Sunday, May 31, 2015

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May was a little more difficult than anticipated. My broken iPhone brought me way down. I couldn’t really Instagram much, which made me sad, and to top it off, the iPhone malfunctions ate ALL my data by mid-month. I had to make three very time-consuming trips to the Apple Store until they finally gave me a new phone (well, it’s a new, “slightly used” refurbished phone, to be honest, but at least it doesn’t eat my data anymore). I think the worst part was the worry that I’d lose everything. I have 5,000 photos on my iPhone, as well as important calendars, notes, and contacts, and yes I do my best to back up, but given the issues I was having, each trip to the Apple Store ended with being forced to erase everything, restoring my phone to factory settings and NOT from a backup. That meant that three times in the last month, I worried that I’d lose it all if something in my manual backups got messed up or didn’t transfer over properly. It was very, very stressful because of all the “what ifs” that pass through your head when you hit the erase button. The erase button is so scary!

All those trips to get my phone fixed added to my hectic schedule, and to make matters worse, my recipes weren’t working and I hate to publish something I’m not happy with. So that all resulted in less blog posts than usual in May, which made me even sadder because since nothing was working, I thought that maybe I should just quit. I know that’s a little rash, but it really did cross my mind. I contemplated getting a job as a grocery store cashier, or better still, at a bookstore with lots of cookbooks. Of course, I applied for none of those jobs and instead I chose to pout.

I hope your May was better than mine, and fingers crossed that June will finally bring some consistent summer weather and good vibes! I aim to get everything back on track in June, including the blogging, and I’m praying all my baking troubles will magically solve themselves and/or disappear with the change of the calendar month. Today, when I turn on my oven and start a new page in my kitchen notebook, things will automatically be better because it’s June.


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