Wednesday, August 31, 2011

“Scene It?” - a Movie Trivia Game is Now Free to Download!

iPad and iPhone users who love to watch movies would be happy with this good news. “Scene it?”, a movie trivia game for iOS device is now available to download for free!. “Scene It?” was normally sold for $1.99, and it is free for a limited time only. Hurry up!

Scene It? - a Movie Trivia Game is Now Free to Download!

“Scene It?” App Overview

Publisher: Screenlife, LLC.
File size: 493 MB (iPhone) and 865 MB (iPad)
Normal Price: $1.99
Supported Device: iPhone and iPad with iOS 4.2 or later.

“Scene It?” featuring a brand new gameplay that delivers a dynamic quiz experience shaped by your category selections and performance. The content pulled from hollywood’s biggest hist, provides a rich catalogue of movie clips, stills and audio from the movies you love.

What I don’t like from this app is the only its huge size. 493 MB for iPhone and 895 MB for iPad is a super big size to download and install on my device. I choose to skip this giveaway, but for you who are interested with this app can download “Scene It?” for iPhone [1] or “Scene It?” for iPad [2] during this free offer. However, there is no detail information about when this giveaway will expire. Hurry up and Good luck!

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  1. ^ Scene It for iPhone (
  2. ^ Scene It for iPad (

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