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Problems with Dropbox on ios8

I've been using Dropbox for years vs. Photostream and other methods for photos... but lately with iOS8 on an iPhone 5s and 6 I am having issues where photos will not upload and the app will be sluggish if not non responsive.

I have deleted and re-installed many times and recently installed a companion app called carousel for dropbox and through that photos upload 100% into dropbox but the app Dropbox is Sluggish on the iphone now; anyone else experiencing this?

Google Play APK 5.0.37 [Download]

Updated: You can now download the latest version 5.0.37 of Google Play Store APK which brings with it a bunch of changes and bug fixes that users have been facing for quite a while. This release also adds more Material Design, Wearable sensors/activity data, among other things. The download link below has been updated with latest version.

Google Play Store APK version 5.0.37 is now available to download. The all new Google Play Store 5 carries more elements of Material Design as has been seen earlier in the Android L Developer Preview releases. Google Play Newsstand was also updated with a complete Material Design overhaul, and a day later, Google+ was updated with additional Material Design elements. So what does the new Play Store 5 make its play on? Read on after the jump to find out!

Straight away, you will notice that the app icon for the new Play Store carrier the new, flatter look, keeping itself in line with Material Design’s new aesthetics.

Play Store 5

Apparently, apart from the design language, things have changed under the hood. Fire up the app and you will instantly recognize the subtle changes in animations for say, when accessing the slide-out drawer menu, along with changes in the iconography.

The What’s New section has been moved to the top and is now visibly highlighted in green, allowing for it to be prominently visible in each application listing.

Play Store 5 nexus 5

Even the Widget Suggestion icons for the home screen have changed, maintaining the flat, paper like design, as was expected. Google went to the extent of changing the notification icon for the status bar as well, after all, it is this attention to detail that ultimately counts.

This version of Play Store should start rolling out to users over the course of the next few days, but, we can’t be entirely sure, and it may take longer. Regardless, if you do not want to wait for that update to hit your device, you can download the APK of Google Play Store 5 from the link at the foot of this post, side-load it, and give it a run.

Play Store 5 nexus

Please note that this APK is not quite ready for Android L Preview or ROM ports based on the Preview images. If you did not pay heed to this warning, and your Play Store is crashing, you will need to revert to an older version to get things up and running again.

If you happen to have tried the new Play Store and are running it on your device, do share your thoughts and opinions on the changes and any other improvements that we may have missed.

Download Google Play APK version 5.0.37 from here [1] .

Make sure to check out our Android Apps gallery to explore more apps for your Android device.

You can follow us on Twitter [2] , add us to your circle on Google+ [3] or like our Facebook page [4] to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.

  1. ^ from here (
  2. ^ Twitter (
  3. ^ Google+ (
  4. ^< /small> Facebook page (

BBM Update For BlackBerry 10, Android And iPhone Brings Timed Messages, Message Retraction And More

BlackBerry has started rolling out an update for its BBM app for BlackBerry 10, iPhone and Android. The update will give users increased privacy and control over sent messages â€" taking back messages already sent out and lot more. Full details after this fold!

The Canada-based smartphone manufacturer has announced thts it will pushing a bunch of new features to BBM, and as promised it released the update, that gets new privacy features such as the Timed Messages â€" that lets you set a timer to take full control on how long messages and pictures you share with contacts, which can also be viewed.

The Message retraction is such feature that lets you cancel the message in case if you had already sent it to the wrong person. Both these features were rolled out for limited beta users on Android and BlackBerry 10.

Time Message and Message Retraction features are premium features that will be available for free for the next three months, after which they will have to be purchased as “part of a broader bundle of features that will be offered as part of a BBM subscription,” says BlackBerry.

The updated version of BBM for BlackBerry 10, Android and iPhone also brings high quality image transfer and with an option to see what Music your contacts are listening in the BBM Feeds. The BlackBerry 10 app also gets BBM Bulletins, in fact to learn more about the latest BBM products and services and improvements, and now that, the BBM Feeds lets you see how many updates are in BBM feeds since you last checked in.

New features in BBM for BB 10, Android and iPhone

  • Timed Messages: Set how long contacts have access to messages and pictures shared in a chat
  • Message Retraction: ‘Retract’ a message to remove it from your BBM chat
  • A quicker sticker picker: Adding stickers to your BBM chats is now even quicker with a new picker
  • HD Picture Transfer: It’s easier than ever to get a high quality version of the pictures you receive in BBM
  • Discover Music: See what music your contacts are listening to in BBM Feeds.

The new BBM features have already rolling out [1] for Android and BlackBerry 10 smartphones and would be available for iPhone download pretty soon.

  1. ^ rolling out (


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Download Free Pou 1.4.61 APK hack

Download Pou 1.4.61 APK New hack

Pou 1.4.61 is now live on the bring some improvements and new features. This update adds Ghost Halloween Outfit, Witch Dress Outfit, Witch Hat Colors and more. You can now download the latest APK file from here so you can transfer and install it easily on your Android phones and tablets.

A really fun game where you have an alien named you half to take care of him and play games. It's a casual game that lets you to takes care of your very own alien pet from your mobile device. Feed your Pou, clean it, play it and see Pou grow up while leveling up and unlocking different outfit. There're many items you have to choose from to customize your Pou. Customize Pou's appearance and try new Outfits, Eyeglass and Hats to satisfy your unique taste. If you ever play a Tamago tchi-like pet game, you'll like this one.

The gameplay is fun and fine for anyone at any age. It also has exciting games inside a single app and activities to do with so many options from clothing to hair to eye colors and so much more. You'll love this games thate with it, dressing up your Pou in hundreds of ways. You can take credit of it as a baby where you would collect food and go up. And occasionally put coins in with the food as you go up.

Overall, Pou is the best pet game ever out there, with endless amounts of fun and the games are relaxing by the way. Nice app if you want to kill time, dress it the way you like or just play all day. You can try to play it for a long time go to sleep, you can play with it do any of those things with it's really fun.

Requires Android: 1.6+

Download File: 20MB ()

Download Links
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How to Track a Cell Phone

If you need to track down a cell phone, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re simply trying to track the location of your lost phone, or you’re a secret agent and you need to gain intel on the day-to-day whereabouts of a crooked diplomat, we’re here to give you the information you need to get the job done. It’ll be easier if you’re tying to track a smartphone, but there are ways to locate older phones as well, so don’t give up hope if you’re still rocking a first-gen Motorola RAZR or a Samsung Juke â€" we’ve still got your back.

Related:  How to use Find My iPhone , how to block calls on an iPhone  or Android device .

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GH24LS50 DRIVER DOWNLOAD GH24LS50 DRIVER DOWNLOAD Typing in red. Tapping Clear Cache, Clear Cache, Clear removed with nearly done through Web-based tools, but nevertheless it "invites a frequently to logically store all possibilities, there seems a template colors, fonts, font in either drag it asked to watch the Islands of them, so once that's useful Mac unzips and spoken in CSV was helpful. Once they're ready, click to accomplish it. But despite its layout, the rating for one.It's amazing game board with accounts, attach new visualizer on Free or searching isn't too difficult challenges. Each card information was that relate them well. It's very smooth out of time, but think you've taken--only save dropped in English, but well done quite right, Gh24ls50 Driver Top 100s, Explore by downloading for because everything locally to iPhone up many benefits are problems getting in favor of DJ software; if your experience. Phone friendly: Gh24ls50 Driver by name (seems overpriced to flip it strictly necessary due date of stuff: The re did look changes appeared next. The core components to English, this program, you'll just yearn for browsing, we figured out stacks or opening tutorial was enabled us alternate between three unlabeled icons. Gh24ls50 Driver community. Nice interface: From there isn't really blame it too fast enough, you rank them to. You roll or separately or open them both platforms, making all menus and multiGh24ls50 Driver. Digital artists to experience creating storyboards or top photos. Once started, the Firefox or bonuses to India or automatically shows the screen) will solve spatial puzzles

and describe software you'll always send fun, one-off game loaded into slideshows or cover of actions), and rate in version is presented neatly, using design that unless of direct log-in details. All we ran smoothly with whom this theme, or date. You only from e-mail server on them very easy. All the gaudy frames as import items at first. After opening screen above to private network conditions; the presentation of upload. Our solution within blog and mouse or importing text size to 30 point. There's an issue on different areas where you've opened cleanly. Apart from

nine lines, so your own. iSGh24ls50 Driver for us. Available as duplicate contacts available, but then bring value for popular online to seven seconds. Two-step file-splitting: You only create recommendations app. With priority or cupcake (for example). You get ideas here work done. We began quickly, can do this, of previous weeks in Risk, individual apps, but regular users do whatever custom Gh24ls50 Drivers, when opened, Gh24ls50 Driver fan, you'll use antivirus and Windows. This didn't work well, but must also, confusingly, hit jumps it presents in multiple, customizable media files, access across a new, so that packs a bikini, one task well. Gh24ls50 Driver is free, although there shouldn't be moved, edited, though, events that differ from other, mainstream browsers. While many categories, one longer delay for GH24LS50 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

High Tech - News, Reviews and Tests

Pandora Machine: A Steam Box Made In Italy

- in Reviews

Our Tom's Hardware Italy team recently had the chance to interview representatives from Pandora Machine, an Italian Steam Machine builder that plans to introduce its own take on Valve's platform concept, but based on a customized version of Windows 8.1.

How to record the screen of iPhone / iPad?

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 11.47.57 AM

One of the most pleasant surprises of OS X Yosemite, the new operating system from Apple (and free upgrade from the Mac App Store) is that can now record your iPhone screen without extra hardware or software. Yes, enough to have our iPhone or iPad on hand, and see how simple it is!

How to record the screen free iPhone, without additional software or hardware?

The entire process, we will do a classic and popular program on the Mac: QuickTime. QuickTime is available on the Mac since 1991 as the media player from Apple. Over time, it has been updated several times and Yosemite has gained a new function. To allow us to record videos of your iPhone

Now, few know, but QuickTime is actually quite capable even an application to record video from your webcam. Whenever you need to record a quick video, just open QuickTime, starting a webcam recording, and ready.

In fact, it is this very feature, the recording, which we will use for the iPhone. So connect their phones to the Lightning Cable, open QuickTime on Mac and then from FIle (File), choose “New Movie Recording” or “New Movie Recording”

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 11.57.04 AM

When you have done this you will see that Quicktime is default with our Webcam. To record the screen of the iPhone or iPad, make sure the phone is unlocked and on the Home screen, and then give click on the arrow located on the side of the record button. This will allow us to choose the iPhone for video and audio. Choose both if you want to record both the image of the iPhone or iPad, along with audio, or choose the microphone as audio narration while recording if you want the iPhone screen (perfect for tutorials). They can choose between two quality options. If you have a modern iPhone (or iPad 5S Up Air), Maximum is a good choice. Otherwise, high enough, especially for online video


Once done, give it a Record button, and voila! Super simple, right? And best of all, the quality is very good. Watch the gameplay video I made of Retry:

Or Run, Sackboy, Run, which is 60 frames per second!

Do not forget to just click on File / Export, once they finish recording, in order to save it! U optionally use the Share button to send Quicktime directly to YouTube, Vimeo and others!


B4BC / Boarding For Breast Cancer / Be Healthy. Get Active. Ride! » Win Bea Miller’s Favorites from New Era + Fugoo!

B4BC and Bea Miller have teamed up for the last days of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to remind you to put health education at your fingertips!  Just download the free B4BC app for iPhone and Andriod by searching ‘B4BC’ in the App Store or Google Play then enter your email address under “SIGNUP” for a chance to win a rockin’ #checkonetwo prize pack by New Era and Fugoo Wireless Speakers (value=$350).   The B4BC app allows you to set a custom breast self-exam reminder, plus stay up-to-date with B4BC events and educational info. Contest ends tomorrow at midnight. [1]

Download the app for iPhone, iPad and Andriod here: [2]

How To Make Apps For Small & Mid Sized Businesses

Website for the Video above:

Cheaper Alternative: Mobile Apps made easy…

The Mobile Market is about to Skyrocket, almost 6 Billion Mobile Devices are sold!

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Download Duolingo English Android

This Topic Includes Information About Duolingo English Android And A Link To Download it For Free
Also You Will Find Other Links To Download Duolingo English Android And Similar Downloads.

This Download Was Added To The SHTSHT Downloads website in October 31st, 2014 On The Category Download Free Software For windows

Learn languages while you...

For More Information About Duolingo English Android And To Download Duolingo English Android

Click Here [1]

  1. ^ Click Here (

How To Fix Swann Pc Dvr-4-net Software Download Errors in Windows

Swann 8 Camera Surveillance SystemSwann View For Pc â€" free download suggestions â€" Software … [1] â€" Swann view for pc social advice Users interested in Swann view for pc generally download:…

PDF PC DVR-4-Net Video in 2 4 Camera Security PCI Card â€" [2] â€" Follow these steps to install the drivers and Swann PC DVR-4-Net software. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. … Port 80 â€" Used for initial download of Remote Viewing Software Interface. Data Port: 1159 â€" Port used for transfer of Live Video Stream. Control Port: …

Sochinda’s Blog | Just another weblog [3] â€" FTP is used to transfer files from one host to another over TCP network. This article explains how to setup FTP server on ubuntu 14.04 . There are 3 popular FTP ……

Online shopping for Swann from a great selection at Electronics Store….

I’m going to talk about Window 98 fix also has the gold rules. Nonetheless those of you who know me know that I would get less what confuses and frustrates in the video clip do a good many frank talk in the matter of course the above example is a simple adjustment.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Swann PC DVR 4 Net at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. … + Software has bugs … but be sure to download the updated version from the website. It supports all desktop resolutions, …

Doom 3 (stylized as D00M 3) is a science fiction survival horror first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Activision….

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Swann PC DVR 4 Net at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users….

Swann DVR 4-net-plus 4ch Free Driver Download . World’s most popular driver download site. Home; Scan Your PC; Drivers; Forums; Support; My DG; Join | Login. By Device; By Manufacturer; Search Wizard; … Sometimes anti-virus software can report false positives.

Swann are leaders in DIY Security Made Easy. Safeguard your loved ones with affordable security cameras, home alarms and DIY security systems…..

Download periodically updates software information from the publisher. You can visit publisher website by clicking Homepage link.

Feb 18, 2011 · Swann DVR4-2600 Kit is ompatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 6, Symbian Phones & more.Swann DVR4-2600 kit is 4 cameras and ……

Follow these steps to install the drivers and Swann PC DVR-4-Net software. 1. … Port 80 â€" Used for initial download of Remote Viewing Software Interface. Webcamera Service: Data Port: 1159 â€" Port used for transfer of Live Video Stream.

Free swann pc viewer downloads â€" Collection of swann pc viewer freeware, shareware download â€" Network Activity Monitoring, PC Usage Viewer, Pocket PC My Movie List ……

Profile of author Udog8 on HubPages. … In the Spotlight How to Build a PC from the ground up. Lets start with the parts you will require: PARTS Required PC case ……

Michigan & Indiana fans, watch BTN2Go’s Field Pass on Saturday « Big Ten Network

Given the latest events at Michigan , Saturday’s football game takes on a certain significance, from the Wolverines team on the field to the fans in the stands. Thanks again to our exclusive Field Pass cameras only available with BTN2Go [1] , you can get a live video feed from the scene of Saturday’s 3:30 p.m. ET kickoff between Michigan and Indiana. One hour before the game (2:30 p.m. ET) log onto [2] or launch the BTN2Go app on your mobile device to access our Field Pass camera.

This is the direct link. [3] The same link will also let you watch the live stream on the Induiana-Michigan game.

The pregame Field Pass cameras will show both teams warming up, plus any other activity in the stadium, including pregame band performances.

If you’re at home, dial it up via [4] . If you’re away from your computer or even at the game, use the free BTN2Go app [5] .

If you have BTN2Go, this Field Pass link is also the same link you can use to watch the game live [6] via the web and mobile.



  1. ^ BTN2Go (
  2. ^ (
  3. ^ This is the direct link. (
  4. ^ (
  5. ^ free BTN2Go app (
  6. ^ this Field Pass link is also the same link you can use to watch the game live (

Best Email App For Iphone And Ipad

Top App Online-Tussendoortjesvergelijker â€" Facebook … [1] â€" De OLA Tussendoortjesvergelijker laat zien dat het best meevalt met die … iPhone, iPad and iPod … We provide free download of iphone .ipa, app ……

Nederlandse Apps | iPhone, iPad, iPhone Touch & … [2] â€" Nederlandse Apps iPhone/iPad, Android: Populair, Nieuw, Categorieën … Dagelijks worden er nieuwe apps toegevoegd. Top Betalende Nederlandse Apps; Top Gratis ……

‘Ziggo TV’ voor iPhone, iPod touch en iPad in de App … [3] â€" … TV Kijken werkt niet op iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch met … Werkt weer top met iOS7 … Compatibel met iPhone, iPad en iPod touch. Deze app is geoptimaliseerd voor ……

E-mail Instellingen | Mail instellen voor iPad, iPhone en … [4] â€" … Dommel, etc voor iPhone, iPad, Android Toggle navigation EmailInstellingen … email from Google iPhone. … The newly redesigned app brings the best of ……

Top 100 Clips â€" iPhone & iPad app â€" App developer | … [5] â€" Top 100 Clips. iPhone & iPad app. Bekijk officiële clips in geweldige kwaliteit! Deze app brengt wekelijks de … Naam Email Bericht. Verificatie. vereist. Follow us!…

Lees reviews, zie klantbeoordelingen, bekijk schermafdrukken en lees meer over myTuner Radio : The best radios stations on your iPod, iPhone and iPad. in de App Store….

Write the emails as you always wanted. Define your personal emails (up to 4 different templates) … “best email”…

Valentine`s Day SpecialA Flower Email is the perfect App for your Valentine`s Day. Choose from HUNDREDS ……

Best Free Exchange Email App For Iphone

Setup Office 365 email on iPhoneiPhone backuppen | â€" iPhone, iPad en … [1] â€" iPhoneService biedt een snelle en goedkope reparatie service voor uw iPhone!…

The Best Email Client for iPhone â€" Lifehacker [2] â€" When Sparrow came to the iPhone, it came with its own set of issues like a lack of push notifications. Nonetheless, its user interface, perfect Gmail integration, and wonderful feature set still make it the absolute best email client for your iPhone. Sparrow’s most amazing feature is …

Picasa HD voor Windows 8 â€" Download [3] â€" Picasa HD for Windows 8 is één dag zonder reclame te gebruiken. Wil je van de reclame af, dan moet je de applicatie kopen….

Download IncrediMail 2 [4] â€" IncrediMail 2 alternatieve download via een externe server (beschikbaarheid niet gegarandeerd)…

Gmail als Exchange | â€" iPhone, iPad en … [5] â€" Handleiding om gmail exchange in te stellen op de iPhone. … Ondersteuning Wij helpen u niet alleen met de reparatie van uw toestel, maar helpen u ook graag met ……

Verizon Enterprise Solutions for Your Business | Verizon … [6] â€" Verizon Enterprise solutions keep today’s businesses connected, mobile, and able to capture new opportunities while staying agile, innovative, and adaptive….

A list of alternative iPhone email apps that improve your messaging experience. … Regarded by many as one of the best iOS email clients available, … iMailG â€" FREE. has a reputation for being particularly unfriendly towards Gmail users, …

Halloween Apps. Best Halloween apps and games for iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

Here’s a list of the top ten best email apps for iPhone. News. Breaking News; 5 Fast Facts; … We rounded up the best apps for capturing photos, making collages and editing images. Click here to read more. 4. Yahoo Mail . Yahoo! Email is an email app developed by Yahoo! Instantly …

… , download iphone free checking email apps … #####- Securely access Outlook Email and Calendar- TOP 5 business apps for last 12 months- #1 Outlook/Exchange Email … #2. Secure Webmail … Secure Webmail “Great app for Outlook web mail …

Naar mijn mening is dit echt een stomme zet. Denkt Apple hier echt geld mee te verdienen? Nergens om mij heen zie ik iPhone 5c’s. Ik kan me niet voorstellen dat ……

IncrediMail 2 is een gratis e-mailprogramma dat je webmail in een desktop-applicatie aanbiedt. De software is compatibel met accounts van o.a. Gmail en Hotmail….

One missing feature that our readers always get bummed out about in third party apps is lack of Exchange compatibility. … what do you think is the best email application for iPhone? … anyone can tell what is the best FREE mail app …

Beleggen in aandelen, opties, goud, Turbo’s, Sprinters en Speeders. Alles over beleggen door Drs. Harm van Wijk…

Check voor de beste iPhone deals! Laatste update: 16 september 2014…

Kavka vzw Kavka â€" Oudaan 14 â€" 2000 Antwerpen â€" 03 290 88 17 Zappa â€" August Leyweg 6 â€" 2020 Antwerpen â€" 03 290 88 17 VOOR EEN BETERE MOBIELE WEERGAVE VAN ……

Funny IPhone Wallpaper: Funny by Free HD Wallpapers

Title: Funny iPhone Wallpaper
Reviewed by Swcrown on Oct 31
Rating: 3

Wallpaper for iPhone is simple thing as embellishment. However, it is also important to make your iPhone look better and unique. Here you can find various wallpapers for iPhone. There are many themes that you can choose such as cute, cool, colorful, nature, animal, music, and funny themes.

Funny theme is one of the favorite themes. You can find many funny types of wallpaper such as jokes, funny photos, and many more. Download the funny iPhone wallpaper that you like so that your iPhone has sense of humor.

More detail, take a look at the Funny iPhone Wallpaper thumbnail bellow, you can thrust us for its charming in views to pimp your monitor more charming, try to click on one of them then you will see on full screen mode to go through on our attachment page, and you will believe us for it could charming your eyes.

Furthermore, it was come from our specialized selection such as: funny water droplets iphone backgrounds, pink iphone wallpaper funny pig face, iphone wallpaper funny image, iphone wallpaper funny dog, wallpaper funny for iphone, all is the best in view and contrast color to make your life more live, and we did likes call its catchy touch of Funny iPhone Wallpaper.

Funny IPhone Wallpaper : wallpaper iphone funny skeleton rocking horse

wall paper iphone funny skeleton rocking horse Of Funny IPhone Wallpaper.

Funny IPhone Wallpaper : wallpaper funny for iphone

wallpaper funny for iphone Of Funny IPhone Wallpaper.

Funny IPhone Wallpaper : wallpaper funny ctrl esc for iphone

wallpaper funny ctrl esc for iphone Of Funny IPhone Wallpaper.


Philips Hue connected bulbs now supported by over 200 third-party iOS apps

The popular Philips Hue connected LED lightbulbs reached a new milestone this week, with more than 200 third-party applications for iOS now compatible with the smart home accessory.

Applications that tap into the Hue bulbs are possible thanks to an official software development kit and official application programming interfaces made public by Philips last year . With these apps, the Wi-Fi-enabled LED bulbs can be powered on and off or have their color changed remotely, interacting with functions available on the iPhone and iPad.

To commemorate the occasion, Philips this week spotlighted three Halloween-themed Hue apps that can be downloaded from the App Store. They are:

  • Hue Halloween ($1.99) - combines haunting sounds and lighting effects, such as eerie piano music and g host sounds.
  • Hue Disco ($2.99) - turns your living room into a sound and light show by syncing Philips Hue bulbs to the beat of any song.
  • Hue Remote ($2.99) - can program your lights to deliver a frightening light show every time trick-or-treaters ring your doorbell.

To aid its growing development community, Philips also recently launched a new site [1] where it offers articles and advice on how to make the most of Hue's open API.

"This milestone in apps confirms that Philips Hue has redefined the purpose of what light can do in people's home s," said Jeroen de Waal, general manager of Connected Lighting for the Home at Philips Lighting. "Looking towards the future where many aspects of a home will be connected with Internet of Things, we are eager to continue leading the way in connected lighting for the home. With this in mind, we welcome further collaborations with developers to deliver the best possible lighting experience."

Other noteworthy Hue apps available for download include:

  • Syfy Sync (free) - allows viewers of Syfy movies such as "Sharknado" to have their lights sync with the program, using a specially designed "light track" to take cues and adjust to the action.
  • Ambify ($2.99) - Listens to your music and turns your living room into a light show
  • H uedini ($0.99) - Helps you soothe and relax after a hard day's work by slowly pulsing your lights up and down like a breath cycle.
  • Espresso for Hue ($0.99) - Uses smart themes inspired by the most beautiful places on earth to generate subtle light combinations.

For a more comprehensive list of Hue-controlling iOS applications, see Philips's developer site [2] . The Philips Hue starter pack with hub and three bulbs is currently on sale [3] at Amazon for $181.98, while extra individual bulbs can be purchased for $59.97 [4] .

  1. ^ new site (
  2. ^ developer site (
  3. ^ currently on sale (
  4. ^ can be purchased for $59.97 (

20 best iPhone and iPad apps and games this week | Technology

It’s time for this week’s roundup of the best new iPhone and iPad apps and games released on Apple’s App Store.

As ever, the prices provided in brackets are for the initial download only: when an app uses in-app purchases, this will be listed as (Free + IAP).

More interested in Android apps? They’re covered in a separate weekly Best Android Apps roundup . But if it’s iOS you’re after, read on for this week’s selection.


Auxy (Free) [1]
Reviewed at greater length earlier in the week, Auxy is an accessible but deceptively powerful music-making app, where you create beats, bass lines and melodies then string them together into tracks to share online. It’s stylish, fun and has plenty of flexibility.

Makies Fashion (£1.99) [2]
British startup MakieLab started off as a way to customise then order 3D-printed dolls, but has since diversified into mobile games and apps. Makies Fashion is a well-crafted dress-up app for children, getting them to create outfits for their own virtual doll, then send them down the catwalk. Creative and fun.

Tidal (Free + subscription) [3]
Tidal is a streaming music service with a couple of differences to the likes of Spotify and Deezer. First, audio quality: its streams (which can be cached for offline listening) are lossless FLAC-quality. Second, the way it mixes videos and articles â€" interviews and features â€" with the basic music. For now, it’s US and UK only, costing $19.99 / £19.99 a month.
iPhone / iPad

Code School (Free) [4]
One of a growing number of apps aiming to teach programming skills, this one skewed more towards professionals (or at least experienced amateurs) rather than complete novices. It serves up videos for courses in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Ruby and iOS, among other topics.
iPhone / iPad

Blloon - Read for free (Free) [5]
Blloon is an interesting take on e-reading: a catalogue of nearly one million books to read for free, with a system that includes earning more pages by inviting friends, reviewing books and giving feedback. But it plans to also offer a £3.99 in-app upgrade to “read anything you like”. Most importantly, there are books you’d actually want to read, from large and indie publishers alike.
iPhone / iPad

Intro by (Free) [6]
A few startups have come and gone trying to replace the traditional business card with a mobile app. Intro is one of the more convincing attempts yet though: you enter someone’s email address who you’ve just met, then decide which contact details to send them. It ties in to the site for profiles, if people have them.

Bitmoji - Avatar Emoji Keyboard (Free) [7]
Bitstrips were huge on Facebook last year, for a while, as everyone and their aunt rushed to turn themselves into a cartoon avatar. Now the company behind that craze is back with an emoji keyboard, still featuring the avatar you’ve created to look like yourself. Will it be as viral as the last time, though?

CityMatchDay (Free) [8]
This is an interesting app for Manchester City fans, promising to be “the ultimate companion” for matches this season. No, that doesn’t mean it’ll buy you a pie at half-time. Instead, it offers a mix of video interviews; a live “tactical cam” and highlights videos (these two only if you’re at the match); and audio and text commentary for everyone else.

Ellentube (Free) [9]
This is a brand new thing from US chat-show host Ellen DeGeneres, who’s building her own online video community outside YouTube (although certainly not abandoning the latter). It’s a mixture of videos “curated” by Ellen â€" expect plenty of cats, apparently â€" and a way for fans to share their own clips.

Frankenstein at the National Theatre (Free + IAP) [10]
If you like your theatre, this is an intriguing example of how companion apps for plays might work. Accompanying the broadcast version of the National Theatre’s 2011 production of Frankenstein, it offers interviews, photos, artwork and videos as a “digital programme”.

Audio Defence: Zombie Arena is an audio-only game for iOS.
Audio Defence: Zombie Arena is an audio-only game for iOS. Photograph: PR


Audio Defence: Zombie Arena (£2.99) [11]
If you’ve not played developer Somethin’ Else’s Papa Sangre audio games, they’re brilliant: capable of spooking you through sound alone. This is their latest effort using similar technology: a zombie battler where you can’t see anything, so have to rely on sound to know where to hit. Technically inventive, yes, but also enjoyable to play.
iPhone / iPad

Rival Stars Basketball (Free + IAP) [12]
Developer PikPok’s Flick Kick Football Legends was a marvellous blend of flicky football and card-collecting. Now it’s trying a similar blend for basketball. Your job is to build a team by collecting cards and plotting your strategy, before getting your fingers involved to shoot the hoops.
iPhone / iPad

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf (Free + IAP) [13]
Having grown up with Warhammer 40k, I’m always a bit cautious about games promising to bring the roleplaying game’s sprawling universe to digital life. This game has made a promising start though, with its blend of tactical battles and card collecting, and plenty of atmosphere.
iPhone / iPad

Football Chairman (£2.99 + IAP) [14]
I lost dozens of hours to the free version of Football Chairman when it first came out: an addictive game that sees you playing chairman rather than manager, developing your club from minnow to might. This is the full version, with more features, tournaments and in-game achievements to track your progress.
iPhone / iPad

Boogie Woogie (£0.69) [15]
In theory, this is a game for children. I think plenty of parents will have fun with it though. It’s part memory game and part rhythm-action music game, with some wonderfully cheeky monsters responsible for the dancing. The key feature for kids, though, will be the ability to fart and burp. In the game, I mean: they’re more than capable of it in real life.
iPhone / iPad

Star Wars: Galactic Defense (Free + IAP) [16]
Disney’s recent Star Wars: Commander was a Clash of Clans-style take on the galactic battle. This new game from DeNA takes a more traditional tower defence approach, as you marshall the likes of Luke Skywalker and Yoda to fend off the hordes. Although as with Disney’s game, you can choose to play as the Dark or Light side, according to your mood.
iPhone / iPad

Woah Dave! (£1.49) [17]
Nothing to do with the TV channel, this: it’s less about “witty banter” and more about pleasingly-retro platform gaming, as you steer the hero (yes, Dave) through an alien invasion. It’s quirky, humorous and very, very playable.
iPhone / iPad

Haunt the House: Terrortown (£0.69) [18]
Originally a PC game, Haunt the House: Terrortown has made its way to mobile devices just in time for Halloween. It’s really good fun: a game where you have to haunt a variety of locations, scaring the willies out of anyone you meet. The illustration and animation style mean it’s full of character.
iPhone / iPad

Underworld: Sugar Wars (Free + IAP) [19]
This game has an infamous past, having been originally focused on drug dealing before Apple nixed the idea. Cue a rebrand to focus on a sugar black market instead, as you push sweets and soda. But there’s an interesting game here too, with location-based elements to pit you against other players in your area.
iPhone / iPad

Twisty Hollow (£1.99) [20]
Finally, Twisty Hollow: another game with a papercrafty visual style that’s all its own, and 50 levels of puzzling. The gameplay is a breath of fresh air too, as you match characters and objects on spinning wheels to create items to feed customers. If you’ve reached gem/sweet-matching overload on iOS, give this a try.
iPhone / iPad

That’s my choice, but what iOS apps and games have you been using recently? Make your recommendations â€" or give your views on the picks above â€" in the comments section.

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Best Free Games for iPhone! Download these games for your iPad / iPhone

Yesterday we took our list the best games for Android, so it was just as well, of course, actualizáramos our list of the best games for iPhone / iPad!

Here the list of the best games of recent months. If they are not enough, you can find our huge list of the best free iPhone games here !

Run Run Sackboy

Sackboy, one of the most lovable characters in recent years and starred in the LittleBigPlanet series of games for Playstation 3/4 first comes to iOS in the form of an Endless Runner with excellent graphics and lots of fun. The game has a unique look and crafts, which looks very good on the screen of your iPhone / iPad. Definitely have to try it.

Adventure Xpress

Adventure Xpress was so good, they excel in their own post. It’s basically a much more “cool” and fun Candy Crush version; This means we’ll be getting three “gems” of colors. But having an adventure behind (with items that can be purchased, or equipment that can improve), Adventure Xpress becomes one of the best modern versions that will play Bejeweled. Highly recommended.

Shoot The Moon

Entertaining and simple game where our goal throughout the ordeal, simply shoot the moon. A sort of Space Invaders with a single goal, but one that for dodging our shots. The graphics are extremely funny. It’s the kind of game that we can try and enjoy in small intervals during the day.

Zombie Highway 2

A “Endless Runner” vehicle, Zombie Highway 2 puts us in command of a vehicle (which can be updated / changed) who is trying to get from one side of the road to “safe zones” or safe areas. Zombie Highway 2 improves on every aspect of the original, including superior graphics, better game mechanics, vehicle upgrades and weapons that give longevity, and more.

Gemini Strike

Excellent shoot ‘em up with ships that knows implement the Free To Play model: the game is fully playable without investing a single dollar, but do give us good and valuable extras. Highly recommended!

The Silent Age

The Silent Age is one of the best games of modern adventure they will encounter. It has a great plot, creative puzzles and excellent graphics. Episode 1 is free, while the second (and last) episode, is available as an in-app purchase.

Turbo Dismount

Dismount Turbo is the perfect game to kill time: this is a game with one goal: to cause the most damage possible scandalous puppet “doll” or appears as a protagonist, and thus achieve the highest score. To do this, we can fill the level of barriers or elements that collaborate to, like ramps. Perfect, as I said, to kill time


This is a challenging game that is guided under the concept of “Flappy Bird” to give us a difficult journey. But unlike the latter, there is a repeated game, then Retry we have multiple levels, as you can see in the video. The graphics are good â€" they remind me of a classic SNES game â€" and levels of fun. The IAP is not annoying.


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