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Unless you've been living under a rock (or maybe just don't read tech news) you probably already know that next Tuesday, October 4, is when Apple makes its next major announcement. While the company is tight-lipped as usual, we know that it will probably announce at least one new iPhone [1] and when it plans to launch iOS 5, the operating system that powers the iPhone, iPod Touch [2] , and iPad [3] .

One of the big known features of the new iOS is Twitter integration. Apple generally does a great job of creating intuitive interfaces for just about everything and what we've learned of Twitter on the iPhone sounds great, as you'll be able to tweet directly from Safari, Photos, YouTube, and Camera. But if you're a serious Twitter user, you're still going to need a third-party app to get all that Twitter has to offer.

This week's collection of iOS apps is made up of Twitter clients. The first mimics a popular desktop Twitter client and creatively uses column views. The second is straight from Twitter itself and offers even more than the Twitter Web site. The last may have the most features of all, along with a well-designed interface.


The smooth and sleek dark-gray interface makes browsing through tweets easy on the eyes.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

TweetDeck (free) is an app that's meant to mimic the popular desktop Twitter client of the same name, and it does a fairly good job. For reference, the desktop client shows you four columns: tweets from friends on the left, then tweets where you're mentioned, TweetDeck recommended users, and finally what terms are currently trending. The iPhone app lets you view one column at a time and you can swipe to see mentions and direct tweets to you by default, but you can add columns to track specific users or you can combine feeds, just like the desktop app. What's more, changes to columns on the desktop or in the app are automatically synced so you can track lists and feeds created wherever you want. TweetDeck also features Facebook status integration.

TweetDeck offers all the major Twitter features, though they're sometimes hard to find. Along with posting updates to Twitter, you can retweet posts, add tweets to favorites, read and send direct messages, and perform searches based on keywords. You can enter geolocation information, search through usernames, and much more. But you also have plenty of options for customization, letting you combine any number of different feeds under one column. A nifty pinch feature puts you into customize mode, in which you can reorder columns, add feeds to the active column, or delete columns you're no longer using. Touching a tweet brings up a detail view where you can view more info about the user and conversations related to that tweet. While the features for customization are not immediately apparent, and the interface is less than intuitive, once we got the basics down, we thought TweetDeck performed admirably. Sadly, you can't schedule tweets using the iPhone app as you can with the desktop version, but hopefully this feature will come in future updates.

Overall, TweetDeck is pretty good option for staying up-to-date on Twitter. It could use some interface tweaks or a help file to make learning the basics easier (along with a scheduling option), but once you learn the ropes you'll see that it is a worthy client for tracking the latest news on Twitter.


If you want to see trending topics, just go to the search interface and they're listed right below.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Twitter (free) for iPhone is the official client for iOS and it offers all the features you need to keep up with and participate in this constantly growing news and information phenomenon. The app defaults to all incoming tweets from users you're following, but there are buttons across the bottom to quickly view mentions, read direct messages, or search for topics or users, and an options button in the lower right so you can add and customize feeds the way you want. Unlike on the site, you'll be able to add and track as many accounts as you want. You also have two options for retweeting, again unlike on the site, with regular retweets and quoted retweets so you can provide commentary.

The official Twitter app is laid out nicely, making it easy to get to all the basic functions in only a few taps of your finger. To retweet, send a direct message, or any other basic function you need only swipe horizontally on a tweet to bring up buttons for every action. If you want to view trending topics you can hit the search button and you get a list of the latest keywords below the search field. You can also save searches if you find yourself searching for similar terms frequently. Just like on the site, you can use the search field to discover new topics and users, and if you find something you like, you can quickly add it to your feed or create a list to keep your followed-user numbers down. Serious Twitter users will lament the lack of scheduling features, but in fairness, you can't schedule tweets on the Twitter Web site either.

Overall, the Twitter app for iPhone is an excellent choice for keeping up with status updates and posting tweets with photos and geolocation tagging, and offers plenty of customization options. Those who follow and participate with Twitter will appreciate the official app.


Hootsuite displays all your various streams on the homepage for easy access.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

HootSuite (free) is a Twitter app that sports an extremely intuitive interface and offers just about all the features you could want in a Twitter client. You'll need to set up a HootSuite account to get started, but from there you get integration with Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare all from within the app. You can manage multiple accounts, read and comment on Facebook profile and fan page feeds, mass reply to all recipients, and set up scheduled updates. This might be the best Twitter client we've tried so far, with tons of added features that make it incredibly useful--even for pro Twitter users.

The interface separates your feeds into a streams list, making it easy to get the info you want immediately. Adding feeds and creating custom feeds is as easy as hitting an edit/add button at the top, then adding a feed that can be custom-tailored by keywords, search results, or lists you create. There are also buttons across the bottom to access your streams, to search for topics or keywords (with trending topics right below), for Foursquare access, and for settings so you can set your preferences exactly the way you want.

HootSuite lets you perform all the basic functions of Twitter, but also adds several handy options along with stat tracking so you can follow Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare updates and see how your posts to each site perform. It's also incredibly useful for widespread conversations, offering translations for more than 50 languages. You can create custom lists to monitor specific keywords, view full conversation histories, and add geolocation info and photos to any update.

Definitely the most feature-rich app in this collection, HootSuite offers everything you need to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. The intuitive interface, enormous number of customization options, and ability to schedule updates make this app the natural pick for the serious social Web site user.

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  3. ^ iPad (

Preferred free IPad apps for everyday User globally | iphone apps | ipad apps

Preferred free IPad apps for everyday User globally

iPad is amongst most preferred Gadget these days just because you may use it in how you want by affixing the apps you want. There are a lot of apps for Apple istore that this becomes difficult to choose one which suits a person’s need preferred. We get chosen number of great app which every single user associated with iPad need to have in their particular iPad and rely on them for your convenience –

If everyone or your baby is an important comic enthusiast then ‘Marvel Comics’ is often an one top Free Ipad device app which you must have. It pores and skin look available amusing reader. They have perhaps a big bunch of comics in the library, that’s both 100 % free and payed off. If that you’re short on budget you can actually choose free comics and if you possibly could spend some bucks there are scores of comics on the market to choose and buying. They get all terrific superhero comics set like Spiderman, Ironman, Super man etc… Best thing will be the App is actually free and you will not find the money for only your comics which are not easily available. A great Living green application for the reason that this saves a lot of paper to boot.


Next App for subscribers is ‘ibooks’. This app was established to access iBookStore, that includes a vast collecting latest together with great books of all time. You may well download these books and read on your IPad on the road at your convenience. An individual interface with app offers felling when browsing along with reading e book in catalogue bookshelf. You’ll be able to browse because of book, offered them together with read him or her. It also contains the service of book-marking. Again the following best apple apps is normally free.

Another neat thing for which unfortunately iPad is usually used inside Games, a very good game designed for branded scrabble, look low priced and beneficial to learning too. It has choice to play against computer and Human. This game is usually synced with iPhone and iPod additionally. User vent is just as before marvelous and forces you to feel such as playing it on the iPad only rather then playing it anywhere else.

If you’re keen on adventure, there’s a simple cool performance available titled as Airfare Control. This belongs to the very widely used game to get iPhone and additionally developers have got redesigned it can be bigger edition specially to get iPad. It will cost you only 5$ and objective associated with games is to land your plane safely on the airport. With a lot of difficulty level it truly is fun to help you play the game play.

There is actually one especially interesting software called ‘Document to GO’, This application can be utilized on iphone 4, iPad, iPod and also shows a Mac and PC release, so you can utilize it anywhere you are looking for. This app helps you create, edit, view ‘microsoft’ word, excel and also PowerPoint files on your iPad. So if you have some sort of iPad as well as a pc additionally, instead of getting MS office, purchase license of that fantastic message processor ejaculate iPad request, and benefit from the freedom of using it anywhere you would like. It works iwth with data sharing web pages like Yahoo docs and can be utilized anywhere around for making and perspective document.

This can be the list from top ipad2 apps up to now, we can keep bringing even more such app in your case, sit small and continue reading about iphone expensive app .


download iphone free games – Best Free Games of The Day August 25, 2011

Rating: 4

Subscribe and stay up to date with the best games released for iPhone! Download the new Free Games Daily app! (Free) and get the daily video and iTunes links to your iPhone! *****Best Free Games of The Day August 25, 2011***** Light It! – http 0:10 Doodle Jump FREE – 0:58 Hungry Shark Night – 1:55 Animal Academy – (Universal) 2:48 Monster Mouth DDS – (Universal) 4:23 Happy gaming! :) Support TGT by downloading The Game Trail app, it is available for free on the App Store or you can follow the iTunes link – Follow TGT on facebook & twitter for news, give aways and more fun stuff!

download iphone free games – Angry Birds Rio 1.2.2 Full-PC Game- Latest Version Free {Download Link}

Rating: 4

This video shows you how to get the newly released version of Angry Birds Rio 1.2.2 free which includes new Episodes such as Carnival Upheaval and Golden BeachBall. Try installing by using any of the methods below.Both Methods are tested and work perfectly. ✔ Note✔ : Follow the Steps mentioned below Carefully for Installtion ======[Method 1: Copying & Running the Patch.exe]========= 1.Download From any link Here: {File Size: 43.1 MB}— (Direct Link) {File Size: 43.1 MB} {File size: 43.1 MB} 2.Extract the downloaded file using Windows Explorer of WinRAR 3.Run the Setup file & complete the Installation 4.Copy the Patch.exe into installation folder Usually here :C:Program FilesRovioAngry Birds Rio 5.Run the Patch.exe and Click “Patch” 6.Apply this serial to Register game Done ! Enjoy the Game ———————————————————————————————————– =====[Method 2:Copying Crack file]======= 1.Download the File here: {File Size: 43.53 MB}—— (Direct Link) {File Size: 43.53 MB} 2.Install the Game by Running the Setup file 3.Copy the .exe File in Crack folder to the installation folder (Usually here :C:Program FilesRovioAngry Birds Rio ) 4.Then Register by Using this key THET-ALEV-LEFR-USWO Done ! Enjoy the Game Check Out these Videos As well on the Latest versions of Angry Birds ============Angry Birds Seasons v1.51 (2011)================

HDR Fusion for iPhone is free today only | TUAW

Even though I do a lot of high end photo work, I still enjoy using the iPhone's camera, and i was especially happy to see Apple add HDR [1] capabilities to the iPhone 4 [2] . HDR lets you get good pictures under challenging conditions when there is a mixture of very bright light, like the sky, and objects in shadow.

I've also checked a lot of the third-party HDR apps, and most exceed the quality of the built in HDR feature. Today only, HDR Fusion [3] is free, so it's a nice Friday present for those thinking about going beyond the Apple HDR and trying something a bit better.The app is normally US$1.99.

HDR Fusion grabs two images, one underexposed and one overexposed, then tone maps them to a combined exposure that doesn't blow out the bright parts or lose the shadows. In my quick tests, the app worked well in both the auto mode and manual mode. If you are manually shooting, you drag two markers around the field of view, one to the darkest shadowed area, the other to the bright highlights.

Processing is faster than most of the other third party apps I've tried, but not as fast as Apple's almost instant implementation. Picture quality is pretty good -- exceeding the Apple feature in some of my tests, in others about on par with it. In general, I still prefer Pro HDR [4] on the iPhone, but at least today there is a free alternative.

HDR Fusion also includes a self-timer, which is a handy feature. The app is a pretty small download, just over half a megabyte. Free is good, so give HDR Fusion a try and save yourself two bucks. The free offer will expire at different times in different time zones, so be aware that the offer will likely end at midnight EDT in the U.S.

In the gallery, I've compared the app to the built-in Apple HDR and Pro HDR, which is still my go-to app for HDR on the iPhone.

  1. ^ HDR (
  2. ^ iPhone 4 (
  3. ^ HDR Fusion (
  4. ^ Pro HDR (

Podcasting My Show | Music You Can't Hear on the Radio

September 30, 2011 · 7:00 pm


UPDATED September 30, 2011

I am delighted to report that there are suddenly at least three ways to (almost) PODCAST Music You Can’t Hear On The Radio as well as other programs on WPRB and  many other radio stations. The first two are pretty easy to use. The third involves a few more steps but seems to be the only one that lets you (or at least I) convert to an MP3 file and then put on an iPOD.

1. Download an app for TuneIn Radio on your desktop, iPAD or other handheld device. Get the “Pro” model which costs all of  $.99 through  ( [1] ) or iTunes  ( [2] ). To begin with, this is a great way to listen to radio stations around the world with really good sound quality. It also has a clock you can set to regularly record a favorite show but, at least with iPADs, your tablet has to be on and open for the show to record.

2. Push the button on the homepage of this website for DAR.FM (or go to [3] ) and follow the instructions. The free version seems to only work on a desktop computer but the “Preimium” model (at $40) also works on iPADs, etc. This is a reasonable way to record a show but seems to allow you to only listen to your recordings on the computer or device on which you recorded it.  Note that DAR.FM operates on Pacific Time so, to record Music You Can’t Hear On The Radio, you need to set the clock to begin recording on Sundays at 4:00 pm.

3. Lastly, Wave Pad Sound Editor ( [4] )  is slightly more complicated to set up and use, but has the major advantage of enabling you to save any show you record as an MP3 file and then put it on an iPOD or other device of your choice. It also lets you edit recordings to, for example, keep only the parts you want. They offer an introductory free version and a much more versatile one for about $50.

If you try these or other recording devices, please add comments here with your experiences and any advice you’re able to offer.


download games on iphone for free – Best Free Games of The Day September 14, 2011

Rating: 4

Subscribe and stay up-to-date with the best games released for iPhone! Download the new Free Games Daily app! (Free) and get the daily video and iTunes links to your iPhone! *****Best Free Games of The Day September 14, 2011***** Drag Racer Pro Tuner – Max Injury – Max Injury 2 – Bouncy Bug – (Universal) Asphalt 6: Adrenaline – Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD – (iPad) Flick Kick Rugby Kickoff – (Universal) Castle attack Ultimate HD+ – (Universal) Happy gaming! :) Support TGT by downloading The Game Trail app, it is available for free on the App Store or you can follow the iTunes link – Follow TGT on facebook & twitter for news, give aways and more fun stuff!

download games on iphone for free – Best Free Games of The Day September 1, 2011

Rating: 4

Subscribe and stay up to date with the best games released for iPhone! Download the new Free Games Daily app! (Free) and get the daily video and iTunes links to your iPhone! *****Best Free Games of The Day August 31, 2011***** Geared – http Geared for iPad – Geared 2! – (Universal) 0:10 Bounce the Bunny – (Universal) 0:47 RoboSockets: Link Me Up – (Universal) 1:27 MEGASTUNT™ Mayhem – 2:21 Zapples – 3:23 Happy gaming! :) Support TGT by downloading The Game Trail app, it is available for free on the App Store or you can follow the iTunes link – Follow TGT on facebook & twitter for news, give aways and more fun stuff!

Requiem 1.2 (iPhone iPad iPod Touch)

Requiem 1.2 (iPhone iPad iPod Touch) within iPhone Games, part of the iOS
Requiem 1.2 (iPhone iPad iPod Touch) via: Imserba Smart Phones Forum & Free Download iOS: 4.0 Size: 240 MB ...

iPhone 5 cases hit AT&T stores, suggest design changes — Apple News, Tips and Reviews

Case Mate's iPhone 5 designs were live on their site briefly in September before the company pulled them.

AT&T retail stores are reportedly taking delivery of iPhone 5 cases a little early, according to a new report. Photos obtained by MacRumors [1] show boxes of new cases allegedly delivered to one AT&T store late Thursday. The cases feature a tapered back design and what appears to be a mute switch opening on the opposite side of the phone relatively to where it’s currently located.

A tapered back redesign is in keeping with some other early case leaks we’ve seen [2]  from Chinese accessory makers and other vendors, although separate rumors have suggested we’ll see a new iPhone that closely resembles the previous generation [3] . One theory is that Apple will unveil two new models of iPhone on Tuesday during its special media event, one of which is a modest evolutionary upgrade of the iPhone 4 as a low-cost option, and the other a complete redesign.

The cases could be fake or based on an uninformed, just-in-case ordering decision on behalf of AT&T or this store in particular. Some have pointed out that the packaging seems unrealistic, but AT&T retail is known to repackage products from accessory-makers in generic packaging. And considering how close we are to the iPhone 5′s reveal — Apple is holding an iPhone launch event on Oct. 4  – it’s more likely that important partners like AT&T would be privy to some knowledge of the next iPhone’s actual design.

Personally, I think we’ll see redesigned hardware, and the tapered look seems to be garnering the most support. For Apple to wait 16 months just to introduce a minor refresh would not go over well with consumers, as we’ve seen from recent survey results .

Related research and analysis from GigaOM Pro:
Subscriber content. Sign up for a free trial [4] .

new iphone 4 Music Downloads – 7 Tips to obtain the Best Program for iphone 3gs Tunes

apple iphone entrepreneurs are awaiting filling their new devices with iphone 3gs popular music downloads available. In fact, the unit-sperm-electric mobile press gambler can retailer approximately 100 tunes easily and enable a playtime up to round the clock of mp3. This post will provide you with 7 popular suggestions to find the prime company suitable for of your respective new model when it comes to apple iphone tunes downloads.

1. Absolutely free or Paid for

Free offer seekers would dispute along with me about this. Absolutely nothing is incorrect with seeking free of charge i phone songs packages. Who doesn anyway? But unfortunately that free internet sites giving you popular music at no cost tend to be connected with experience of worms, adware when installing press records there. Our handsets are way too new and important and also to danger unveiling them to these damaging components is usually a No No.

Why not consider downloading each iPhone tune for Usd.99 or higher at online tunes services like HMV, iTunes and many others? Folks wouldn thoughts should it be only one or two music. However, if we are going to bunch at the least one hundred audio or soundtracks, this shall be pricey.

Nowadays there are products and services that include a very long time membership for a set fee of less than Usd49.95 to access unlimited iPhone tunes downloading. Development of the child genuine treasures!

2. Wide range Sized iphone 3gs New music Archives

Popular music devotees likely have their own recommended tunes. You might not like take but to an alternative, put may possibly definitely good divine. Job many audio, choose the services that come with multiple styles from Rock and roll, Gangster Rap, Ur Common to several unheard popular music type. A number of top web sites now provide more than 100 zillion advertising records including audio video lessons, TV shows as well as shows and video games.

3. Obtain Interface

This is usually a essential element that ought not to be neglected. For easy routing, the screen should be user friendly and doesn’t take very long to locate in order to find your audio data. One method to have a hard notion is to find out how expertly completed your website is in order to understand remarks of established consumers.

4. Applications for Obtain and Conversion

Some of the more established companies are selling free software uses necessary to obtain new iphone 4 tunes and even flick and video clips. They also provide the conversion process software were required to alter shows and tunes data file types into apple iphone-appropriate models. The best companies also provide you with a cost-free DVD conversion process application that transport motion pictures from Digital video disks for a iphone 3gs.

5. Quickly Downloading Data transfer rates

Guarantee that the download connections are speedy. Audio report dimensions are about 3-4 MB for each tune. Supposing that you are getting 20 songs at the go, the support should not limit your data transfer consumption by slowing down final results. This is just what some terribly perform W-class companies do.

6. Protected Get Ecosystem

Some expert services will not give fine anchored environment with an advanced of safety and security after you obtain iphone 3gs tunes downloads available. The stay away from to consider is spyware, spyware and germs which may make their solution to your personal computer since the popular music save refuses to sale through to its technique buildings.

7. After-income Customer Support and Support

Lots of companies want to earn more income. While they assurance a 24Or7 tech support to compel you to definitely join them, they’re barely all over if you want them to assist resolve if you deal with difficulties. Thankfully, there are several reputable ones that can produce a fantastic level of following-product sales service.

Go searching and apply these pointers to locate a fine program on your new iphone 4 popular music downloads. Learn which expert services scores very well in each and every facet brought up? Keep an eye my new iphone 4 weblog.

Please visit music download for more music download related articles.

  1. ^ music download (

Top Truck IPA [iPhone/iPod/iPad Download]

Top Truck IPA [iPhone/iPod/iPad Download]Ever dreamed of crushing cars in a bad boy monster truck? Now you can in Top Truck! Race across 3 distinct worlds in up to 16 awesome vehicles. Send the crowd to fever pitch as you crush cars, destroy terrain & grab bonus points!  Search for hidden routes within the levels to finish in style, and enjoy some barnstorming loop-the-loops!
o Race through the ARENA before getting lost in the JUNGLE and stranded in the SNOW!
o 16 different trucks available to purchase, grouped together in 2 handy packs! Drive everything from the SharkShredder to the Enigma Mechanism (Jinkies!)
o Countless crazy, kooky and kickass levels!

o Massive levels means there is room for loads of different hidden paths. Can you find them all?
o Check out our very own CROWDOMETER to measure just how HYPED or booored the crowd is. Keep CRUSHING CARS and HOUSES to keep them wowed!
o Full ACCELEROMETER and SLIDER control.

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

-Some more free trucks! It wasn’t fair to tease you so much with some of the fancy trucks in the screen shots. So we’re giving you two more for free! You can now use the Snake or the BlueMobile for FREE.
-It’s now even easier to control the truck as we ask you which method you’d like to use the first time you restart the application. You can choose from TILT or SLIDER and don’t forget that you can change which you’d like to use at any time from the Settings Menu.
-We’ve added some localization for Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese and Greek. We cheated a bit though and used an online translator, so please feel free to tell us if some of the phrases are wrong!
- More persistent tutorial messages. Just in case you’re a little hasty when first playing the game and you miss the messages about how to control the game, we’ve made them stay there just a little bit longer.

Screenshots [Click to zoom in]

Top Truck [// Download]

Version 1.10

[Please Report Broken Links]

>> Visit iPadOS Featured Pages

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iDW – The Fleetly iPhone App Turns Exercise Into A Challenging Game

by admin on September 30, 2011

There’s no shortage of fitness apps in the App Store, even ones that can turn your iPhone into a personal trainer, but many of them cost a couple of dollars and have pretty basic features. Free app Fleetly joins the growing gamification-of-everything trend to spur you into working out more with a fitness score, workout challenges and badges.

Even if you don’t go in for the whole social motivation of seeing your fitness score and medals compared to others, Fleetly offers some unique features that make it worth a try. Keeping track of your workouts, the app can tell if you’ve hit a plateau and suggest ways to improve. the fitness level score provides an easy benchmark of your exercise program progress. and the app gives you lots of positive reinforcement.

Like other fitness apps, Fleetly offers workout routines and videos as well as instructions for individual exercises (over 200 are included). it syncs with the Fleetly website, which you can also use to log your workouts and works with Nike+ and the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale.

Getting points for doing push-ups might seem like a trivial incentive, but there’s something still gratifying about it.

Fleetly [on the App Store]

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Cisco will launch free iPad, iPhone video app | TUAW

Cisco is set to launch a free iPad and iPhone video app in late October [1] , according to ComputerWorld. The free app will allow users of Cisco's Show and Share software to upload, view, and exchange videos with each other.

Show and Share [2] , which is currently available on some Android tablets, allows enterprise customers to create highly secure personalized video communities. In these personalized "YouTubes," companies can share ideas from around the world by allowing employees to create and upload videos that other employees in the same communities can view.

In the desktop version of Show and Share, users are able to edit video they record before uploading it and also add transcripts to it. There's no word yet if any basic editing or transcription capabilities will be available in the iPad or iPhone versions of Show and Share.

  1. ^ free iPad and iPhone video app in late October (
  2. ^ Show and Share (

iPhone Songs Packages – 7 Points to search for the Top Services for iphone 4 Tunes

new iphone 4 owners are eager for launching their new devices with apple iphone music downloads available. Naturally, the product-jizz-a digital easily transportable marketing player can keep approximately 100 music very easily and invite a fun time all the way to 1 day of sound. The following paragraphs will tell you 7 hot tips to discover the top support suitable for within your new gift when it comes to i phone new music downloading.

1. Absolutely free or Given

Freebie searchers probably would state along with me for this. Nothing is drastically wrong with wanting cost-free iphone 4 audio downloads. Who doesn regardless? But unfortunately that free sites that provide you popular music totally free will often be associated with contact viruses, adware when downloading it press information there. Our mobile phones are extremely new and cherished and to chance revealing these to these harmful features can be a No No.

How about accessing every iPhone tune for Buck.99 if not more at online audio companies like HMV, iTunes etc? Men and women wouldn brain if it’s only one or two tune. But if we will group a minimum of one hundred music or soundtracks, this are going to be pricey.

These days there are companies that provide a very long time membership rights for a set amount of a lesser amount than Dollar49.95 to view infinite new iphone 4 new music downloading. Development of the child true jewels!

2. Assortment receiver Height and width of i phone Audio Selection

Audio lovers most likely have their own recommended popular music. You may not like soda but to an alternative, crop up may well genuinely noise mind-blowing. Job many new music, choose the services that offer numerous types from Mountain, Gangster Rap, 3rd r Time-honored to several unheard audio category. Quite a few top websites now offer in excess of 100 thousand press documents as well as songs training videos, Series as well as shows and games.

3. Get a hold of Interface

This can be a crucial attribute that really should not be disregarded. With regard to direction-finding, the program has to be easy to use and take very long to locate to get your tunes data files. A good way to receive a hard idea would be to learn how skillfully accomplished the positioning is and also to read opinions of established customers.

4. Programs for Download and Transformation

Some of the well-versed solutions are offering to you free software purposes essential to get iPhone music as well as video and videos. They also give the transformation application required to change films and audio record codecs into i phone-works models. The very best services also give you a free Digital video disc change computer software that switch flicks from Dvd disks for a iphone 4.

5. Rapidly Downloading it Speeds

Make certain that the get rates of speed are speedy. New music report shapes are about 3-4 MB per songs. Accepting you’re accessing 20 songs at the go, the services should never restriction your bandwith usage by slowing the pace. And this some improperly run H-rank providers do.

6. Protected Download Environment

Some providers don’t offer very good secured natural environment with a high level of security while you acquire new iphone 4 songs downloading. The steer clear of most to concern yourself with is spyware and adware, spyware and adware and trojans that can make their strategy to your laptop because the music retail store will not dollar standing on its program architecture.

7. Right after-gross sales Customer Support and Help

Lots of services would like to bring in more money. Since they offer a 24/7 technical support to encourage you to become a member of them, they may be scarcely close to when you require them to help troubleshoot when you encounter problems. Luckily, there are many dependable models who is going to provide an outstanding a higher level right after-revenue services.

Browse around and workout these tips to get a excellent program in your apple iphone songs packages. Want to know which products and services credit score perfectly in every single aspect described? Inform yourself my iphone 3gs site.

Please visit music download for more music download related articles.

  1. ^ music download (

New Free iPhone App ?FanInMyHand? To Irritate College Football Foes

New Free iPhone App “FanInMyHand” To Irritate College Football Foes

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) September 09, 2011

Nothing is more satisfying than watching your team beating its arch rival … but annoying the fans of your archrival is a close second. The new free iPhone app “Fan In My Hand” lets users push a big button on their iPhone screens to play a recording of their favorite team’s yell.

Fans can choose from team yells for all teams in the major college conferences. Instead of going home Saturday night with worn out vocal cords, Fan In My Hand can do the yelling. Over and over and over, again.

Since the app is located on a fan’s iPhone, it can go to the bar, tailgating, or to the game itself. Fan In My Hand is a novel new way to spread school spirit – right into the eardrum of a rival.

Two Dallas Internet entrepreneurs, Tony Wright and Robert Riggs of WrightIMC, created the application as part of a social media experiment. Wright, a Texas Tech alumnus who is a member the College of Mass Communications advisory board, and Riggs, an Outstanding alumnus from Texas A&M, do their own share of irritating each other around the office with the Fan In My Hand app.

“Nobody is more passionate than college football fans,” said Riggs. “We wanted to put the electronic equivalent of a soccer fan’s vuvuzela horn into their hands so they can irritate their rivals before, during, and long after the game is over.”

In a two-week test of the app using the Texas Aggies’ “Whoop” yell, the button was pushed more than 26,000 times by 16,000 fans in 22 countries.

“As a proud Red Raider fan, I’m not used to seeing Aggie fans do anything better than Tech fans,” said Wright. “I encourage the Red Raider nation to step up to the plate and blast Raider Power from their phones via the Fan In My Hand app. And, to fans of any other school who think they can do better – well, bring it on.”

College yells, chants, or cheers are a uniquely American contribution to the world of college athletics. The first cheer on record occurred at a Princeton game in 1884. Although it has evolved into a tradition at colleges across the country, the creators of Fan In My Hand found that none of the institutions note the yells on their websites. The yells were collected by listening to fans cheering on the videos of sporting events that they posted on YouTube.

More information is available, and the Fan In My Hand yells can be played on computers for free, at

The free Fan In My Hand app is available for download at version free of advertising is available for $ .99 at


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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

Onavo (for iPhone) Review & Rating

Do you dread the arrival of your phone bill, terrified that this is the month you've finally gone over your data limit? If so, you should download Onavo immediately (over Wi-Fi, of course) to save your precious megabytes of data. Onavo is an excellent app for reducing data usage on your iPhone. If you're traveling abroad or looking to pare down your plan, it's a must-have and an Editors' Choice.

Device Support, Data Compresson, Setup, and User Interface
Onavo supports devices running iOS 4.0 and above on AT&T, which means you can use it with an iPhone 3GS  ($49, 4.5 stars) or iPhone 4  ($199-$299, 4.5 stars), as well as a 3G-based iPad  (4.5 stars) or iPad 2  ($629-$729, 4.5 stars). There's no support for the iPhone 4 on Verizon  ($199.99-$299.99, 4 stars) right now. A spokesperson for Onavo says this is due to the technical differences between GSM and CDMA devices, and they're working on it.

How Onavo Saves Data
So how does it work, exactly? Everything you do on the Internet is routed through Onavo's servers, compressed, then sent to your device. This is similar to what RIM does with its BlackBerry devices, using server-side compression to reduce the total amount of data you use. The Opera Mini Web browser also uses server-side data compression; the main difference here is that Onavo also compresses email and application data. In my tests, Onavo said only 20 percent of the data I used was in the browser, so that's a lot of data Opera Mini doesn't touch. Similar compression software has been implemented on Windows Mobile devices and Verizon modems in the past, but has mostly fallen by the wayside lately.

Since all of your data is being routed through Onavo's servers, security and scalability are issues. Onavo's system runs on Amazon's EC2 cloud servers. Its servers are protected by multiple layers of security, and nothing is actually stored except for aggregated and anonymized metadata, such as what types of apps you're using—this information is used to help illustrate your data usage and savings, as well as for research to help improve the service. Onavo cannot read or compress encrypted SSL traffic. The only exception is Microsoft Exchange mail traffic, which requires the user's explicit approval.This can be turned off from the app's Settings.

Installation and Interface
To get Onavo, head over to the App Store for a free download. The app is currently free, but some parts may come at a cost in the future. Setup is fast and easy. Onavo installs a configuration profile on your device, which redirects your Web connection through Onavo's proxy. This is explained in the setup process and the whole thing only takes a minute or so.

Using the app couldn't be simpler. Once installed, simply open it up and let it run in the background for instant data compression whenever you're using a 3G connection. The user interface consists of just three menus—Data Saver, Reports, and Settings. Data Saver tells you if the app is running and how much data you are currently saving. Reports breaks down your data usage statistics into helpfully illustrated charts and graphics to let you know how much data you are saving/using and where that data is coming from; you can view these reports on a daily or monthly basis. The Settings menu provides you with a wealth of options, from whether you want to compress email data, to a sliding scale used to choose image compression quality; the lower the quality, the more data you save.

Onavo worked flawlessly throughout my tests. Since Wi-Fi usage doesn't affect your data plan, Onavo automatically switches itself off when you're connected to a Wi-Fi network and switches itself back on when you leave Wi-Fi range.

I tested Onavo on an iPhone 4. I turned every compression setting on, turned Wi-Fi off, and took Onavo for a spin through some Web pages, apps, and maps. At first I left the image compression quality at the default setting, which is Medium. Browsing sites like and, I thought I was able to see a slight dip in image quality, but wasn't sure. I took a screen grab, then switched Onavo off, reloaded each page and took some more screenshots. I then repeated this same test using the low and high quality compression settings.

Flipping through the screenshots, you can absolutely see the difference in image quality. On low quality, Web images tend to look blurry and pixelated, though not unrecognizable. They look much better on medium quality, and I was barely able to discern the difference between high quality and turning Onavo off entirely.

Regular text on Web sites is unaffected by the compression, so you never have to worry about a page becoming unreadable. Even when you zoom in, text is every bit as clear as it is with data compression turned off. It should be noted that routing your data through Onavo's servers has an effect on speed, but it isn't drastic. Web pages take longer to load, but only by a few seconds.

Onavo compresses Exchange email; you can also set up your Gmail account as an Exchange server if you want to compress it. If you choose to use email compression, Onavo reformats your emails to plain text—this means that images, bold, underline, and other formatting techniques are replaced with plain text. At the end of these emails you'll see a message that says, "This message has been downloaded as plain text." If you want to see the full, uncompressed email, you can scroll down a bit further and tap on the Download Full Message button.

If you don't want to compress anything, but want to see a breakdown of your regular data usage, you can always switch data compression off.

Data Savings and Conclusions
Over two days of testing, Onavo reported that I saved, on average, about 50 percent on my data usage with the image quality level set to Medium for most of the time. It showed that the majority of data I used was Video/Audio. Onavo doesn't compress streaming video, so save your Netflix and YouTube viewing for a Wi-Fi connection. But 50 percent is still an impressive number. If you regularly use 1GB of data per month, it means you would save 500MB.

For users that travel abroad, where every single megabyte of data costs a premium, Onavo is an essential travel companion. And if you're looking to downgrade your monthly data plan to save money on your monthly bill, Onavo is a great tool to help you monitor your data consumption habits, and in many instances to help you lower them. That makes Onavo worthy of an Editors' Choice from us.

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Beer appreciation for Oktoberfest — Apple News, Tips and Reviews

With Oktoberfest in full swing and people around the world celebrating beer, it seems an appropriate time to review some great iPhone apps for real beer lovers. No beer pong apps here; these are all about enjoying the actual beverage itself (responsibly, of course).

iLoveBeer's pairing options.

iLoveBeer: Zythology [1]  (Free). This free app is sponsored by Anheuser-Busch and includes tasting and pairing tips, pouring instructions and beer matches for their brand. Considering how many beers fall under their parent brand, this free app is the place to start for those that don’t know the difference between a stout and a porter, or an ale and a lager.

Beer Match [2]  ($0.99). Beer Match is a great way for budding beer enthusiasts to find the right variety to pair with your meal. The app has a list of beers, foods and cheeses and allows you to search any of those categories to match up the right drink with the right type of food.

Find Craft Beer's map view.

Find Craft Beer [3]  ($0.99). If you lean towards local and microwbrew, Find Craft Beer will help you hone in on the places to find your hops. Use your current location or type one in and you’ll get a list of brewpubs, breweries, beer bars, and homebrew stores in the area. The app pulls data from, and provides reader scores and reviews when applicable, as well as the location, phone number and website of the spots it finds.

Beer Prophet [4] ($0.99). If you are looking to explore some new beers, Beer Prophet will guide you along the way. First you need to train it a bit about what you like and don’t like in the way of beer. Then app then can predict what you’ll like. Because beer selections are often regional, you can pick your location and the app can make suggestions likely to be found near you (and you can set the app to filter out “mass beers”). The app also has a “PhD” guide to learning about and appreciating beers, as well as a journal that tracks your beers and helps the app refine its predictions.

RateBeer [5]  (Free). If you want to find places to buy great beer you are discovering, this free app won’t steer you wrong. Using either your current location or one specify, and RateBeer will find a brewery, bar, store, or restaurant to serve your beer loving needs. The app integrates with the Ratebeer website to show you recommendations and suggestions at each location.

BreweryMap [6] ($0.99). Want to drink beer from the source? Although I’m sure they won’t let you in the tanks, the BreweryMap app will let you find micro and even nano-breweries nearby. The database is quite extensive, and found local breweries I didn’t even know about.

Beer Buddy displays lots of info for beer you scan.

Beer Buddy [7] ($2.99). This is by far the most comprehensive beer app out there, and will be your buddy to finding, drinking and rating beer. The app is directly integrated with so you can read reviews of any beer and locations (retailers, bars, and breweries), as well as provide your own ratings. Usage requires an Internet connection, which can be tricky in some beer halls. You can start by either searching for the name of the beer or scanning the barcode. Once you find your beer you can bookmark it for later via the “On Tap” function.

BrewGene [8] (Free). BrewGene combines the suggestion functions of BeerProphet with the detailed database features of BeerBuddy. The ratings and suggestions are crowdsourced from other BrewGene users, and do not integrate with Ratebeer, so it’s suggestions and reviews are somewhat limited until more people start using it. For beer novices who want to move up to expert status, this is a great free app to take you to the next level.

Beer Log by Brew Vault [9]  ($0.99). If you like to store your beer instead of drink it right away, then BrewVault will help you track what you’ve purchased and where it is. Because beer in the U.S. tends to be regional, not all brews are available in all areas. My most prized possession is the Christopher Elbow Chocolate Ale (currently worth $75 on ebay). The app syncs with an online database, making usage deep within your cellar (where you likely have no signal) possible.

There you have nine apps to help you on your journey to finding and remembering great beer. Now you just need a bottle opener [10] .

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Subscriber content. Sign up for a free trial [11] .

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iphone games free apps – Awesome FREE iPhone Apps Today!

Rating: 4 Check us out on facebook at Here’s the free apps for today: The free apps are: Rayman 2: The Great Escape Ocarina Freedom Sky Blocks Mania Premium Red Conquest! (Episodes 1 & 2!) geoFighter – Light Wars TightWire Save Kitty Fairy Cubes The Screetch Cars 2010 Nimble ToDo Enjoy the free iPhone apps today, and be sure to download them soon before they go back to paid! Have an awesome day, Ryan ps BIG announcement coming soon … keep an eye out for an email, as well as special stuff on the facebook group … ;-)

A Lego Game Where Your iPhone Is the Judge

September 30, 2011, 4:02 pm

How quickly can you build a fish out of Legos? How about a ship, or a tree? Lego Life of George, available in stores tomorrow, lets you test your pattern-matching skills under pressure, providing you have a camera-equipped iPhone or equivalent, and a free app called Life of George [1] which is your blueprint, timer, progress tracker, and — most interestingly — your judge.

The $30 kit includes 144 standard Legos blocks and a special cardboard grid that serves as a key for the app, required to help your camera see your work and grade your accuracy.

Your scan is combined with your time to calculate your score. Fast accurate building equals louder applause, higher scores, and unlocks harder puzzles. Meager efforts, like my effort to make a tree [2] get meager applause.

The recognition technology comes from the Israeli company EyeCue [3] . According to EyeCue’s president, Ronen Horovitz, a few years ago, there just weren’t enough cheap cameras around to even consider this kind of toy. Today, however, children have access to both the phones and the cameras, making this new type of play possible.

In addition to Game Mode — which can be played alone or against one competitor in a pass-and-play format — it is possible to design and scan your own models, to be saved and shared. Everything you need comes in the box. Except the iPhone.

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FreeAppWin iPhone App Review – An Easy Way to Find and Download Apps

September 30, 2011 | Randy

If you are one who don’t want to miss out some free app apps from the app store, here is the right app for you; FreeAppWin. It is time-consuming to check app store every time and searching for some good apps that you can avail without any bucks. FreeAppWin can help you get some cool free and paid apps from the app store right away from it.

Even I am the one who checks for some free apps around the store, but what I was used to search those was FAAD (Free App A day); a website that displays apps that goes free for a particular time. Now this comes pretty handy on my iDevice and I am able to track all the great apps that are categorized as free, gone for free for one or two days and some spectacular paid apps as well.

Apart from the apps, FreeAppWin offers some cool contests for the users. You can check out the available contests and giveaways from the app. This app requires full-time Wi-Fi/3G connection to work, which is sometimes frustrating. On launching the app you can see the featured free apps available, apps that can be available for free for a limited time, suggested free apps and suggested paid apps. This app has an attractive interface such as the iBook shelf (But looks repetitive). The apps inside FreeAppWin are arranged very clearly within a well-made wooden shelf.

On tapping an app inside takes you to the description page with screenshots of the app (from the app store). But I didn’t find the screenshots inside the page apart from the five blank screens. You can directly get the app by tapping the “Get It!” button on top. It will guide you directly to the app store and you can proceed with downloading it. I was able to share the particular app via Twitter, Facebook and Email, which is benign.

On tapping the Contest button you can see the live contests available inside the app. You can also refer the app to your friends from here to get bonus monthly entries. There are daily, weekly and Monthly contests that offer a wide opportunity for users to win Amazon gift cards worth $5 to $200. If you are going to participate in any contests, then have a look at the terms and conditions as well.

FreeAppWin is available on the app store for FREE of cost and I am sure you are not going to be disappointed by downloading this app.

Our Rating:

download the app from app store

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Dragon Go iPhone app expands its search options | Digital Media

Nuance has beefed up its Dragon Go iPhone [1] app to let you search for information across a wider array of Web sites and services.

Available for the iPhone, iPad [2] , and iPod Touch [3] since July [4] , this free search-by-voice app is unique compared with the Google and Bing iOS apps. Dragon Go can find results and run commands across dozens of different Web sites, including Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Craiglist, Amazon, eBay, CNN, Reuters, and even CNET.

The latest update adds even more sites to the mix, notably Netflix, Spotify, Wolfram Alpha,, and Google+. And when you tap the app's red button to record your question, Dragon Go does more than just deliver the search results. It can actually take you to the site you need or list results from a variety of sites.

As one example, say something like "Dexter," and the app will display links to Netflix, iTunes, and other sites where you can find episodes, music, and books on the popular Showtime series.

Or, say the phrase "Italian restaurants in Chicago," and Dragon Go will display a list of restaurants from the Web site Yelp. But even then, you don't have to stick with Yelp. By tapping the other Web site icons at the top of the screen, you can check out Chicago's Italian restaurants as seen by Google, OpenTable, Bing Maps, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you want results from a specific site, you can add that site's name as part of your query. For example, saying the phrase "iPhone CNET," will take you to the mobile CNET Web site with links to news, reviews, and videos about Apple's smartphone. Or, say the phrase "Watch Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix," and Dragon opens the Netflix mobile site, prompts you to log in, and then takes you directly to the page where you can stream your favorite TNG episodes.

The new integration with lets you ask specific questions, such as "What is the current population of the United States?" And the tie-in with Wolfram Alpha helps you grab answers to more challenging questions, such as "What is the square root of 359?"

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[5] [6]

In my testing, Dragon Go's accuracy was virtually always on the money. Only in a couple of instances did it misinterpret one of my words. The app not only can understand your words but also their context, so it's able to figure out exactly what you want to do or where you want to go.

"People love being able to just simply speak and watch Dragon Go! give them the content they are looking for right away--it hears, understands and delivers," Vlad Sejnoha, Nuance's chief technology officer, said in a statement. "We're deeply invested in continuing to evolve Dragon Go! with new features, more content providers and richer app integration, and ultimately opening new doors for the consumer mobile destination experience. This is another step towards the mobile semantic web, and we've just gotten started."

Dragon's speech recognition takes on even more significance with some reports saying that Nuance's speech-to-text dictation will find itself in Apple's upcoming new iPhone .

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