messaging side of things until you need to ask a question or get some advice. But Quip also rises to the occasion for group projects, and its intuitive tagging system encourages quick, instant-message style communication, which is far faster than email.

You can download Quip for free for iPad [1] , iPhone [2] , Android [3] , or just head on over to the Quip website [4] to give the web-version a try.

  1. ^ iPad (
  2. ^ iPhone (
  3. ^ Android (
  4. < a href="#readabilityLink-4" title="Jump to Link in Article">^ Quip website (

Leaked photos of iPhone 6 logic board with NFC chip appear


Sonny Dickson, known for his accurate leaks  of iPhone and iPad parts, is back to fluster faces at Apple today with newly released images of the logic board from an iPhone 6, complete with an NFC chip made by NXP, as previously reported . Courtesy of Feld&Volk, the leaked photos show several additional chips on the iPhone 6′s logic board besides NFC, including the AVAGO chip and Apple’s A8 processor , which is supposed to be 2.0 GHz, quite a bit faster than t he 1.3GHz A7 chip. [1] [2]

The images displaying two logic boards compare the iPhone 5s motherboard (left) to the iPhone 6 motherboard (right). There is a clear difference in content and size, with the iPhone 6 logic board having a sideways extension.





While there is always a chance these images are inaccurate, Dickson has quite a reputation of being accurate in past leaks, so this may very well be an reliable preview of what we’ll see come out of Cupertino on September 9th .

What do you think of these leaks? Will the iPhone 6 finally have NFC? Let us know in the comments!

[Feld & Volk [3] via Sonny Dickson [4] ]

  1. ^ newly released images (
  2. ^ Feld&Volk (
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iOS News iPhone - iPad: In the App Store release a messenger that allows you to chat only with Emojli

In the App Store came out the original messenger for iPhone and iPad, which allows users to communicate using just emoticons. MessengerEmojli appeared first on iOS, and later released on other mobile platforms.

According to the developers Emojli, social networks are mired in the "trolls" and the hashtag spam, and their service time solves all these problems. Emoticons allow us to express thoughts, feelings and whole words, the developers say.

Service has been in development since last July. And all this time, users can register their names, which also consist only of characters Emoji. Just a few hours from the opening when checked in more than 10 000 people.

According to one of the creators of the application of Tom Scott, Emojli continues the trend set by previously launched application Yo! - useless program to send word «Yo», which has attracted worldwide attention. Author Yo! received a further development of the project in excess of $ 1 million investment.

"Messenger Yo is the latest in more useless solution, which managed to attract the attention of users, which is why I guess we're next" - say the creators Emojli.

Download Emojli for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link [1]  .
  1. ^ at this link (

Video Game Tester Secrets | Video Game Tester



Fact: The video gaming industry profits more than $18 billion in revenue a year.


But the industry wouldn’t make a dime without video game testers……And right now, I’m going to show YOU how I became a part of this elite group of video game testers and how I rake in thousands of dollars for my input….talk about having a sweet job!


Yes, game testing. It’s a real job and it pays very, very well.



Here’s why:



Most parents tell their children to grow up, be somebody, and do something that they truly love. Well, this is your opportunity. YOU, the video game lover, can actually do something to help the development of the thriving video gaming industry.


But you won’t be someone just stocking shelves getting paid minimum wage at a big chain retail store.


No, your research testing video games is a crucial part of the industry’s success as a whole, so they need your feedback so they’ll know beforehand if the game they’ve developed is a winner or loser.






From: Jack Kern


Hi, my name is Jack, an ordinary person just like you, who just like you not too long ago was trying to find myself. In all actuality, I had already found myself. I knew what I loved doing and I knew what made me happy.

The problem is that everyone else around me didn’t care too much for what I loved to do, which is play video games all day long.


It got to the point to where I didn’t even want to go to church because even the church folk started giving me a hard time about my obsession with playing games all day.


What it boiled down to is that I was trying to adapt to what other people wanted me to be and who other people wanted me to be…… instead of doing what “I” truly loved.


I mean, my entire life, it was drilled into my head to do what really made me happy….. The thing that drove me….. The thing that made me want to wake up everyday and give it my all……The thing that I would do whether I got paid or not.


Well, for me, and I suspect even for you too, video games is the thing that did it for me.


The problem was that I didn’t know how to make money doing it unless I participated in a local Madden or NBA Live tournament where there was a pot for a few hundred bucks.


Needless to say that I could not make a long-term living doing this.


However, I knew that there just had to be a better way, so I started researching (sort of like you’re doing right now) and I stumbled across a website just like the one you’re on right now and discovered that there really is a way to make good money doing the thing that I truly love.


And if playing video games all day long and making good money in the process is what you’re looking for, then I have the solution for you….My new, breakthrough guide that shows you exactly how to become a professional, in demand video game tester.


I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first, let’s get right into the thing I’m sure you really want to know, which is:




Video Game Testers can make upwards of $80 plus an hour.


Let’s punch some numbers:


$80 an hour times 8 hours= A whopping $640 a day


Multiply that by 5 days a week for a total of $3,200 a week


But here’s the best part. Multiply that by 52 weeks, which equals $166,400 a year


That’s more than many lawyers and doctors make a year!


I'm going to show you exactly how to become a video game tester in my new guide...





If you’re one of the thousands of the new breed generation who is lost trying to figure out what to do with your life, this unique guide provides you with a variety of options to make something of yourself while doing something that you love to do, which is play video games.


Regardless of what some may think of you playing video games all day long, the video gaming industry is one of only a few who went virtually untouched when the recession hit in 2008.


The reality is that the only reason people around you like your parents and other relatives…maybe even your lover thinks you’re wasting your time or throwing your life away is because you’re not bringing in a paycheck.


The great news for you today is that you really can get paid…and get paid well playing video games all day.


And once you start doing this, those very same folk who teased you....while they are waking up driving to a job where they are underpaid and have to deal with corporate politics, you’ll be sitting on your ass doing what you love and making 3 even 4 times more money than they are making.


Video Game Tester Secrets…..






These are the companies you can end up playing video games for:

  • 2K Sports
  • 38 Studios
  • Acclaim
  • Activision
  • Big Fish Games
  • BioWare
  • Blitz Game Studios
  • Blizzard
  • Bunch Ball
  • Capcom
  • Crave Games
  • Day 1 Studios
  • Double Fine
  • EA
  • Evolution Studios
  • Infinity Ward
  • Insomniac Games
  • Java Ground
  • JoWood
  • K2 Network
  • Kaneva
  • KAOS Studios
  • Linder Lab
  • Lucas Arts
  • Microsoft
  • Midway
  • Multi Media Games
  • NCSoft
  • Nintendo
  • RockStar Lincoln
  • SEGA
  • Sony Entertainment
  • SouthPeak Games
  • Square Enix
  • THQ
  • THQ Ice
  • Trion World
  • UbiSoft
  • United Front
  • Vicarious Visions
  • Vigil Games
  • Vivendi


And perhaps the best part about it is that,





If you’ve lived on this earth more than 5 years then I’m sure that you’ve probably heard someone say that the key to success is being willing to take risks….whether it’s low risk or high risk, just be willing to take one.


Well, the great news for you today is that with the Video Game Tester Secrets, there’s NO RISK to you.


Here’s why:


I’m so freaking sure that this guide will show you exactly how to make serious cash playing video games as a video game tester for some of the biggest video game creators on the market, that I’m going to provide you with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.


Yep, I don’t want you to put any of your money at risk. All I want you to do is give your dreams a shot by grabbing a copy of the Video Game Tester Secrets.


If after 60 days you feel that this life-changing guide fell short of your expectations then all you have to do is let me know and I’ll refund your money with no questions asked.


Now I know I can’t get any fairer than that.


Well, I actually can get fairer. I’ll let you have a copy of this guide that will launch a profitable career for you as a video game tester for a insanely low price...


In fact,





$197.00 is NOTHING compared to the golden insider informationyou will learn about the game testing world. In my honest opinion, this information is worth thousands or at least the cost of one semester in college. $197 is all it will cost to finally shut the critics around you up for good.


$197.00 gets you into a billion-dollar industry as a successful video game tester.


Is this the life you want for yourself?


If so, $197.00 is all it takes.



Go ahead, click "Add To Cart" and let's get you making money now,




To Future Riches,
video game tester secrets
Jack Kern




PS:  Please DON’T let this opportunity pass you by…it could be your last chance at doing what you truly love to do….Play video games all day long, and actually get paid for it.


Don’t blow it!




Video Game Tester Secrets WILL SELL OUT. No question about it â€" there will be a mad rush for a Game Testing Guide of this quality for this low price. If you don’t hurry you’re going to see the SOLD OUT page for good.


todays price

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Oceans Agency Lists 20 Coral Species as Threatened

After two years of assessment and public comment, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has whittled down an initial list of 66 coral species [1] considered for protection [2] under the Endangered Species Act in 2012 and today listed 20 as threatened and no species as endangered â€" the most protect ive category. Five of the newly listed species are from the Caribbean and 15 from the Pacific or Indian Oceans. Two coral species, elkhorn and staghorn, were listed as threatened in 2006.

The move was a response to a 2009 petition to list 83 coral species [3] filed by the Center for Biological Diversity. The limited listing seems to be in sync with the “from despair to repair” message of the recent comprehensive review of Caribbean coral reef threats and conservation opportunities [4] by the International Union for Conservation of Nature .

Here’s some background from the agency, with links to more context:

In total, 22 species of coral are now protected under the Endangered Species Act, including the two corals (elkhorn and staghorn) listed as threatened in 2006. Fifteen of the newly listed species occur in the Indo-Pacific and five in the Caribbean (see table on reverse for details). None are found in Hawaii.

Protecting and conserving biologically diverse coral reefs is essential. The Endangered Species Act gives us some important tools to conserve and recover those corals ​most in need of protection. The final decision to list these 20 corals is a result of the most extensive rulemaking ever undertaken by NOAA. The amount of scientific information sought, obtained, and analyzed was unprecedented. This information included general reef-building coral biology, habitat characteristics and threats, as well as species-specific spatial, demographic, and other information for the individual coral species in the final rule.

The final decision is a significant change from the proposed rule in November 2012, which proposed listing 66 species (a mix of threatened and endangered). We changed our determinations for many of the species for two general reasons:

We received and gathered new general and species specific information. Public comments helped us refine the way we apply all the available information to determine vulnerability to extinction of each species considered.

What Happens Next?

There are currently no prohibitions relating to individual conduct, except for those related to the two previously listed elkhorn and staghorn corals in the Caribbean.

We will consult with federal agencies on actions that they execute, fund, or authorize that “may affect” listed corals to ensure the action does not jeopardize the continued existence of these corals.

In the future, we may also identify specific regulations for the conservation of these threatened species, because ESA prohibitions against “take” are not automatically applied as they are for species listed as endangered.

We will continue to work with communities to help them understand how the agency’s decision may or may not affect them. The tools available under the Endangered Species Act are sufficiently flexible so that they can be used partnership with coastal jurisdictions, in a manner that will allow activity to move forward in a way that does not jeopardize listed coral.

We will now work with partners on mitigation measures and recovery strategies for the newly listed corals, building from approaches that have shown success elsewhere.

For more on coral reef prospects, I encourage you to read [5] or listen to [6] “The Health and Future of Our Coral Reefs,” a recent segment on the Diane Rehm public radio show featuring Fabien Cousteau, Mark Eakin of N.O.A.A., Nancy Knowlton, an author of the I.U.C.N. report and yours truly.

  1. ^ initial list of 66 coral species (
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  4. ^ comprehensive review of Caribbean coral reef threats and conservation opportunities (
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18 Free CSS/HTML 404 Error Pages 2014

18 Free CSS/HTML 404 Error Pages 2014

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This template is designed using web technologies such as HTML5 & CSS3. This is a Free Responsive web design template. Irrespective of whether your visitors use a desktop, notebook, tablet, or mobile phone to view your site, this template will scale and adjust to give them an optimal experience â€" completely automatically and without any additional work on your part.

18 Free CSS/HTML 404 Error Pages 2014

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We are providing 404 ohh web and mobile template for free. This template design as pure html and responsive css and we used cartoon icons for graphical representation.

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It is a page that tells your visitors when they go to a specific page that it no longer exists !!

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Poses 404 page not found template for web and mobile . This template design as pure html and responsive css and we used cartoon icons for graphical representation.

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Lazy? Stop scrolling for ages to access your best iPhone pictures

Are you tired of scrolling and searching to access your special iPhone photos again? Do you think it is not fun to create lots of albums? Use Photohook, the app giving you the simplest and fastest access to your preferred photos and to the ones that were taken at the same time. When something special happens and you take pictures, as time goes they sink deeper and deeper among all the others stored on your device. Developed by Roundsight LLC, Photohook lets you jump directly to the photos you want to preserve. No matter how long ago they have been shot. With Photohook, you organize your few very best photos without feeling it.

Simply and quickly decide which photos should be saved from slow disappearance through sinking at the bottom of the library:
1. In the Photohook app, tap on a picture to preserve it
2. Later, easily jump back to that picture any time you want
3. Access the pictures taken before or after the destination picture too

When looking at photos, Photohook lets you move your device to the left or to the right in front of your eyes to see other parts of the picture, thereby simulating a bigger virtual image (gyroscope-based movement tracking). If you do not want to move the iPhone in front of your eyes, you can choose to rely on the usual pinch and drag gestures to decide which parts of the picture you want to see. Direct map access is provided for geotagged photos.

Photohook 1.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

Make Your Own iPhone App For Free 2014!

[How To] Make Your Own iPhone App For Free!

Can we get 5 likes?


In this tutorial I will show you how to make an iphone app completely free of cost!
I know it sounds fishy, but its awesome! This is how I made iNoCydia and this is the easiest way to make an iphone app for free!

Nitrome's 'Icebreaker: A Viking's Voyage' Goes Free as Apple's "App of the Week"

Maybe it's just everyone dumping ice water on their heads to promote charity, but Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage [ Free / Free ] going on sale seems awfully appropriate. And not only is it going on sale, it's completely free for a limited time as Apple's "App of the Week", likely in connection to developer Nitrome's latest game 8bit Doves [ $2.99 ] recently releasing.

The rope-slashing, ice-breaking physics puzzler originally released under the Rovio Stars label, but has since transferred back to Nitrome and is now on the App Store under their label. Oh, and the Rovio site makes literally no mention of the game at all [1] . Hmm.

Both the iPhone-only and universal versions are available for free, though there is IAP in the game. The reason for split versions is likely because of Rovio policy before they decided to start making universal apps instead of split versions. I'd probably recommend the universal version for obvious reasons. This is one of the better physics puzzlers of recent vintage, and has a fantastic high-res pixel art style that's actually kind of hard to notice unless you really look at it. This is well worth checking out at the free price if you haven't yet.

Uber and Lyft car services making push to open for business throughout the state

Right now the car services Uber and Lyft, which operate entirely on smartphones, want to do business throughout Pennsylvania, but technically that’s against the law. “Under the law in Pennsylvania anyone who is providing transportation for compensation must have a license from the Public Utilities Commission” said Public Utility Commission Press Secretary Jennifer Kocher.

That’s where State Senator Wayne Fontana comes into play. Uber and Lyft are already operating in his district, which includes pittsburgh, on temporary licenses. Fontana has legislation that would create a new category for these types of companies to legally operate in plcaes like Harrisburg. “If they come to other cities and other counties within Pennsylvania, they want to make sure that the legislation will be in place so that they can just fit in, so we’re sort of the trailblazer here” said Fontana.

Fontana hopes to get the legislation passed and signed into law in October. In the meantime the car companies are vowing to maintain the same kind of rules for potential drivers that have allowed them to be welcomed in other major cities throughout the country. “Nothing involving drugs or alcohol. You can’t have a DUI, you can’t have three or more moving violations in the past three years. So these are all measures that we take” said Lyft Government Relations Manager Katie Kincaid. Both Uber and Lyft have already applied for statewide licenses just in case the legislation doesn’t pass.



Nokia spy phone review - spy on cell phone texts free — Александр Балишян

Nokia spy phone review - spy on cell phone texts free

Nokia spy phone review - phone spy voicemail

Spy call software for nokia c2 - Православно-патриотический форум. Spy software for 88 vg no 3 android locator 24 b nokia 6263 t-mobile 8gb mobile spy reviews 6.0 ford diesel sensors phone spy now mobile spy Ð"алее

Nokia spy phone review, spyware for iphone

cell phone call log spy, sms spy

Posts Tagged 'Club Penguin Updates 2014' Club Penguin Magazine #32 Released Club Penguin’s released their thirty second issue of the Club Penguin magazine in stores throughout the United Kingdom. One offers a free Hypnosis CD handy! What more, the other person doesn need to have Connect installed or to accept an invitation from the app. But, if you want to be convenient, having Bluetooth spy is the best option. Cell phone spy software have recently began to spread with the speed of sound and gained a great share of popularity. You might not notice the glaring issues, screaming that things are not quite right. It is possible to remove the mobile spy software from your device when you want or need to.

Mobile Spy | Cell Phone Monitoring Software | Smartphone Spy App. Mobile Spy cell phone spy software silently monitors your child or employee&#39;s smartphone activity on iPhone Android BlackBerry and other mobile phones.

Worried about dishonest employees? However, not all features are available on all subscriptions and so getting the features you desire might wind up a little more expensive than you had hoped. You will be sent an email upon installation of the software to the email address you used to make the account for your convenience. This is why we are proud to be able to offe r you two different versions of our software if you are looking to legitimately spy on a BlackBerry phone. After former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the U. To get news scoops, apparently. So if the user can find evidence of jailbreaking such as the app Cydia or other tweaks to the OS, it may be a sign someone has tampered with the phone to allow spying. cell phone spy software south africa, ultimate bluetooth mobile phone spy 2010, how to spy video with iphone, sms spy xda, non jailbreak iphone spy app, cell phone tracking equipment, spy protection for cell phone, iphone spy phone cydia, cell phone frequency pairing spy, spyware protection iphone, spy phone gold apk, can employer read text messages on personal phone, spy phone keygen, cell phone data usage monitor, spy mobile bluetooth, cell phone text spy, spy mobile call recorder, use smartphone as spy camera, como se usa spy phone, scan my cell phone for spyware

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Spy call software for nokia c2 - Православно-патриотический форум. Spy software for 88 vg no 3 android locator 24 b nokia 6263 t-mobile 8gb mobile spy reviews 6.0 ford diesel sensors phone spy now mobile spy Ð"алее . Nokia Spy Phone Software Free Download | Spy Detection For. Phone Spy Android Whatsapp Android Spy Camera Remote Free Sms Spy Software For Iphone Spy Phone Review Free Sms Tracker Apps For Iphone Ð"алее

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Apple reportedly working with NXP on NFC solution for iPhone 6

nxp logo

The Financial Times is reporting this morning [1] that Apple has tapped Dutch chipmaker NXP to produce NFC chips for the upcoming iPhone 6 . Citing several people familiar with the project, the site claims the secure, short-range wireless technology will facilitate transactions in a new mobile payment service.

The report doesn’t add much in the way of new details, but it does corroborate with the ongoing consensus that after shunning the technology for several years, Apple has finally decided to add NFC to its handsets. Wired and Recode had similar scoops yesterday, as did well-connected blogger John Gruber.

Linking to Recode’s story on his popular Daring Fireball site, Gruber hinted [2] that he’s heard the new iPhone 6 will feature NFC and a new secure enclave that will allow users to store their credit cards and pay for things in brick and mortar stores. He even suggested Apple’s wearable will have similar capabilities.

As you’ve probably read in the recent barrage of Apple-mobile payment pieces, the company has over 800 million iTunes accounts and a trove of mobile payment-related patents. Combine these things with the Passbook platform, and Apple’s new iBeacon tech , and it certainly seems like all of the pieces match up.

NXP is already an Apple supplier, and has long provided NFC chips for handset manufacturers like Samsung. Earlier this week,  photos of a logic board allegedly belonging to the iPhone 6 surfaced, and upon inspection, it was discovered that it features a surface area that would fit NXP’s PN65 NFC package perfectly.

Yesterday, Apple sent out invitations to a September 9th media event where it is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 and the so-called iWatch .

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Hack Miniclip 8 Ball Pool On IPhone

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Apps Gone Free – Internet Lifestyle Network – Steven Barnes
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Free Apps anyone?

Yes you heard that right and… these are normally PAID Apps!

Wow… Day 31 huh? Yuupers. We are almost 1/3 of the way through the Internet Lifestyle Network 100 Videos in 100 Days Video Challenge.

Apps Gone Free is a free app that allows you to… well.. download free apps. Every day you will get a notification that the days free apps are now up for grabs. This is an amazing app because I , personally, have never paid for an app for my iPhone or iPad yet. And it’s all thanks to this one single app.

If you think it’s all crumby useless apps that no one is buying I bet to differ. Believe it or not, every once in a while some of the MOST POPULAR paid apps come on here for a one day only special. Instead of perusing through the Apple Apps Store to try and find them… why not have them come to you!?

The Apps on Apps Gone Free can range anywhere from $ 0.99 all the way up to $50! And yes, I’ve seen a few $50 apps on there. It’s free to download so really it’s a no brainer to pick up this one. I have other apps that promote free apps but this one is the most simple to use and it’s a great start into the free apps department.

Here’s the link to give it a whirl…

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Whether you are promoting the Internet Lifestyle Network (, Global Resorts Network(, the Power Lead System (, or whatever your business is… we are there to help you make the very most out of it and share with you the most recent techniques that are certain to bring you and that business to the next level and beyond!

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Steven Barnes

Free Apps â€" Internet Lifestyle Network â€" Steven Barnes

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A Viking Voyage goes free as Apple’s App of the Week

viking 1

Apple has named Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage [1] it’s App of the Week for this week. This means that from now through next Thursday, you’ll be able to pick up the popular game for both iPhone and iPad for freeâ€"a decent savings of $1.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, it was created by Angry Birds hit-maker Rovio Entertainment and Nitrome. It’s essentially a Cut The Rope-style physics-based puzzler, which has you rescuing vikings from blocks of ice.

viking 2

From the App Store Editors’ Notes:

Rescue frozen Vikings and collect treasure in Nitrome’s ingenious physics-based puzzler. Based around a few easy-to-learn mechanics, Icebreaker’s creative scenarios are a brain-teasing delight, while the game’s oddball humor and adorable visuals make it a fun diversion for any player.

The game features 140 levels in three different lands, each filled with vikings, trolls, deadly theme park rides and of course, plenty of ice. There are also loads of side quests, unlockable secrets, and epic boss battles at major checkpoints.

Here’s a video showing gameplay:

If you want to check it out, you can find Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage in the App Store for free [2] (until next Thursday). It’s worth noting that there are several in-app purchases available, so be careful what you tap on.

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Instagram is down, it’s not just you! [update: it's back]


If you’ve noticed that Instagram isn’t working properly this afternoon, it’s not just you. Several users have taken to Twitter to complain that the popular image-sharing service is down, and a few of us here at iDB have confirmed the outage.

While parts of the app are still working for some folks, it seems that the Explore tab isn’t loading for most users, and many are having issues getting their personal feeds to load. We’re also seeing ’503 Service Unavailable’ in the News tab.

instagram down

In a comment on Twitter [1] , the company said “Instagram is experiencing some technical issues. We’re aware and working on a fix.” There’s no word yet, though, on how widespread the issues are, or when everything will be back up and running.

Formed in 2010, Instagram was purchased by Facebook in April of 2012 for roughly $1 billion. The social network currently hosts more than 200 million monthly users, who have shared more than 20 billion photos over the last 4 years.

We’ll update this post when the status has changed. Is Instagram working for you?

Update: it appears that the issues have been resolved and Instagram is up and running again.

CHART OF THE DAY: Comparison Of iPhone And Android Users

As Business Insider’s Jim Edwards often points out , there’s a difference between “iPhone people” and “Android people.” A big aspect has to do with the price range of the handsets for those operating systems, but once those customers settle into their devices, it turns out that consumers use iPhones and Android phones rather differently.

Based on comScore [1] data charted for us by Statista [2] , there are more people using Android apps than iPhone apps â€" which makes sense, since Android is killing iOS in global smartphone market share â€" but as you can see from the chart, iPhone owners tend to spend more hours on their apps, and they also make more money in general. But that makes sense: More than 80% of Apple devices are “high-end,” while ~60% of Android devices are considered “low-end,” since they cost less than $200. Apple currently sells zero “low -end” devices. 



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Big Savings Thursday: Get $48 Worth Of Best Paid iPhone Apps For Free Today

With today having finally seen the announcement of the iPhone [1]  6 event, I’m sure many of you will be looking to stock up on iOS [2]  apps [3]  and games ready for the official announcement. We’re just a couple of weeks away from seeing what’s next, and with the device itself likely to set you back a fair amount, you can save some extra pennies by grabbing these paid apps gone free. As usual, we’ve a nice little bundle, and below, you’ll find descriptions and download links of each and every one.

In today’s list, there are six apps in total, but with total saving of almost $50, you won’t want to miss the boat with this one.

Quantum Galaxy ($19.99 â€" FREE / iPhone and iPad [4] )


This 3D space shooter is both graphically-intensive and enjoyable, and if you’re looking for something a little more action-packed than Swing Copters, be sure to check it out.

Download it on iTunes [5]   here [6] .

Path Input â€" Swipe Keyboard ($19.99 â€" FREE / iPad)


This app allows you to type with Swype [7] -like flow, and although, at its usual price, we’d encourage you to wait a few weeks for the real, native app to arrive with iOS 8, the fact that it’s free renders it a must-download.

Download it on iTunes here [8] .

Wake Up Pro Alarm ($0.99 â€" FREE / iPhone and iPad [9] )

screen568x568 (1)

This nicely polished app will serve as your wake-up call, and while you’re asleep, doubles up as a night stand.

Download it on iTunes here [10] .

Equalizer PRO ($0.99 â€" FREE / iPhone and iPad)

screen568x568 (2)

As the name implies, this allows you to tweak your music’s equalizer settings far beyond anything that could be achieved at stock level.

Download it on iTunes here [11] .

Pathogen ($2.99 â€" FREE / iPhone and iPad)

screen568x568 (3)

This very unique, quirky game is both tricky and thought-provoking, combining elements of chess and other strategic classics into a mind-boggling puzzler. Highly recommended.

Download it on iTunes here [12] .

Gravitations ($2.99 â€" FREE / iPhone and iPad)


This outer-space physics game uses â€" you guessed it â€" gravity. It’s enjoyable, has pure pick-up-and-play-ability, and if you’re stuck for a casual game, be sure to grab it.

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