Sunday, August 30, 2015

Free iPhone And iPad Apps You Wouldn’t Want To Miss This August

The month of August is coming to a close and iOS users will be looking to load their phones with the best free apps from August. Therefore, we here at Tech News Today have compiled a short list of apps you have to try out. So here is a roundup of the latest iOS apps you should look into. Most of these apps are free with in-app purchases so have look and load your iPhone and iPad with the latest iOS apps.

Microsoft Translator (Free, iPhone)

When in need of translation, most of us turn to Google Translate on instinct. But this new app by Microsoft seems like a convenient alternative. Designed to quickly search for a translation of the phrase you require, the app also displays it on the iPhone and Apple watch screens. So if you’re ever abroad and can’t find the words to convey your thoughts or the correct pronunciation, you can just show people what you’re trying to say.

Inbox Vudu (Free, iPhone/iPad)

The AI powered app is designed to rescue you from email overload. The app is designed to efficiently organize your emails and prioritize them according to the ones that require immediate action and ones which can wait.

The app is designed to respond based on the user’s habits. Use this app to stay on top of the many emails that are sitting in your inbox.

Find Your VS Shade (Free, iPad)

The Vidal Sassoon app is designed to allow users to experiment with different hair colors. The app allows you to take a selfie, trace the outline of your hair on the selfie and experiment with new hair colors. The ultimate goal here seems to be persuading users to buy certain products. However, it is a fun app if you want to find out whether you should go for a drastic change of color or a subtle change.

Story Wars (Free, iPhone)

This app will be thoroughly enjoyed by people who have a flare for writing. A collaborative fiction app which allows users to compete amongst themselves, here’s how it goes; one person kicks tings off with a chapter while other users write the next chapter. The next chapter gains approval through votes, and once it is finalized, the next round of drafts for the new chapter start coming in.

It is a fun app for users with vivid imaginations, especially those who love writing.

Genee (Free, iPhone)

Genee is another AI based assistant to help you out with your diary. The service is designed to schedule automated meetings based on when the user and his contacts are free to meet for lunch or to sit down for a chat. The best part about Genee is that it marks the meeting in your calendar and also that of your friends.

WildCard (Free, iPhone)

The daily news and entertainment app is designed to offer users a quick glimpse of news and other stuff which might interest you. The best thing about Wildcard is that it breaks down news into tiny understandable pieces prefect for reading on your phone.

The app has a lot of interesting content from across the web into a feed which is updated continuously.

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