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CrunchWeek: iPhone Trade-Ins, The New New Foursquare, And Twitter’s Blue Lines Problem

This weekend, summer is sadly coming to a close (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least.) But all is not lost! At least we still have CrunchWeek , the show that brings a few of us TechCrunch writers together to chat about the most interesting tech news stories from the past seven days.

This time around, Leena Rao , Anthony Ha and I discussed the ins and outs of Apple’s new iPhone trade-in program , the latest big update to the Foursquare app (and the rumors of a possible Microsoft investment ), and Twitter’s latest redesign with lots of controversial blue lines [1] .

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Top Lesson Planning Apps for Teachers

Circle logo cropped (1)Lesson planning:  The essential part of teaching that takes up a lot of time and paperwork when it is completed in a way that is beneficial for teachers, administrators, and students.

It seems that every district and every administrator has different requirements for how lesson plans are written, so it is difficult to find apps that work strictly for writing YOUR lesson plans, but I have some ideas for apps that can help through the lesson planning process.

Evernote: A free app that can be used from any device or through the internet by syncing the information entered. It could be used to take notes during your grade level meetings. It can also be a way to upload lesson plans or documents too. One of my previous schools had all teachers upload lesson plans to this, so the administration and special education teachers all had access to the plans.  Grade levels can use this to share resources also.

Free (iPhone and iPad)

Common Core Standards by MasteryConnect:  An app that contains all the Common Core standards.

Free (iPhone and iPad)


Common Core ConceptBANK by Scootpad Corporation: This app provides sample questions for each common core standard. This could help to set you on the right path when planning to meet a certain standard.

Free (iPad Only)


 Classroom Ideas to Go! by Scholastic: Easily search for activities by grade, subject, and type of activity.  This would be a great place to find activities for anticipatory sets or other academic practices.  There are many combinations to choose from.

$0.99 (iPhone and iPad 2x)

Pinterest:  Pinterest is such a great place to find activities and ideas for lesson plans. Download this free app to your devices and lesson plan on the go. I have even pulled up good anchor charts from Pinterest on my iPad to assist me with making my own anchor charts in my classroom.  So many ways to use it and so many ideas to find there.

Free (iPhone and iPad)


 Planbook Touch by Hellmansoft: This is a full lesson planning app.  You can customize text fields, enter assignments and due dates, and even link to websites. This app may not work for all school's requirements, but it does have good capabilities.

$5.99 (iPad Only)

Pages by Apple: This is a word processing app that lesson plans can easily be typed in and then uploaded. If your school expects you to upload to Google Drive, Evernote, or something else, this could be a good app for you to use.

$9.99 (iPhone and iPad)


 Google Drive by Google: Upload your lesson plans to Google Drive or use it to make spreadsheets for your classroom.  Students can even have Google Drive accounts online to upload work to it and share with you.  It is a great way to save that limited paper supply, especially with the higher grade levels.

Free (iPhone and iPad)


Edmodo:  This is used by many teachers now to post assignments, complete classroom discussions safely, and share files.  It has a user friendly interface that kids enjoy using and teachers can navigate easily.  This can be used through an app or the internet.  Good for intermediate elementary grades and up.

Free (iPhone and iPad)


 My Big Campus by Lightspeed Systems:  This is very similar to Edmodo, but does have some additional resources.  This can also be used as an app or on the computer.  One of my favorite things on My Big Campus is that you can make Bundles, where you can add videos, websites, and documents into one lesson and then assign to students to complete. The app has had some issues, but the website is great.  Also good for intermediate elementary grade levels and up.

Free (iPhone and iPad)


Heather SHeather S. wishes there were more hours in the day to surf Pinterest.



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Aladin and the Enchanted Lamp - Extended Edition - HD V3.0.2 Android Apk Games | Applications

Version: 3.0.2

T iPhone

  • $4.99
  • Category: Games [1]
  • Updated: Aug 23, 2013
  • Version: 3.0.2
  • Size: 94.1 MB
  • Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Seller: Anuman
  • © Anuman Interactive

Android Free Apk Files Aladin Enchanted Lamp - Extended Edition - HD V3.0.2 : Compatible, iPod touch, . Requires iOS 4.3. T 5.

What's New - Optimized iPhone Touch (5th generation)

- Correction Android Free Apk Files Aladin and the Enchanted Lamp - Extended Edition - HD V3.0.2

- Various improvements

Android Free Apk Files Aladin and the Enchanted Lamp - Extended Edition - HD V3.0.2 : [2] [3]

Top 5 Simple Ways to Upload & Share Videos from Your iPhone

Apple makes sharing photos very easy with Shared Photo Streams, but Apple does not make uploading and sharing videos from iPhone as simple as it does for photos. Thanks to some of third-party applications, there are simple ways to upload and share your videos without having to make a wired connection to your computer, such as by using cloud services like Dropbox, YouTube, and apps like Photo Sync, etc. It is really easy to use, and below is the summary information I collected special for all of you, just check it out.

1.  Default iPhone Methods

Open the Camera roll / album, and find the video you will upload, and then tap the share button on the bottom-left of the video, you can share that video via Mail, Messages, and YouTube. You must have a YouTube account in order to share your videos to youtube.

2.  YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture (free) is a dedicated YouTube capture app that allows iPhone user to shoot video directly and then upload your captures to your selected YouTube account after touch up videos with color correction, stabilization, trimming, and music tracks. And it also allows you post videos publicly or privately, in which only people with the link or specified users can view it.

3.  PhotoSync
PhotoSync ($1.99) is the app that can help you wireless transfer your photos/videos from iPhone to your computer and other iOS devices. To use this app, you need to download the app to your iPhone, and the PhotoSync companion application for your OS X or Windows.
[2] [3]

To set up video (and photo) transfers, you simply pair the two mobile and desktop apps, open PhotoSync, select the videos you want to transfer, and then tap the red sync button for the transfer to begin. With PhotoSync, you can also configure the app to transfer videos to your Dropbox account, to other iOS devices with PhotoSync app installed, and to numerous online video and photo sharing sites like Google+ and Google Drive, Flickr, Facebook and a few others.

4.  Dropbox for iPhone
Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.

To start with, tap the Preferences settings in the app and select Camera Upload. From there, you simply enable the feature. Dropbox will automatically start copying all the photos and videos on your device to a Dropbox folder in your account entitled Camera Upload. It will do this again with new non-uploaded photos and videos each time you open the Dropbox app. The process can actually be done in the background, so you can switch to other apps without interfering with the transfer.

5.  Google+ Instant Upload
If you’re a Google+ user, the Google+ iPhone app includes an Instant Upload feature for automatically syncing photos and videos to a private album in your Google+ account.

You can select to have videos uploaded only over WiFi or 3G or over WiFi only. This feature is also for when you select photos from your private album and post them to your Google+ Circles. However, remember that you’re Google+/Google Drive account only allows for 5GB of free space. If you have a lot of media content on your iPhone, this could eat up your storage space fairly quickly.

Let us know if you have other ways to upload and share videos from iPhone.

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Subject Matter Upon Marcotte Look Here unlock iphone 4

You can put classifieds in magazines. Many advertisers work with unlock iphone [1] Practitioners connected with adware and spyware point out that while it is generally beautiful maddening from time to time especially if you are very in a rush, simultaneously do make people great benefits. Mainly because the device advertisements make a profit for developers about shareware computer software, potential customers could possibly get these people without charge. Manufacturers will be in turn obtained their operate. Naturally, any time you don?t should try to be worried via the continual pop-ups, you can pay the certification expense or maybe the routine monetary fee for your programs. In order for you that totally free, you simply need to giving up over the adware. In case you?re thinking of purchasing a number of bourbon for your residence, you?ll never need to keep worrying about issues finding it. ABC outlets work most effectively supply, however that offer detailed wave in a condition for example California you can get the item for your nearby food or maybe shop. Whiskey has become the number one types of very difficult spirits, using thousands of people all over the world drinking this often. On top of that, Dr .. Robert Tan added this because individual grows to the age of 50-70, the indicators become a little more seen and provoked. Symptoms like declination of numbers of virility and together with readily currently being spent, quick disposition sways and shivers glimpse. A lot of guys record the impotence for the reason that most notable function for the duration of andropause. In addition to this specific, Dr .. Tan?s affected individuals in addition reported their very own getting scared, stressed out as well as discouraged. ? Unless you will be seeking a executive-level task, or perhaps are crafting resume, an individual’s job application probably should not surpass a couple of web sites. The aim of a well-written job application could be to sell off people as the very best applicant to complete the job by using a confident as well as a straight-forward strategy. Tend not to oversell your talent. Usually do not number in excess of 3 to 5 earlier jobs you?ve guide. Remain faithful to those people capabilities as well as suffers from that finest fulfill the occupation requirements and also your job intention. Quite possibly the most relevant data ought to be provided about the 1st website. Another site must be figures, using your contact details incorporated as well (in the event that the pages are generally segregated any time printed out, you don?t want your probable manager to be able to get rid of the 2nd internet page of your return to wholly). If you are talking about 2 webpages, see the curriculum vitae and assure that you aren’t combining information that is certainly irrelevant to the goals or even to the positioning you are searching for. Do-it-yourself initiatives are usually damaging. Lots of tasks call for well-defined resources or simply tools that produces personal injuries. It’s not possible to properly restoration or maybe undertake do-it-yourself plans your household if you aren’t careful. After a little cautious corporation together with priority, even roughest home and garden tasks could be conquered securely and effectively. men and women try it the moment to earn money, and they pie-in-the-sky Research: charges are superb. Los angeles cpa strategies to find These kinds of requirement loans today options are accessible in almost everywhere and you can easily locate such financings in the online loan market too. The conveniences of deciding to opt for the on line financings is that listed here you receive the possibility of contrasting all offered loans which brings you the most effective one quickly. The internet type which you will certainly should fill up for acquiring these financings comes completely free of charge and for this reason, there is no expense at all.

For most of us, the imagine possessing our own residence is high up on our listing of top priorities. The problem is getting the mortgage should make it a reality. Regrettably, such aspirations fade as financial facts kick in and low credit rating ratings become component of our financial history. However it excels to understand that residence loans with bad credit are still possible.

No teletrack payday loans are basically little simple to get direct cash loan which are approved without any kind of sort of credit verification. These loans are actually extremely speedy financings. A customer need not fret concerning his/her previous credit rating records or reasonable credit rating ratings while going with any such financial help. We as lenders are least curious about such scores. Also with your poor documents you could still get answer to all your concerns.

Bear in mind, the acquisition of the funds from the direct down payment payday financing is typically the only methods of financing lots of people can get. Based upon that information alone, the worth of these loans is plainly visible. Inevitably, this makes the accessibility of such loans to be a beneficial and practical advantage worth discovering.

It is appealing to go straight for the residence of your aspirations, yet there is little point in seeking significant mortgage with bad credit score having a major impact on the choice. Perhaps a beach front home worth $ 500,000 is what is wanted, but realize that a beach view flat for $ 250,000 is even more within your monetary scope. A lending institution is much more likely to approve a bad credit mortgage for the second.

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Apple’s rumored champaign gold iPhone 5S sends Samsung execs scurrying – MacDailyNews

Aug 30, 2013 - 05:15 PM EDT â€" AAPL: 487.216 (-4.484, -0.91%) | NASDAQ: 3589.869 (-30.435, -0.84%)

“The rumor of Apple’s new iPhone 5S being made available in a light Champagne Gold color only surfaced in the last few weeks,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “As the rumors began to slowly turn into credible news, Samsung executives went into emergency meetings. The end result was an official statement made yesterday that they’ve decided to build a line for producing metal cases, e.g. magnesium and aluminum, in Gumi plant by the end of this year. The Korean report provided a photo of a metal case suggesting that Samsung will likely offer their future metal backed Galaxy smartphone in Gold.”

“According a new Korean report, the Wireless Business Division of Samsung Electronics decided on August 29 to build a line for producing metal cases, e.g. magnesium and aluminum, in Gumi plant by the end of this year,” Purcher reports. “The report states that Samsung is trying to reinforce a premium brand image by enhancing the design competitiveness. At present, their plastic casing gives the Galaxy smartphone line-up a very cheap consumer experience in contrast to Apple’s classy glass finish for the iPhone 5.”

Purcher reports, “According to the report, “The purpose of this move is to apply metal cases to their premium smartphone models to be released early next year. The report added that ‘”only Apple has used metal cases. The late Steve Jobs, Apple founder, insisted on metal to emphasize the futuristic feeling of the iPhone and iPad series.’”

Read more in the full article here [1] .

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader "Dan K." for the heads up.]

  1. ^ here (

To gear up for the iTunes Music Festival, Apple Store App is offering six free songs from attending artists

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The iTunes Music Festival has been a popular event for the past few years as Apple’s premier music extravaganza, and to drum up excitement the company is offering six free songs via the Apple Store App. The songs that are available for download are from artists that will be attending and playing at the month long event in London starting on Sunday, September 1. They include:

* Trying To Be Cool â€" Phoenix
* Working Woman Blues â€" Valerie June
*2013 â€" Primal Scream
*My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me â€" Little Green Cars
*Chain My Name â€" Polica
* The Curse â€" Agnes Bel

All six tracks are available to download until October 31 of this year, and feature a pop-infused sound that seems to be right in line with the philosophy behind the iTunes Music Festival. The festival is an offering of free live performances from some of the industry’s most popular artists. You can stream the whole thing live with the iTunes Festival app, or watch the performances in iTunes on your Mac or PC. In addition to the artists mentioned above, you’ll be able to catch performances by Katy Perry, Vampire Weekend, Paramore, and many others. No matter how small or big of a music fan you might beâ€"or eclectic your tastesâ€"there’s bound to be something for everyone at 30 day event, so grab the above downloads, get excited, and tune in.

Apple Store (3.5 stars with 50975 User Ratings)
Universal App

Galileo is a multipurpose remote motion stand for iPhone

Motrr Galileo + Sphere 3A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a review of the photography app Sphere (formerly TourWrist). After reading the review, the app’s developer sent me Motrr’s new photography mount, Galileo, which is a perfect accessory to the 360-photography app.

Motrr’s new spherical recording device made the front pages when its Kickstarter campaign [1] went supernova and made seven times its original goal. The Galileo is currently shipping to Kickstarter pledgers and Motrr is taking preorders for the device for a mid-October launch.

In addition to being a spherical recording device that fits perfectly with Sphere, Motrr’s Galileo is an iOS-controlled remote motion stand for the iPhone and iPod touch. The device features 360-degree spherical rotation capability and lets users take pictures or view streaming video using pan-and-tilt speeds of up to 200 degrees per second. Set up your iPhone with Galileo and use another iOS device to control it by swiping your finger on the screen to move the angle in any direction you like. This multipurpose stand lets you use your iPhone for video conferencing, baby monitoring, and more…


There are two different models of Galileo, each with two different colors. The Galileo 30-Pin is for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and fourth-generation iPod touch. The Galileo Bluetooth is for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and fifth-generation iPod touch. Both models come in matte black or white.

I am reviewing the matte black Bluetooth model with an iPhone 5. I am using a beta version of the Sphere app to demonstrate the Galileo’s abilities.

The Galileo is very lightweight and can easily be held in the palm of my hand, which is not a particularly large hand. It is made from a sturdy plastic and coated with a rubberized material so that it feels soft to the touch.

It has three sections. The bottom houses the rechargeable battery, the micro USB port, and tripod mount connector. The middle section twists separately from the bottom section and is used to connect the Bluetooth device. You twist the base in order to activate Bluetooth connectivity.

The upper section is where the iPhone is mounted. There is a fitted grove where you place your iPhone and a half-sphere is carved out in front so that you can easily access your home button. The upper section is also the part of the mount that swivels around. You can manually rotate 360 degrees while in portrait and landscape mode or let the app you are using do the work remotely.

The device is charged using the included micro USB charger. Plug the cable into the Galileo and then plug the USB port into a wall charger. Once fully charged, you can remove the cable until you need it again.

Motrr Galileo + Sphere 1

Setup and Use

I cannot speak for all compatible apps, but setup with Sphere [2] was unbelievably simple. Frankly I was intimidated to try out such a complex device. I’ve never used a spherical recording device before and worried that I’d have to do a lot of setting up and preparing for the process.

All I had to do was take the device out of the box, set it on my dining room table and plug it in. Then, I set my iPhone on the Galileo and opened the beta version of Sphere. I selected “Galileo” from the menu and an image appeared on screen telling me to twist the device to connect it to my iPhone.

I twisted. Then, a big old “Start” button appeared with a slider next to it for switching between tabletop and tripod positioning. I hit the start button and walked out of the room. After about 30 seconds, I came back and saw that my Sphere was developing so that I could upload it to the community page.

That’s it. Done. I made a 360 viewable Sphere. I didn’t really have to do anything.

The Galileo can be attached to a traditional tripod mount with the connector port. It  just so happens that I have a traditional tripod mount, so I set it up in my office. The tripod increases the image capture view. Basically, it gives a wider scope of coverage. There is a tripod setting in Sphere that adjusts the stitching technique for the different angle. If you are going to mount your Galileo on a tripod while using Sphere, be sure to toggle the “Surface” slider to “Tripod.”

Galileo is also compatible with a number of camera and photography apps, such as Motrr LIVE [3] , which lets you make video calls and turn your device into a remote control video camera. You know, for those little ones who can’t sit still. There is also a remote monitoring system called AirBeam [4] that lets you view real-time audio and video streaming that is captured on your iPhone and a variety of apps for filmmaking. You can visit the company’s website [5] for more information on apps that are already compatible with Sphere and those that are coming soon.

Motrr Galileo + Sphere 2

The Good

The Galileo is sturdy and classic looking, while being very lightweight and easy to transport. You could easily fit it into a jacket pocket, purse, or even a back pocket if your pants are loose enough. It is slightly bigger than a pack of cigarettes and probably weighs about the same.

It is designed so that you can also use it as a stand for your iPhone. The spherical “scoop” that is carved out of the base where the iPhone is mounted makes it possible for you to easily access the Home button and you can watch movies, read books, or listen to music while mounted in the Galileo. In fact, the scoop doubles as a sound redirector so that you can hear audio better than through the native speakers alone.

The available apps make Galileo a virtual remote monitoring system. You can watch streaming images, make video calls, and record movie clips while remotely controlling the angle of your iPhone.

The Bad

It is difficult for me to scrutinize this device since I’ve never used a 360 spherical recording device before and have nothing to compare it to. I can only judge the Galileo based on my own impression and experience with it.

I have to say that I didn’t find anything wrong with this iPhone mount. It fits perfectly, is lightweight and easy to use. When used in conjunction with the Sphere app, it is absolutely amazing. The Bluetooth connectivity was flawless and it performed exactly the way I expected it to.


Motrr’s Galileo is available for $149.99, which is a reasonable price for a device that, not only mounts your iPhone with a wide variety of viewing positions, but can also be used as a remote monitoring device, a remote camera controller, and a device to help you create 360 panoramic images. If you are interested in a mount for your iPhone that is capable of such things, this device works perfectly. You can preorder the Galileo from the company’s website [6] today. The device is expected to ship in mid-October.

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Radium, Age of Thrones, doo, Blackbar and more…

iPhone 5 appsThe days are getting shorter and the ocean breeze is making its way inland. That’s when you know that the season is changing. I know that summer is on its final legs when Anime geeks from around the country converge on my tree lined city streets in massive hordes of school uniforms and giant robots. That’s where I’ll be this weekend.

Whether you are looking for a game to occupy your time in line at a convention or need an app to help make your pictures of cosplayers look better, we have a few apps that are going to make your weekend better…

Attack Abyss

This vertical shoot-em-up takes after games of decades ago where players were faced with the challenge of oncoming enemies with nothing more than a few thousand bullets and an arsenal that would make the U.S. Military jealous. This underwater version is less fighty and more bubbly, but the basic idea is the same. You must destroy a variety of brightly colored sea-dwelling creatures as you move through the depths of an unknown land. Then, just when you think you’ve made it, you must take down the leviathan boss or seal your fate in your sunken tomb. This game is available for $0.99 [1] .


If you are looking for a new way to listen to Internet radio, as well as any broadcast station with a web-based stream, then look no further. Not only does this app offer thousands of high-quality radio stations for you to choose from, but you can adjust the equalization of individual songs, share links to your favorite stations with others, and sync your Radium account across your iOS and Mac devices. If you have a subscription to SiriusXM or Live365, you can add that to your listening list, too. Do you already have the Radium app on your Mac? Now you can take your favorites on the go. This app is on sale for $1.99 until Sept. 3 [2] . It will go up to the full price of $3.99 after that.


Tired of switching around between various apps to access files you’ve stored in your many free cloud storage services? You need an app that lets you access everything in one place and doo is just the app to “doo” that. Access local and cloud documents, tag files so you can find them quicker, and create searchable PDFs to store in the cloud without leaving the app. Download documents from email and automatically import them to doo. The intelligent tags feature will make it possible for you to find documents within seconds no matter where they are stored, even in your emails. This app is available for free [3] .

Age of Thrones

Although the theme is medieval and the monsters included dragons and undead creatures, this tower defense game has nothing to do with A Game of Thrones. Don’t worry. You’ll still have fun killing stuff and defending your “Wall.” This epic adventure lets you create your own path so you can control how the enemy falls. There are 16 different upgradable towers, four buildable castles, 20 different enemies, and more. Use hero spells during the game to send enemies to their gods and customize your gameplay with a talent tree. Play in Endless mode, Casual mode, or Iron Maiden mode (metal!) against waves of enemies. This game is available for $1.99 [4] .

Parallels Access

These days, anyone who does business away from the office needs remote desktop access of some kind. As technology advances, so does our ability to get into our computers more smoothly. This app lets you have access to your desktop computer and even “appifies” them so you feel right at home on your iPad. Swipe, scroll, and pinch to zoom files from you computer that have never been optimized for a touch screen experience. You can even copy and paste from you desktop to your iPad. Easily switch between applications on your Mac or PC and use the Magnify Glass to get a more detailed look at your documents. This app is available for the iPad for free [5] .


If you read 1984 and thought is was a great book with an insightful message on the importance of keeping your thoughts free, then you will enjoy the story that unfolds in this game . While not as deeply riveting as Orwell’s dystopian future, the characters in this book also find themselves censored for their private conversations. What happens to the young friends is up to you to discover. You’ll have to figure out what words were redacted from print in order to move onto the next page. Be careful what you write. You never know who is reading your letters. This game is available for $2.99 [6] .

Photoristic 1

Being able to throw a funny filter on your picture so that a plate of food looks like a masterpiece is one thing, but being able to individually adjust the different tones of a black and white photo to bring out the contrast is a way cooler photo editing feature. This app lets you adjust eight different colors, individually. Use professional grade editing tools like white balance, contrast, saturation, and more. If you really just want to throw a filter on your picture, there are more than 30 presets that you can also customize. Plus, you can create and save your own presets for easy access in the future. This app is available for $4.99 [7] .

Want more apps? Check these out

TA Plays Rewind: 'Ski Safari' - The Only Game You Can Backflip On a Yeti

posted August 31st, 2013 3:00 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News , TA Plays


Ski Safari [ $0.99 ] came out in early 2012, and we liked it quite a bit in our review . In a nutshell, it's an endless runner... on skis. It has one touch controls that only allow you to flip, and the upgrade system will have you trying over and over and over again to get coins to upgrade just about everything in game.

Things start out a little rough in this video, but as soon as I get a feel for the game it all comes back to me- Culminating in a particularly impressive run featuring backflips on a snowmobile while a penguin, yeti, and eagle have all caught a ride.

Ski Safari has loads of new content since we reviewed it, and it's really worth either picking up now or downloading again to unlock all the new insane upgrades.

Microsoft Office 365 for iPhone: free iOS app carries a cost

Not only is MS Office 365 available in the App Store, it’s a free download for iPhone users. But if that sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is for all but existing Office 365 subscribers. Those who are already paying Microsoft monthly or annually for a subscription to the Office suite which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint can count their iPhone as one of their five allotted devices. But everyone else is downloading an Office Mobile app at no charge which literally doesn’t do anything unless you pay money after you’ve installed it. Call it a case of Microsoft taking Apple’s in-app purchases to the extreme.

How iPhone users end up reacting to Microsoft Office is tough to predict. Back in 2007 when the iPhone debuted or in 2008 when the App Store arrived, MS Office would have been a big catch. All these years later, iPhone users have gotten used to life after Word. Apple offers its own Pages word processor, while various third parties offer free MS Office clones for the iPhone as well. Microsoft may be left kicking itself over all the lost iPhone revenue over the years, as it kept Office out of the App Store either in the hopes of keeping the iPhone from taking off or because it didn’t want to bother recoding its Office suite.

But Microsoft appears to be trying to make up for lost revenue after the fact by pricing Office for iPhone in a way that’ll cost users a hundred dollars a year if they’re not already Office 365 subscribers. That’s more than some iPhone users paid their carrier for their device to begin with.

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro 5 Registration Code Free Giveaway

HD Video Converter [1] Factory Pro, developed by WonderFox Soft, is a professional and all-in-one High Definition Video Converter software that perfectly converts both High Definition and Standard Definition Video to all popular video formats with excellent audio and video quality to fit your multimedia devices. Thus you are able to enjoy watching DVD movies on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Zune, Android mobile phone or other digital devices. In addition, the software also provides powerful video editing function and and video effect. It’s a real all-in-one video converting tool.

With Video Converter Factory Pro, You don’t have to figure out what is the right video format or video resolution for your iPod/iPhone or other portable mobile device, the video converting software had categorized output video formats by product’s name. If you want to convert a video file for your iPhone, just select output video format for iPhone, that is it. Simple enough for everyone. Besides, with HD Video Converter Factory Pro, you can also extract audio from video to MP3 music file and capture pictures from video to JPG.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro 3

HD Video Converter Factory Pro 5 Key Features:

  • Convert HD Video to mainstream video, audio, and mobile device
  • Batch conversion â€" convert multiple videos at one time
  • Useful video editing functions like cutting, cropping, specially effect
  • Support Variable bitrates (VBR) â€" better quality with smaller file size

HD Video Converter Factory Pro Registration Code Free Giveaway [2] :

HD Video Converter Factory Pro normally costs $29.95 if you wish to buy. But there is a promotion going on, which enables you to get the  Full Version Registration Code of HD Video Converter Factory Pro,  for free of charge.

Interested users just need to visit the giveaway page [3] here to download the full version HD Video Converter Factory Pro with public Registration code. The giveaway is valid till 7/9/2013.

[Source [4] ]

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Award-winning Time Surfer goes free on App Store, introduces new gameplay mode and costumes | Time Surfer news | iPhone

We had plenty of praise for Time Surfer when it endlessly ran into our hearts back in January.

In fact, we might have called it 'a brief and wonderful slice of fast-paced, brightly coloured fun' before hanging a shiny Pocket Gamer Silver award around its neck.

Now, there are two new reasons to like Time Surfer: it's free and it just got a huge content update.

Time to thrill

The 1.3 update introduces a new game mode, the Kepler Run, which has you sling your way through a galaxy of black holes as the ground beneath your surfboard slowly disappears.

Another new feature is the introduction of passive costume perks, which add bonuses like improvements to speed or time regeneration to the collection of existing costumes. And speaking of costumes, the new update also has three new looks for you to collect: the Neon Surfer, Pirate Surfer, and 'Snailien'.

Finally, there are some tweaks to the UI, miscellaneous bug fixes, and the introduction of a new combo system for pets and costumes. It's all pretty awesome if you have Time Surfer already, and if you don't - well, it's free... so make with the downloading.

Best Free Apps of the Day on 8/31. AvgNite Cam, HT Recorder for iPad, Lens Lab, & More!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

We have lots of great apps this Saturday!

Average+Night Camera allows you to take better photos in low light and even virtually no light situations. HT Recorder for iPad is a powerful recording app that is great for recording lectures and business meetings. Configure depth of field and field of view settings for your SLR camera with a lens simulator app.

We also have two popular music apps, a smart task manager, and 2 quality games. Don’t miss today’s Best Free Apps of the Day!

Please Note: All apps listed here are free in the U.S. App Store when this post was published. But since most apps listed here are only FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME, price changes by the developers can happen at anytime. Please double check the price in the App Store before your download.

AvgNite Cam : Average+Night Camera (4.5 stars with 7 User Ratings)
iPhone App
$0.99 â†' Free



AvgNite Cam has two special settings to help you take better photos. If you’re in a low light setting, the Average camera will help you with an enhanced performance, boosting the light and lowering the noise in the photo. If you’re taking a photo at night with even less light and no flash, the Night camera will do the exact same as the AvgNite camera, with similar results. It works by putting your camera in burst mode for a long exposure shot, taking multiple photos and then splicing them together, creating effects or reducing noise. It works surprisingly quick when averaging the photos, and if you want to take just one photo at a time, it works with a low light enhancement performance. There’s a lot more to discover here, but check out AvgNite Cam yourself.

Sofari free web browser for Windows for MacOS « Free soft freeware download best computer software

Safari â€" it’s stable free web browser developed by Apple Corp.

Version: 5.1.7 (for Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista); 5.1.9 for (Mac: Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger)

At this moment there are four well-known web browsers:
Google Chrome;
Mozilla Firefox;
Internet Explorer;

And the fifth â€" is the Safari browser.

Safari â€" it’s free browser, and it’s better known to the people who use the Macintosh operating system. But you can uses Safari for Mac OS and for Windows OS too.

Safari have all you need to surf the web, watch online video, download files, chat with friends, reed news, reed RSS channels and much much more.

Safari have simple and clear graphic user interface. It’s safety, smart and fast. Web page will be opened in tabs (or in new windows â€" if you wish).

36 megabyte â€" installation file size. Just run it and follow the prompts.

When you open new blank tab , Safari show top sites (you can simple edit this list of the sites â€" add new or delete some useless bookmarks).

Version 5.1.9 for MacOS you can download here [1] (.dmg 48.4Mb file for Snow Leopard)
Version 5.0.6 for MacOS you can download here [2] (.dmg file for Leopard)
Version 4.1.3 for MacOS you can download here [3] (.dmg file for Tiger)

  1. ^ Download Safari Browser for MacOS (
  2. ^ Download Safari Browser for MacOS (
  3. ^ here (

a text-based adventure that is missing the text

Blackbar 3

You type, “Get ye flask.” The game responds, “You cannot get ye flask [1] .” Sound familiar? Then you know a little something about old school text-based adventures. It was always so difficult to figure out the correct way to type an action.

Blackbar is a text-based story that requires a similar activity. Only, instead of trying to command the character to perform an action, you must find the correct word to fill in the blank… [2]


There isn’t much to say about the design of this game because there really isn’t one. As soon as you open the app, the story begins. There isn’t even a title page. The screen is white and the letters are black. When you correctly type in a word, it is highlighted in yellow. Some blank spots are black and some are white. There are some pages with no puzzles at all.

You won’t be able to start over or play multiple games at once. There are no hints to help you get to the next page (although there is a walkthrough milling about on the Internet somewhere). This game is simplicity at its finest and epitomizes the graphics-free text based games from decades ago.

Blackbar 1


The premise of the story involves letters being sent to “Vi Channi” from her childhood best friend “Kentery Jo ‘Kenty’ Loaz.” Kenty has just joined the Department of Communication and will soon find out that censorship is not such a great way to make a living.

From the very first letter sent to Vi from Kenty, you’ll see hints that words are being redacted by the Department, who filters every letter sent to and from the facility. You are playing the role of Vi who is receiving censored letters from your friend. After a while, you will see Kenty become more and more frustrated with her situation as she begins to break down (and cuss a lot). At the same time, you will be receiving official notices from the Department of Communication regarding your own inappropriate letters. There is also a third party that is very interested in Kenty. With an air of mystery, the unknown sender offers clues to help you uncover the secrets that lie within the walls of the Department.

Whenever you see a blank spot, you will be able to type in a word. If you have typed in the correct word, it will highlight in yellow and your cursor will move to the next blank spot. If you do not enter the correct word, nothing will happen.

When you have correctly entered all censored words on a page, you’ll be able to continue to the next. Until then, you can only flip back to previous pages. Sometimes, turning back a page or two will help you uncover hints as to what word you are supposed to be spelling out.

As the story unfolds, the missing words become more difficult to figure out. There is a quote inspired by Shakespeare’s Richard III, an answer to the riddle, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” and a picture that must be drawn using only two letters. Before you make it to the end of the story, you’ll be filling in the blanks for an entire note with no hints to guide you.

Blackbar 2

The Good

Although the basic idea is as old as text-based adventure games for the Commodore 64, this game is quite unique. There isn’t much to it, but the story is interesting enough to keep you involved and working toward the final page. You won’t get bored with this story.

The Bad

Some of the words are nearly impossible to figure out. After spending 10 minutes trying to figure out a particular sentence, I actually searched for the answer on the Internet. I’d rather have been given a hint instead. Maybe hints could come in the form of single letters in each word.


Blackbar costs $2.99 [3] . If it weren’t for the fact that the game is so interesting and novel, I’d say it is too expensive. The story is less than 50 pages long and there is no replay value. Although three dollars seems like a lot for an iOS game, it is important to keep in mind that two guys who don’t have the financial backing of big game companies created it. If this game sounds interesting to you, invest the money knowing that it goes to independent game developers who need to pay the rent, too.


This game is interesting and distinctive. It is set in an Orwellian dystopia that makes you think twice about the emails you send to your friends. If the story interests you, the game will impress you. At the premium price, I’d recommend caution with purchasing. It is worth the money, but mainly for those intellectual types who like exercising their brains. This game is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today [4] .

Related Apps

Frankly, I can’t think of any game that is like Blackbar. However, there are a variety of text-based and choose-your-own adventure games in the App Store, like Sorcery and The Fighting Fantasy line by Tin Man Games [5] .

What is your favorite type of ____?

  1. ^ You cannot get ye flask (
  2. ^ Blackbar (
  3. ^ Blackbar costs $2.99 (
  4. ^ Download it in the App Store today (
  5. ^ Tin Man Games (

Wild Blood Android Game Paid Game Apk Free Download

Wild Blood Android Game Paid Game Apk Free Download..

Wild Blood is an awesome great action game for android and apple i phones, it provides awesome user interface as well as graphics. Wild Blood is a third person action adventure game that follows the story of Sir Lancelot as he attempts to rescue Queen Guinevere from King Arthur and the sorceress Morgana Le Fey. The game, available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android, features a lot of hack and slash action and reminds one of the God of War series from the PlayStation.

Wild Blood Android Game

Wild Blood Android Game Paid Game Apk Free Download

Wild Blood Android Game Paid Game Apk Free Download :-

It’s based on the new Unreal Engine (UE3), which means the visuals are top-notch. Once done with the lengthy campaign there’s also a multi-player mode to pit your skills against real people’s. Overall, a solid action game for those who are fans of good old fashioned sword swinging. The game requires approximately 2Gb of free space in order to install so make sure you have that much.

Requirements for Wild Blood Android game >>

The game requires ~2Gb of free space in order to install. It is a great 3D game and also a very heavy game for low power smartphones. Gameloft has harnessed the power of the revolutionary Unreal Engine to bring unimaginable battles in real-time, full 3D graphics.

Price: $6.85

Download Wild Blood Android Game >> Wild Blood Android Action Game and Wild Blood Iphone Action Game >> Download [1]

Download Wild Blood Android Game


40.7143528 -74.0059731

  1. ^ Download (

Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 Without SHSH – Free Download Apps, PSD, Mockups, Templates, Themes, Plugins

Great news everyone just found a way to downgrade from iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 5.1.1 without SHSH and you can actually unlock iPhone. Very nice and thankful to this folk.

How to downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to 5.1.1 without SHSH
Step 1: Download the following firmware, it’s devided into 5 parts so you may want to download 5 of them. Just forget about the rest. Download it at

Step 2: Put your iPhone into DFU mode and restore it with the firmware that you download in Step 1

Step 3: Download RedSn0w 0.9.15b3 [Windows | Mac]

Step 4: Launch RedSn0w 0.9.15b3 choose Extrasâ€">Select IPSWâ€">Choose the firmware you downloaded in Step 1

Step 5: Keep going and click Recover Fix > Just boot

Step 6: That’s it. Now go ahead and jailbreak your iPhone. Congrats you just downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to 5.1.1 without SHSH. For the jailbreak and unlock part I think you can do it on yourself. If you have any question or concern please comment below.


Flickr for iPhone updated with new camera, live filters and more

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Flickr for iPhone 2.20

Yahoo! has updated the Flickr app for iPhone with a new camera and photo filters. Yahoo!  acquired  GhostBird Software, creators of popular iOS photography apps KitCam, and the new features are result of it, created by GhostBird Software team. The update brings live inline filters and editing capabilities, Live Filters let you see how your photo looks while you take it. Other camera features include, composition grids, focus lock and exposure points. [1]

This update also brings advanced editing tools that lets you crop, sharpen, balance color, use Levels, add vignette and more.

New features in Flickr for iPhone v2.20.1134

  • New set of filters that lets you personalize your photos
  • Live filters to preview the effects before you snap your shot
  • Now you can customize your filters to get the exact effects you’re looking for.
  • New camera tools with grids, pinch to zoom, and the ability to lock your focus and exposure points.
  • New editing tools such as enhance, crop, sharpen, adjust color, use levels, add vignettes and more.

Download Flickr for iPhone from the Apple iTunes Store [2] for free, if you don’t have it yet.

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How do I make my blog iPad / iPhone / Android friendly? – Free Download Apps, PSD, Mockups, Templates, Themes, Plugins

How do I make my blog iPad / iPhone / Android friendly?

I personally use the WP Touch plugin [1] on my site. It automatically detects if the user is browsing with an iPhone (or iPad) and reformats the site into an iOS-friendly layout with touch-sensitive controls. There’s an option at the bottom for visitors to display the normal site if they want.

It’s a very well-supported system, and I’ve used it on 3 of my own sites and 12 client sites so far without any issues whatsoever.

See the full discussion here Link

Free, No Watermark and Unlimited iPhone Converting Program?

Im looking for a Converting Program, that is FREE to download, you can convert as much as you want with NO WATERMARK and is fairly good Quality, and converts the video into an MP4 format for my iPhone.


BitTorrent Sync For iPhone Now Available To Download  | i-samrat

August 31, 2013   ·   0 Comments


Yesterday, BitTorrent announced that the release of BitTorrent Sync for iOS was imminent, and having passed Apple’s moderation process (despite the negativity attached to being a founding father of a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol), it is now ready for prime time use. As you would perhaps expect, it is completely free to download, and you’ll find all of the relevant details, as well as the all-conquering download link, right after the fold!

BitTorrent Sync goes against the grain in light of the growing number of cloud-based services, instead allowing files to be shared between devices with relative ease. The beta version of the app for Android only recently hit the Google Play Store, and while since file sharing is not in Apple’s vocabulary, a release for iOS was always going to be welcomed by consumers.

The user interface of the iOS version, as with its Android counterpart, is fairly simplistic, but if you’re looking for a reliable, does-what-it-says-on-the-box kind of app, BitTorrent Sync is exactly that. You can readily sync all manner of files between your computers and devices, and unlike other such services, there’s no hidden cap on how large a file you’re allowed to transfer, allowing you to enjoy the complete file-sharing freedom associated with BitTorrent.


Although BitTorrent cites server issues as one frailty of cloud-based backups, there’s also that major privacy concern as well, and with some apprehensive about sending all of their private documents and such straight to the likes of Google, Microsoft, Dropbox or Apple, BitTorrent Sync allows you to keep all of your personal files exactly that â€" personal.

screen568x568 (2)

The app has just made its way to the iOS App Store, and having given it a brief run out on our iPhone and iPod touch, we can confirm that it works as advertised, and plays well considering this is the very first release. If you happen to give it a try for yourself â€" something we highly recommend â€" be sure to voice your own opinions by dropping a comment via the usual mediums below!

(Download: BitTorrent Sync for iOS on the App Store) [1]

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