Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Download MyWi 5.0 (v5.01.8)

Download MyWi 5.0 (v5.01.8)

Download MyWi 5.0 (v5.01.8): After a long delay MiWi 5.0 has been released. This is first time that MyWi has Support for iOS 5.With MyWi you can create WiFi HotSpot with great ease. Now you can comnnect your laptop With your iphone or Ipad.

MyWi 5.0 Download MyWi 5.0 (v5.01.8)

MyWi 5.0

MyWi 4 New Features and Improvements:

  • iOS 5.0 Support!
  • Faster performance
  • Lower battery consumption
  • Choose the In Use Indicator that you want:
  • Status bar icon (no battery use)
  • Blue pulsing bar (10% – 15% more battery)
  • Adjust the WiFi transmit power (Between 30% and 100%)
  • Battery consumption meter
  • USB Bridge mode. (Connect your laptop over USB to the phones 3G or WiFi connection!), Finally make use of all that free WiFi your iPhone/iPad gets!
  • Bluetooth Tethering Option now available (version 4.12+)

Please Note: MyWi 5.0 now uses Cydia Store exclusively for purchases/license management. If you have previously purchased via Rock, please create a Cydia Store login to transfer your licenses.

 To Download MyWi 5.0 for free click below:



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