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I’m Giving Away a 32GB Apple Phone 4S. Enter Here!

written by Gary Lee [1] on October 31, 2011

We’ve teamed up with the makers of a brand new iPhone App – Trivia Together – to give away a brand new 32GB iPhone 4S!

Trivia Together is the new, free iPhone app that adds a new twist to the classic game of trivia, enabling casual and competitive gamers alike to compete against each other and prove themselves ultimate trivia masters! Players begin a game with their friends by inviting them via Facebook , Twitter , SMS, or email. Every game consists of ten trivia questions answered in turn and players have 30 seconds to answer each question. The winner with the most points wins the game.

Play Trivia Together Äî Win an iPhone 4GS!

Here are the rules:

Trivia Together for iPhone

  1. Download Trivia Together [2] for free on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.
  2. Register for an account.TriviaBot10000 on Trivia Together
  3. Beat “TriviaBot10000″ and then tweet your win with the hashtag #BeattheBot or Facebook this contest (Earns 1 contest entry each).

Earn additional entries:

  1. Leave a comment with your score & favorite question in the comments below (Earns 1 bonus contest entry).

Don’t have an iPhone? You can still participate:

  1. Follow @TriviaTogether [3] on Twitter and tweet this: “Check out the Trivia Together iPhone app – Enter to win a 32GB iPhone 4S from” (Earns 1 bonus contest entry).
  2. Comment on John Chow’s Facebook post for this contest: (Earns 1 bonus contest entry).

Don’t Forget! You can beat the bot, tweet, facebook comment once a day, every day to increase your chances of winning!

Let us know you did each item above in separate comments below.

Giveaway ends Sunday, Nov. 6th at 9 pm (Pacific) / 12 pm (Eastern) ‚ A randomly chosen winner will be emailed and announced on this post next week. Winner will receive an Apple gift card valued at $299 redeemable for a new 32GB iPhone 4S.

Check back to see who wins!

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Best iPhone Apps for Catching up on National News

Some of the best iPhone apps aren’t games, but the uniquely crafted and assembled huge iPhone news apps!

These days, there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing the latest local, national and world news. The Internet made getting information and news of any kind more accessible, but gadgets like the iPhone have taken it even further.

Now with all the customization taking place, you should have very little trouble finding out your local news source now has an iPhone app, which you’ll be able to find easily! This is great for iPhone users for a number of reasons and 99% of the time those apps are free! What do I like best about having a local news sources’ app on my iPhone? Well, it allows me to catch up on the local news anywhere while finding out things I really want to know: like what’s the weather going to be like tonight?

Because of all this, I would highly recommend that you find a local news app made available by a television station, radio station, or newspaper that you trust. To supplement your “local” app, I would say you need at least one or two of the following best iPhone apps for national news. All are free and have great content and layout. Here are ten of the best iPhone apps for national news:

AP Mobile
Get the latest news from the always-reliable Associated Press using this awesome iPhone application. What is the best trait of this app? It’s free! You will never worry about being out of the loop when it comes to important news.

Bloomberg is the undisputed authority when it comes to financial news all over the globe. With this iPhone news app, latest breaking news on the stock exchange and the latest business trends are easily accessible.

Get content from the world renowned New York Times using your iPhone. They’re really turning this app into one of the elite iPhone apps. Download it for free, play with it for a while and you’ll understand what I’m talking about…

NPR News
This iPhone app from National Public Radio is probably one of the most used apps in many people’s collection. You either dig NPR or you don’t. Simply enough, if you’re an NPR fan, you must get this app and if you aren’t, it still may be worth a try.

USA Today
This app will provide you with all the national news you could possibly want. The site is broken down much as the classic newspaper is. You’ll get that feeling of checking out a fresh USA Today newspaper every time you open this app.

The cult following of the Wall Street Journal is similar to the hold NPR has on its fans. Similarly, this app doesn’t disappoint the newspaper’s fans and followers. Get the latest global news, in depth stories and reporting at your fingertips. There are a bunch of options available for the user to customize the app to his/her liking. That and the other features available make this one of the best iPhone apps.

TIME Mobile
This is one of the best iPhone apps to have if you want to delve a bit deeper into a couple of stories. Or, as I like to do with TIME magazines, it’s great to flip through and learn a “bunch about nothing” or something like that. Anyways, I really love this app and they’ve done a great job configuring this app for their readers.

This Yahoo! app can do much more than simply bring you the news. But for that reason, I believe this is truly a must-have app. This is one of the best iPhone apps because it can bring you news about any possible topic from literally any source in the world.
This is a news-reader app that is based off the ultra-successful Popular Science magazine. If you like to keep up on the science world, this is a great iPhone app to have. Gadgets, green tech, scientific research and many more fun topics can fill your iPhone with plenty of fun news to read about.
Historically known for its left-leaning news commentaries rather than for its straight news, they’re changing all that. This app lets you access the nonetheless authoritative content of the Huffington Post’s website.

Free Convert AVI to 3GP MP4 iPod iPhone Converter 5.8

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Free Convert AVI to 3GP MP4 iPod iPhone Converter is the most powerful converter. It likes magic to convert avi format to comprehensive videos. Owning it, you don’t need to irritate the limitations and difficulties of numerous video formats. It can convert avi to almost all kinds of videos such as avi , divx, mp4, wmv ,vcd ,dvd, svcd, 3gp, ipod, iphone, zune, xbox, pmp, psp, apple tv, pocket pc, flv etc and many more. A simple program can bring you so many powerful functions. Fast speed, high quality, various of video formats, easy to use etc are its distinct features. It has the optimized default settings. Also you can adjust the output files effect through customizing the settings as video quality, audio quality, bit rate, frame rate, etc to meet your special needs. Owning the wizard converter, you can play on Apple iPod, Apple TV, Sony PSP, PS3, Zune, Xbox 360, Acrchos AV400, Archos AV500, Archos AV700, iRiver PMP-100, Creative Zen Vision etc portable devices with your home, your friends.

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/NT
Publisher: Xill Video Software


Main Reasons Why the ipod and iphone Has to Evolve – or Die » Download Free Software on

Since its start, the iPod has become one of Apple’s big goods and causes of salary. It’s, certainly, been one of Charlie Jobs’s main positive results after his get back to Apple company.

At the Macworld Expo keynote talk on Jan 10, 2006, Medical noted gross sales of more than 42 zillion iphones in any, and 14 zillion while in the very first quarter of 2006. The iPod’s share of the market is the reason about 75Percent with the mp3player marketplace. Dialling it a runaway success may not be too far from the truth.

All this will likely in the near future switch, because mp3 is bound to create a hit in gross sales, unless of course it builds up while using the modifying wants of clients.

The time buyers saw the entrance of mobile phone devices with integrated mp3 players, all standalone mp3 players had been distributed a reminder of what to can come in the foreseeable future. Even so, they nonetheless confronted no true threat as these portable-cellular phone-cum-mp3 players just couldn’t coordinate the proportions of an normal mp3player. Quality of sound weren’t nearly as good, space for storage was minimal, they usually had been not affordable to reasonably customize the mp3player marketplace.

But now, with hard-computer structured cellular phone-cum-audio-players penetrating globe promotes, they can band a loss of life knell for iphones and stuff like that. In the near future, yearly twelve months, otherwise now.

These so-named unity devices not only have mp3 players, in addition they can come furnished with digital cameras of rather good merit, some PDA functionality, third generation/Side, Wi-fi, etcetera. doing these bundles ever more appealing to buyers.

Although they are right this moment relatively costly, charging about Usd600-Usd800 each for the (unlocked) 4GB hard-computer structured release, next to your skin a number of capabilities lost in standalone mp3 players GIMP download including the mp3. Most can come furnished with incorporated digital cameras (&gt2. megapixels normally), PIM services and third generation/Side (provider centered), not to mention mp3 players working from a tough computer. With dimming technologies charges, they will end up a lot more affordable to buyers throughout the world, as a result ingesting into the iphones pie, specifically detrimental the Nano’s marketshare.

Another advantages the devices have over standalone devices is their solo-bundle kind element, which makes it possible for end users to transport a mixture of 3 devices even though populating just 1 bank account. And you simply just need to fee just one devices as opposed to linking 3 devices to your power supply. Cool. All this makes it much easier for end users to properly utilize the vast range of characteristics contained in they.

How generally have you imagined that you’d like to just click a picture, but couldn’t merely when you weren’t having a digital camera? Haven’t you found by yourself hoping to become a particular songs, but, all over again, couldn’t when you weren’t having your mp3player? Every one of these complications is going to be points of the past with your unity mobile phones: this issue will vaporize as these mobile phones likely will be staying with you at most times (after all, how many of us could leave our homes without having a mobile phone?). This simply means that you’ve all of your coolest looking devices built into just one, to you, at most times, letting you use all this functionality anytime, exactly where you need. Cool, all over again.

Phones including the forthcoming The-Ericsson W950 along with the Htc N91 are types of these kinds of devices.

The Htc N91 consists of a 4GB Hard drive, 2MP digital camera, Symbian Operating system 9.1 as well as a number of PIM capabilities. It might be bought for about Usd650 (unlocked). It truly is (and various very similar devices’) most important edge over the iPod is its vast range of characteristics, and also the teksty piosenek mentioned before solo-bundle kind element.

The moment devices including the N91 are available involving Usd400-Usd450, they’re absolute to eat into the marketplace of standalone mp3 players, especially the iPod Ipod nano. Currently, the 4GB mp3 new ipod nano expenses an awesome Usd250. Plenty of people probably would not head spending yet another 150 us dollars to obtain these unity devices, using a overall choice of other features.

I’m not to imply how the mp3 will expire – Now i’m declaring it’s going to be hit hard by these kinds of devices, a bit of time next year – but it will eventually expire unless of course it builds up (the thought of success with the fittest). These new unity mobile phones just make additional good sense than standalone mp3 players.

But, as noticed prior to now, Apple company is an especially sturdy and audio firm, with formidable fundamentals. It might quite easily have the ability to steer the iPod clear of any danger by releasing such a unit of the company’s very own – that has to be a hen house of the company’s very own.

However, partners including the Talkabout-Apple company relationship yielded very little, and had a minimal influence on the songs gambler industry. Apple company should consider this up additional seriously, and, ideally, on their own. Maybe the Apple company-Softbank relationship will deliver improved leads to generating a right audio-gambler-cellular phone.

And Now i’m also not to imply how the mp3 by yourself is going to be hit. All standalone mp3 players wait for the same destiny. Exactly what a getting smaller marketplace.

In but the, the iPod either must grow, integrating other features as being a digital camera/cellular phone, or encounter a getting smaller promote for stand-by yourself mp3 players and finally expire. The fittest can survive on earth of trim-neck opposition. It is still to appear regardless of if the mp3 is accommodate plenty of.

Raging Thunder 1.0.3 for iPhone free download

Raging Thunder 1.0.3 ScreenshotRaging Thunder is a gut-churning, tyre burning racer giving you control over the most extreme muscle cars in the world Race against time, CPU controlled opponents or up to three other speed addicts in this fast paced and exhilarating coin op style racing game featuring the most breathtaking 3D graphics on the iPhone yet.

If you liked Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart, Asphalt 4: Elite Racing or GTS World Racing you’ll LOVE Raging Thunder, so strap yourself in and prepare for the most hardcore racing experience of your life

Key features:
Online multiplayer
State-of-the art 3D graphics
Boost, draft and tackling physics
Customizable controls

-Support for online multiplay ,play with friends all the world

Game Name:Raging Thunder 1.0.3

Game Type:Sports Game

Game Platforms:iPhone

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Baseball Superstars 2.1 for iPhone free download

Baseball Superstars 2.1 ScreenshotThe best baseball game for both casual players looking for something fun, as well as hardcore baseball fans wanting the real deal

With over 8 million copies sold world wide since the series’ launch, it’s your turn to enjoy the non-stop action as you get ready to batter up in Baseball Superstars 2009

Full baseball simulation sports RPG.
- Create and customize your pitcher and batter.
- Purchase items and equipments.
- Manage your team and trade players.
- Train your players and enhance their abilities.

Choose from
- 10 competitive teams
- 4 unique stadiums
- 12 hidden players to unlock
- 5 different game modes
Normal Mode
Season Mode
My League Mode
Homerun Mode
mission Mode

Game Name:Baseball Superstars 2.1

Game Type:Sports Game

Game Platforms:iPhone

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Introducing Macworld's free iPhone 4S Starter Guide

Whether you stood in early-morning lines, pre-ordered far in advance, or are still waiting for that package to arrive at your doorstep, let the editors at Macworld help you get to know Apple's new smartphone with our free iPhone 4S Starter Guide, now available for download from the iBookstore [1] .

If you're not sure where to begin, our starter guide offers some nice tips for those just getting acquainted with their iPhone: Take a tour of the device’s exterior and learn how to activate a brand new iPhone; discover basic gestures for navigating through apps and home screens; and learn about some of our favorite iPhone tips and tricks.

Once you've gotten the basics down, check out some of the iPhone 4S's big features like Notification Center, Siri, and iCloud. Read up on all the device's bundled apps, from Safari to Mail; discover downloadable Apple apps, like Find My Friends, and Cards; and venture out into the wilds of the App Store armed with our handy guide detailing the apps every iPhone user should own. And in case you’re stumped on how to best outfit your device, we provide suggestions for great iPhone 4S cases, headphones, speakers, and more.

To read Macworld's free iPhone 4S Starter Guide on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you can download it from the iBookstore [2] . If you don't have an iOS device (or you'd prefer to read it on your Kindle or other e-reader), you can download a free ePub/MOBI bundle [3] directly from us.

We hope you enjoy getting to know your iPhone 4S. If you want to learn even more about your new device, stay tuned for our full-sized iPhone 4S Superguide, coming this holiday season to the iBookstore and Kindle Store, and as a PDF, CD, and printed book.

And if you like what we've put together, make sure to check out our other Superguides : For those who want an in-depth guide to all of iOS 5's new features, we have our ebook-exclusive iOS 5 Upgrade Guide ; you can also check out our Superguides on the iPad 2 and Mac OS X Lion . Looking to pick up some of our older guides on the cheap? We're offering deep discounts on 16 popular Superguide titles in book or CD format.

Nursing Times launch iPhone job app | News has launched a new iPhone app for the job board.

The free iPhone app is intended to give nurses constant access to the latest vacancies in nursing and healthcare whenever they want and wherever they are.

The Nursing Times Jobs app [1] allows nurses to browse job listings, apply for any role, receive notifications direct to their phone when any relevant jobs are added and email their favourite jobs to themselves and friends. [2] app users are automatically informed of new positions, straight to their handset.

Online training units, written and reviewed by experts. Earn two hours' CPD and a personalised certificate for your portfolio.

Subscribers get five FREE learning units and non-subscribers can access each learning unit for £10 + VAT.

Click here to find out more
  1. ^ Nursing Times Jobs app (
  2. ^ (

Use your iPhone or iPad to carve a cooler pumpkin — Apple News, Tips and Reviews

Every Halloween since apps have been available on the iPhone, my family and I have used apps to design stencils for carving the face of at least one jack-o-lantern. The technique is pretty simple [1] . Here is what we do:

1. Choose your jack-o-lantern face

First, you want to create a face that you can then use as a stencil. We’ve found several pumpkin-design apps that we like and that work in different ways.

Swipe and shake. Our favorite pumpkin-design app, Crazy Pumpkin, happens to be on the iPhone ($.99, Ezone, iTunes Link [2] ). Crazy Pumpkin gives you endless combinations of eyes, noses and mouths to choose from, and all you have to do is swipe to change the feature. Shake the iPhone to change the color of the design and hear a spooky noise.

Unfortunately Crazy Pumpkin is not available for iPad. The closest iPad app I’ve found is Halloween Pumpkin Creator ($.99, A3MG, iTunes Link [3] ).

Crazy Pumpkin for iPhone
Pinch and draw. If you are looking to get a little more sophisticated, Parents magazine has created Carve-a-Pumpkin for the iPad and is available for free in the app store (free, iTunes link [4] ).  Carve-a-Pumpkin gives you a little more control of the elements that you place on the pumpkin. You can pinch to grow or shrink the design.  However, while there are a lot of designs to choose from, you still do not have complete control over the design with this app.

If you want complete control over exactly how you want your pumpkin to look, try ABCya’s CarveIt! for both the iPhone and iPad ($.99, ABCya, iTunes Link [5] ).  CarveIt! has a limited number of pumpkin “heads” to choose from, but it will allow you to draw freehand any face you want.

Carve-a-Pumpkin from Parents magazine

2. Print out your pumpkin masterpiece as a stencil

Now comes the fun part, taking your virtual iOS design and turning it into a real pumpkin. The next step is printing out the design to make a stencil.

  • Transfer your design to an image file. Some of the aforementioned apps will save the image your photo library for you. If the app you’ve chosen does’t do that, you can always take a screenshot [6] to get a printable image file of your final design.
  • Print the image out. You can either sync your image to your computer and print it out from there or you can use AirPrint to print the image directly to the printer. If you do not have a printer that supports Apple’s AirPrint feature, there are a number of ways you can get around this limitation . My favorite happens to be Printopia [7]

Print out and push pin

Transfer your design and carve your pumpkin

Once you have the stencil printed out, tape the sheet of paper to the pumpkin. Use a pushpin, awl, straight needle or other tool to poke holes in the outlines of the eyes, nose, and mouth into the pumpkin’s outer skin. This will create a connect-the-dots outline of the design right on the surface of the pumpkin. From here, use the outlines to carve the pumpkin.

Final Result

3. More ways to create a stencil

There are several variations on this general theme. You can certainly use your favorite iOS drawing application, or even browse the web to select your favorite pumpkin image online. I’ve also used Photoshop to stretch and move some of the features around a bit to better fit our pumpkins.

For more family fun, you can even share the design experience with the entire family by projecting the pumpkin-carving app of your choice to your TV using the new iOS 5 Airplay Wireless Mirroring from your iPad 2 or iPhone 4S to your Apple TV [8] . Carving a pumpkin will never be quite the same again.

How have you used Apple’s products to celebrate Halloween?

Pumpkin-carving and finished pumpkin photos by Geoffrey Goetz.

Related research and analysis from GigaOM Pro:
Subscriber content. Sign up for a free trial [9] .

  1. ^ technique is pretty simple (
  2. ^ iTunes Link (
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  5. ^ iTunes Link (
  6. ^ take a screenshot (
  7. ^ Printopia (
  8. ^ iPad 2 or iPhone 4S to your Apple TV (
  9. ^ Sign up for a free trial (

CheckList by MASPware 6.5 for iPhone, Windows Mobile free download

CheckList by MASPware 6.5 ScreenshotUsing MASPware checklist you can easy, fast and comfortable administrate all kinds of checklist. Starting from your shoppingcart up to a subject list for your next meeting.

MASPware CheckList – simple, easy, fast and effective

– Easy, fast and comfortable
– Administrate unlimited number of lists
– Unlimited number of listentries
– ViewMode for realistic view
– Categorized lists
– Listnotes
– Due date for each list item
– AutoSave feature
– Import/Export
– search feature
– Send list feature

App Name:CheckList by MASPware 6.5

App Type:Business Applications

App Platforms:iPhone, Windows Mobile

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Iphone 4 Music Downloads – How To Download Music For Iphone 4

It is very important that you know how to look for a very reliable and effective site if you are interested to look for the best iphone 4 music downloads. You have to make sure that you know how to look for the best sites because the internet is rather indiscriminate when providing you the portals that you need. This is why it is very essential that you know the features of a good site.

Naturally, several people will want make sure that they can have the best iphone 4 music downloads for free. This is why they also want to look for some of the best free portals. But you should know that this is actually not your best option because there are several portals that are rather ineffective and troublesome.

So if you really want to be certain that you will be able to perform this task more effectively, it is actually much better if you are going to look for premium portals. With these fee-based sites, you will be required to pay very nominal fees so that you can access your favorite iphone 4 music downloads. Some of these can also allow you to pay a one-time fee.

For more details and a preview look here: …

There is also a need for you to be certain that you are using a very extensive database. This is very essential so that you can really get the songs that you want. It is also much better if you are going to look for a site that features various genres such as pop, rock, classical, rhythm and blues, and a whole lot more.

You should also see to it that you are going to look for a site that is very easy to navigate through. The procedures should also be very simple so that you will no longer have a hard time in completing this task. This is very essential as some sites are rather complicated and it is better if you will avoid them.

The occurrence of various malicious programs can also be very dangerous for your hardware so it is essential that you will avoid them. You have to avoid the sites that contain these malicious programs as they can never do you any good.

A 24/7 customer service should also be available so that you can have a guide just in case you do not know the various technical aspects as to how you can have access to iphone 4 music downloads.

You only need to look for a very reliable and effective site if you want to make sure that you will have your favorite songs through your gadget.

Get your unlimited iPhone downloads – newly released music, movies and all for pennies here:

The New Essential Apps October 2011

The New Essential Apps October 2011iPhones. iPads. Android. Windows Phone 7. We've updated all of our essential apps lists to include a few forgotten favorites, some long awaited arrivals and, as always, even more amazing apps. Check them out!

If you want to jump to see the best apps in a specific platform, click here:

The New Essential Apps October 2011

The end of the month is here, and that means it's time to do a little housekeeping on our list of the absolute best iPhone apps . Who will be inducted?


The New Essential Apps October 2011My Secret Folder [1] : My Secret Folder's icon looks like an iOS Folder but it's actually a private, passcode enabled app that stores pictures, movies, notes, contacts and a bunch of things you don't want people to see. It even has a porn mode browser! Oh and f someone accidentally opened the app, the app will snap a picture of the culprit and keep it on file for when you return. $1

The New Essential Apps October 2011Whale Trail [2] : You play a flying whale that dodges storm clouds and collect bubbles. It's as addicting as Tiny Wings and maybe, possibly even better looking. The game is GORGEOUSLY cute. Try it out for a buck.

The New Essential Apps October 2011Swackett [3] : A pretty hilarious weather app, it takes the weather data and then shows you what people wear in accordance to the weather. Cold? Winter coats and hats and boots. Hot and sunny? Shorts and shades with a side of suntan lotion. It looks pretty well designed and even includes an AccuWeather "Real Feel" temperature too.

The New Essential Apps October 2011Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nations [4] : Modern Combat 3 is a beyond awesome first person shooter game for your iOS device. There's 13 missions that take you from LA to Pakistan, a good story and various type of gameplay modes too (escort, destroy, helicopter, etc.) You can even play multiplayer with 12 other people. It's like Call of Duty but for your phone. $7

The New Essential Apps October 2011Find My Friends [5] : Find My Friends, Apple's your-friends-are-now-live-dots-on-a-map, is here. The new location service eschews boring check-ins for convenient (and creepy) continuous sharing of your location. The app keeps track of where all your friends (opt-in, obvi) are in real time, which is kind of scary yet kind of exciting at the same time.

The New Essential Apps October 2011Movie Trailers [6] : Apple's "iTunes Movie Trailers" app is one hell of a misnomer: it doesn't just beam down the giant library of trailers we love. The new app lets you buy tickets, find nearby theaters, and chart film releases on a calendar. I'm using this over other movie finding apps now. Free

The New Essential Apps October 2011Scribblenauts Remix [7] : Scribblenauts is impressive as it was on the DS, you write a noun into the game and then the object you wrote appears in the game where you can use it or if it has half a brain (like an animal), will start playing around in the world too. 40 levels and non stop fun. So good. $5

The New Essential Apps October 2011

A pretty great month of apps for Android, we have a Siri clone in Jeannie, some old forgotten favorites in PowerAMP and WidgetLocker Lockscreen and a lot more.


The New Essential Apps October 2011Jeannie [8] : A voice control app for Android that can actually hold a Siri-esque conversation with you. You can send emails, play music, search the web, set alarms, hear jokes, find news and more with Jeannie. There's a ton of features here, like controlling apps, playing music and videos, translating text or words, controlling volume, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The New Essential Apps October 2011SwipePad [9] : SwipePad is a better app switcher for your Android phone. Instead of holding down the home button to launch your recent apps, SwipePad uses hotspots-corners and edges of your phone's screen-to trigger a new 'pad'. Just drag your finger from a hotspot to the middle of the screen and the app switcher will pop up. Like adding another layer to your phone. Free

The New Essential Apps October 2011Winamp [10] : Ah, Winamp. The good ol' days of music playing awesomesauce. Now, Winamp for Android (which has been available for some time) is updated to wirelessly sync their music and videos with the Mac. There's also an MP3 of the day and a premium version with even more features.

The New Essential Apps October 2011Mobo Task Killer [11] : If you want to have control over your Android phone, Mobo Task Killer does everything you'd want without being too overwhelming. There's an auto-optimize feature that optimizes your phone's memory, one click optimization to free up memory, a memory meter to show where your phone's memory is currently at, a task killer and a lot more. It kills tasks. And it's actually pretty to look at too.

The New Essential Apps October 2011Guns'n'Glory WW2 [12] : A tower defense game that takes place in cartoony World War II. You can play as the US or even Axis Germany and fight through 12 different levels with all the strategy of placing key units along the lines. Tanks, soldiers, everything is here to lose yourself for hours and hours.

The New Essential Apps October 2011WidgetLocker Lockscreen [13] : WidgetLocker Lockscreen makes it dead easy to customize your lock screen to do whatever you want. Add widgets, app shortcuts, slick slider shortcuts (slide to take a picture, etc.) and more are added to your lockscreen so you can quickly do whatever you want without unlocking your phone. If you use Android, this must be on your phone.

The New Essential Apps October 2011PowerAMP Music Player [14] : It's easily the most powerful music player for Android. PowerAMP plays every file from here to the Sun, you can EQ music, crossfade, tweak bass and treble and so much more. Four slick widgets, lockscreen support and all the themes you'd want. So if you listen to music, get PowerAMP.

The New Essential Apps October 2011

The headliner this month for iPad apps is Facebook. Finally! Other apps like My Secret folder and Find My Friends add their awesomesauce too.


The New Essential Apps October 2011Facebook [15] : Facebook on the iPad! Finally. The left-hand column makes way for simple navigation of the News Feed, Photos, Messages, Groups, Apps, Settings, Chat and more. Facebook Photos and games on the iPad look especially good because they can both go full screen. There's also AirPlay for Facebook videos as well.

The New Essential Apps October 2011iTunes Movie Trailers [16] : Movie Trailers [17] : Apple's "iTunes Movie Trailers" app is one hell of a misnomer: it doesn't just beam down the giant library of trailers we love. The new app lets you buy tickets, find nearby theaters, and chart film releases on a calendar. I'm using this over other movie finding apps now. Free

The New Essential Apps October 2011Find My Friends [18] : Find My Friends, Apple's your-friends-are-now-live-dots-on-a-map, is here. The new location service eschews boring check-ins for convenient (and creepy) continuous sharing of your location. The app keeps track of where all your friends (opt-in, obvi) are in real time, which is kind of scary yet kind of exciting at the same time.

The New Essential Apps October 2011NHL Gamecenter [19] : It's the best way to keep track of the NHL season with live scores for every game, tv listings, standings, news articles, etc. If you upgrade to the premium Gamecenter app than you'll get live radio broadcasts, video highlights and more, more videos. If you have a GameCenter Live subscription, you can watch all the hockey games on your iPad too.

The New Essential Apps October 2011My Secret Folder [20] : My Secret Folder's icon looks like an iOS Folder but is actually a private, passcode enabled app that stores pictures, movies, notes, contacts and a bunch of things you don't want people to accidentally see. It even has a porn mode browser! But probably best of all is if someone accidentally opened the app, the app will snap a picture of the culprit and keep it on file for when you return. $1

The New Essential Apps October 2011SoundCloud [21] : SoundCloud is pretty much like a streaming music player that works with AirPlay. New tracks come through in a Twitter-like feed, which is populated by accounts you follow. This could be a favorite artist or label, a blog or magazine, or just a friend and a lot more. It looks perfect for a Saturday spent on the couch catching up with all the tracks I bookmarked throughout the week.

The New Essential Apps October 2011DirecTV [22] : Hooray! DirecTV just updated its iPad app with the ability to stream live TV. You have to be connected to the same network as your DirecTV Plus HD DVR but that's okay cause it turns your iPad into another TV. The channels you can watch with the DirecTV app are actually pretty great too.

The New Essential Apps October 2011Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nations [23] : Modern Combat 3 is a beyond awesome first person shooter game for your iOS device. There's 13 missions that take you from LA to Pakistan, a good story and various type of gameplay modes too (escort, destroy, helicopter, etc.) You can even play multiplayer with 12 other people. It's like Call of Duty but for your phone. $7

The New Essential Apps October 2011Real Racing 2 HD [24] : Real Racing 2 got a new update for iOS 5 that's actually pretty sweet: you can play the game wirelessly on your TV with AirPlay and even challenge friends to a multiplayer race with Party Play. Ah-mazing.

The New Essential Apps October 2011

It's been a pretty busy fes months for Windows Phone 7 as Mango was recently released and everyone is updating their apps to take advantage of its new hawtness. Make sure you update your apps as you jump to 7.5 and download these new apps that've joined the best WP7 apps list!


The New Essential Apps October 2011Gchat [25] : Even if you're on Windows Phone, Google Talk is still one of the bestest IM services to use. Gchat for Windows Phone is a really great app that combines the beauty of Winpho with the utility of Google. You get push notifications, the ability to pin contacts as secondary tiles and more.

The New Essential Apps October 2011GoodMovie [26] : GoodMovie is a film buff's dream app—it taps into Rotten Tomatoes, Bing, YouTube and Wikipedia to give you all the information you'd want to learn about a movie. That means reviews, news, trailers and more all packaged in a sweet tile-y layout that's absolutely a joy to use.

The New Essential Apps October 2011BBC News [27] : It's the BBC! Keep up to date with the world's news with their Windows Phone apps which has been re-built for Mango. The app also has support for push notifications and live tiles.

The New Essential Apps October 2011CleverPhoto [28] : A basic photo editor that let's you take control of the pictures you take. The normal features (like crop, rotate, flip) are all there along with brightness and contrast controls. What's even better is that you can tack on a filter and add other artistic effects to the snappies you've taken.

The New Essential Apps October 2011Easy Ring [29] : Want a ringtone? Of course you do! EasyRing makes it incredibly easy to set up a ringtone on your snazzy Windows Phone by giving you a database of mp3 files to choose from. A few clicks and your ring ring becomes a boom ba boom. Also! The app even acts as a music player too.

The New Essential Apps October 2011Cool Tools [30] : A digital toolbox worth of apps. Like an all-in-one sort of deal, you get a stopwatch, countdown, flashlight, ruler, accelrometer, soundcheck, converter, tip calculator and more. Get this app to get more out of your Windows Phone.

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Tired of Angry Birds? Free Fun iPhone Games

The iPhone games have known a powerful hold over the market, and even Android users like myself battle to find the best free games – or agree to pay a minimal fee for the fully paid-up version of a beloved ‘golden oldie.’ But if you don’t fancy paying, what can you do? Here are a few fun games you can download for free and enjoy to the full!

Image from Getty

Flick Home Run! is simple enough for small children, but engaging enough for adults.

Flick Home Run! is a lovely game by infinity pocket which uses the touchscreen to turn your phone into a batting cage. While, as you know, baseball is not a popular sport in this country, Flick Home Run! turns it into an interesting pastime as you use your finger to ‘bat’ at balls. A variety of balls – including fastballs, curveballs and even ninjaballs – keeps you on your toes and both distance and number of objects struck add to your score. You have a bar of ‘health’ at the top of the screen, which deplete every time you ask for a pitch and every time you strike, but fills up depending on your score. With achievable goals and exciting gameplay, this is actually a game that can keep you busy for hours – for free!

Words With Friends is a new and intriguing take on Scrabble that costs no money and will keep you coming back for more every time. It’s got simple and engaging gameplay as well as allowing you to chat with your opponents, and you’re able to play your game via iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – allowing you to swap between units as you play. With Facebook functionality integrated into the game, you can tie it into your social networking and if none of your friends are able or willing to play you can get matched up with a stranger in no time!

Bubble Shooter and Bubble Shooter 2 are games that, once again, use simplicity to find a beautiful environment you never want to leave. In my house, this game is absolutely revered and its mindless gameplay makes it a big favourite to fill empty time such as that spent on a bus or waiting in a queue. It’s so simple as to be almost stupid – but therein lies its greatness. And since both are free, you can feel absolutely no qualms about downloading them and know that, should you – magically – dislike either you haven’t wasted any money at all!

Image from Getty

Some free games offer multiplayer functionality.

BATTLE BEARS: Zombies! is the odd duck out in that it is both unexpected and completely off the wall. But my irrepressible love for zombies made me grab my husband’s iPhone and download it, and it delivered in a big way. While it’s a little disturbing to spend your time battling an army of adorable pink bears looking to hug you to death (which is, admittedly, a rather unusual take on the zombie phenomenon), the game takes full advantage of touchscreen functionality and just delivers good, clean, old-fashioned fun. This game, like Flick Home Run!, offers achievable goals and new things to unlock and discover, so you keep wanting more and more. Absolutely recommended. Enjoy!

One of the glorious things about the App store is that there are free gems hidden in the midst of the paid-for applications. Don’t miss out on these three!

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Gamasutra - News - Top iPhone Game Apps: Zombieville USA 2 Heads Halloween Charts

[In this weekly feature, Gamasutra rounds up the week's most popular paid and free iPhone and iPod Touch games, as current on the iTunes App Store.]

This week's top paid iPhone game titles on the App Store, as captured on October 31st 2011, are as follows:

1. Zombieville USA 2 [1] ($0.99)
2. Angry Birds [2] ($0.99)
3. Angry Birds Seasons [3] ($0.99)
4. Fruit Ninja [4] ($0.99)
5. Plants vs. Zombies [5] ($0.99)
6. Cut the Rope [6] ($0.99)
7. Angry Birds Rio [7] ($0.99)
8. Where's My Water? [8] ($0.99)
9. Tetris [9] ($0.99)
10. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation [10] ($6.99)

Mika Mobile's side-scrolling action game Zombieville USA 2 leads the iTunes charts in its first week of release, beating Rovio's Angry Birds and the recently updated Angry Birds Seasons.

PopCap claims fifth place with a sale-priced Plants vs. Zombies, as Gameloft's first-person shooter Modern Combat 3 trails EA's Tetris and Disney's Where's My Water? in its premiere week.

Here are this week's top free iPhone games:

1. Cut the Birds
2. Crime City
3. 101-in-1 Games
4. Flick Home Run
5. Family Feud & Friends
6. Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Free+
7. GlassPong
8. Scream 4
9. Lane Splitter
10. Bouncy Seed [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20]

SolverLabs leads today's free charts with Cut the Birds, an app that parodies Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Funzio's free-to-play sim title Crime City ranks in at second place, as Nordcurrent's compilation app 101-in-1 Games takes third.

Other top downloads include Infinity Pocket's baseball title Flick Home Run, Ludia's social game show app Family Feud & Friends, and Gameloft's microtransaction-supported multiplayer shooter Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Free+.

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