“Looks like another Lock Screen bug has surfaced, this time in iOS 7.0.2, discovered by Dany Lisiansky, who posted a video of the bug to YouTube,” Gary Ng reports for iPhone in Canada.

“This bug allows users to dial any number from the Emergency call screen, which is normally only allowed for 9-1-1 calls,” Ng reports. “We were able to independently reproduce this bug and make any call from the Emergency screen as described.”

Ng reports, “How does it work? When a notification comes in (like a text message), swipe to the right on it but simultaneously swipe up on the camera icon, while holding down on the latter. Then dial a number and press the call button 2-3 times. This will crash the spring board (Apple logo will appear) but the call will go through.”

Read more in the full article here [1] .

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