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Best Free iPhone Apps: 8 paid iOS apps on sale for free, Sep 30

We told you about 10 paid  iPhone  and  iPad  apps on sale for free on Tuesday, and we got some great feedback from people who loved a bunch of the apps they found. More than half of them are actually still free downloads, so be sure to check out yesterday’s post  to snag them. Today, we’re back with eight new paid iOS apps on sale for free, and you can grab them all if you hurry.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now â€" obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Mini Mouse


Normally $1.99.

Do you want to control your computer?

Do you want to Play movie/music which on your computer by iPhone?

Do you want to download/upload file between your computer and iPhone?

Do you want to move your computer’s mouse by iPhone?

Do you want to control iTunes/PPT by iPhone?

Do you want to shutdown/restart/sleep/login off your computer by iPhone?

Do you want to input keywords by iPhone?

And so on….

With it . you can control your computer by what you want to do!!!


Download Mini Mouse [1]

Week calendar


Normally $0.99.

Focus on your calendar events with clarity and simplicity.

• Navigation is fast and easy
Just swipe right, left or scroll to navigate.

• Manage your calendars
You can add new iCloud calendars for new category of events.

• You can show and hide calendars easily
It is a great way to filter your events when you have a busy schedule so you only see what you want to see.

• In Calendar view you see your daily events as symbols in month/year overview
Tap on a day to see event details.

• Mark your events as free or busy
Subscribed calendars and birthdays are free by default if they are not explicitly marked as busy.

• Tap on week number in Calendar view to “jump” to a week
Tap on date anywhere to add a new event, tap on event to show details or change it or simply tap on everything and explore.

• Make your calendars stand out by adding emoji to your calendars
All events from the calendar will show the emoji, making clear that they are related. It is easy to remove or change it.

• You can purchase additional themes to make the calendar suit your taste or mood
Some of those themes make clear difference between days with free and busy events in Calendar view. Some of them are focused on clearly separating weeks in Calendar view. It is your choice and you can try them all before you buy.

• You can easily switch between European and American week numbering

Download Week calendar [2]



Normally $0.99.

Organize your notes, ideas, and tasks with Klu512. Add items to lists, and separate different kind of data to multiple sheets. Take a snapshot with built-in camera to quickly make a visual note. Set reminder to never forget a task or an idea. Create shopping lists in the special dictionary mode. Build a small personal dictionary for everyday use.

â€" Text and image items
â€" Checklists
â€" Reminders with recurrence option
â€" Snooze for reminders
â€" Dictionary mode
â€" Image view mode with slideshow
â€" Multiple sheets

Easy to use
â€" Swipe item menu
â€" Multi-item insert from clipboard
â€" Interval buttons and weekdays view for reminder set up
â€" Preview mask for camera
â€" Edge swipe between sheets
â€" Snooze from Notification Center (iOS 8)
â€" List menu

Universal App
â€" Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
â€" Portrait and landscape mode for iPad.

Download Klu512 [3]



Normally $4.99.

Work.JOT is easy to master and provides Amazing interface to manage Tasks & log Timesheet entries; so just JOT, Manage, Analyse, Report and make ‘Everyday Productive’.

Our App makes it easy to track your projects across various clients, Keep a log of cost incurred across projects and much more. Create monthly Timesheet & Task reports in PDF format.


Complete Task management.

Quickly access your Tasks using Today Extensions.

Create multiple lists for ‘Important-Tasks’, Bills , Grocery to get things done.

Intuitive user interface separates current important tasks from future ones.

Get notified when a task is due.

Create & log Timesheet entries and track work done across projects.

Easily add new Clients and Projects.

Maintain different Rate per clients and projects.

Add Tasks & Sub-Tasks for greater project visibility.

Trendy dashboard displays latest Stats & Inspirational Quotes.

Powerful dynamic dashboards to track Project hours & monthly tasks.

Create & Mail Timesheet/Task Reports in PDF format.

Personalise your App experience by setting up your preferences in the app.

Download Work.JOT [4]



Normally $1.99.

Pieces is the charmingly minimalist jigsaw puzzle app perfect for all ages and skill levels.

There are no ads or in-app purchasesâ€" just great puzzles.

Use your own photos or pick one of the gorgeous high-resolution images included with Pieces.

The puzzle pieces can be arranged however you like. Make stacks or toss them around. When you find a match, the pieces will lock together.

• advanced randomized tiling algorithm gives you a new puzzle each time you play
• create puzzles with up to 96 pieces on iPad or 48 pieces on iPhone
• puzzle pieces snap together with their neighbors and can be moved as a unit
• an accurate physics model allows you to toss pieces around the boardâ€" especially useful for sorting
• intuitive touch controls allow you to pan the board by dragging and zoom by pinching or double-tapping
• multiple puzzle pieces can be moved at the same timeâ€" solve puzzles with family and friends
• beautiful animation and parallax effects
• hint button gives you a preview of the finished puzzle
• keep multiple in-progress puzzles

Universal for iPad and iPhone. Optimized for iOS 8.

Download Pieces [5]



Normally $2.99.

BusyBox lets you track the time you spend on all your activities.

+ Daily Tracking +
Visualize your activities for the current day.

+ Data Visualization +
Track the total time you spend on each activity.

+ Sync via Dropbox +
You can sync your data via Dropbox across your devices. Also, you will not lose your activity data when getting a new iPhone.

+ Notes +
If you need to log more details about your tasks, you can associate notes to your task logs. Logs can then be filtered by note contents.

+ Export your Data +
Export your activity data to an excel file that can be read in excel, open office or any spreadsheet software. The notes are also exported to the excel file.

+ Open In +
Open the excel file in any app that can open excel files on your iPhone.

+ Share via Email +
Send the excel file via email.

Download BusyBox [6]

Word Search


Normally $3.99.

tap to outline each letter of the words you find on the letters

Download Word Search [7]

Magic Flute by Mozart


Normally $1.99.

** Best in Show â€" Gamezebo (Casual Connect, San Francisco 2015) **
** Third Award Winner â€" Pocket Gamer (Very Big Indie Pitch, London 2015) **


“Hitting all the right notes” 4.5/5 â€" Gamezebo

“Visually the game is really impressive” 4/5 â€" TouchArcade

“A unique gaming experience that puzzle fans will surely enjoy” 4/5 â€" Examiner

“All of it is presented with a gorgeous look” 4/5 â€" Apple’N’Apps


Enter the Kingdom of the Queen of the Night. Start your journey through the lands of mystery and magic as prince Tamino. Choose your steps wisely, build your path avoiding traps, deadly serpents or earth quakes. But know no fear, lose no hope and remember that you are the master of your own path.

Solve 32 spatial puzzles placed in a beautiful scenery of Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ opera. Armed only in logic, imagination and integrity help Tamino find wisdom, beauty and save the love of his life. Be careful though as in this opera-based story nothing is as it seems…

The creators of the multimedia visualization for Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ opera, staging in Tokyo and directed by famous Amon Miyamoto, now allow you to enjoy the most famous Mozart’s opera in a way it hasn’t been experienced before.

• A casual puzzle game featuring Mozart’s music and the story of ‘The Magic Flute’ opera.
• Art direction inspired by the Tokyo production and set design, directed by the renowned Amon Miyamoto.
• 32 diverse, fun levels.
• 3 playable characters.
• Beautiful cutscenes.
• Multiple methods of level completion.
• Pay once â€" play forever! NO ads & NO In App Purchases.

Magic Flute by Mozart is a game for all opera lovers and those who enjoy fun, beautiful, original, casual puzzle games.

Download Magic Flute by Mozart [8]

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  2. ^ Download Week calendar (
  3. ^ Download Klu512 (itunes
  4. ^ Download Work.JOT (
  5. ^ Download Pieces (
  6. ^ Download BusyBox (
  7. ^ Download Word Search (
  8. ^ Download Magic Flute by Mozart (


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