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Witcher 3 PS4/Xbox One Resolution, "Mind-Blowing" HoloLens Gaming

(Some Of) The Big Stuff:

Witcher 3 1080p On PS4, 900p On Xbox One: [1] After numerous rumors, resolution details for CD Projekt Red's open-world role-playing game have finally been confirmed. The Polish developer announced this week that the game will run in 1080p/30fps on PlayStation 4 and 900p/30fps on Xbox One. The Witcher 3 launches this May.

M icrosoft CEO Talks "Mind-Blowing" HoloLens Gaming Potential [2] : CEO Satya Nadella this week talked about the company's new HoloLens augmented reality platform, teasing that it could have major implications for gaming. While Microsoft isn't talking specifics just yet, Nadella said: "Just imagine what is possible with Minecraft [3] . Gaming truly is a valuable part of millions of people's lives and Microsoft will excel and increase our lead."

Read Nintendo's Response To Kid's Super Mario Bros. 4 Pitch: [4] Here's a nice, heartwarming story to read over the weekend. An 11-year-old sent Nintendo a pitch for Super Mario Bros., which comprised a 13-page document with character descriptions and hand-drawn art. Nintendo declined to use his ideas, but wrote a compassionate, warm reply. D'awwww. Read the full reply here [5] .

The Other Stuff (Stories We Like, But Didn't Cover With a Standalone Post):

PC MMO Star Trek Online [6] has celebrated another milestone. This week, the game, developed by Cryptic Studios, celebrated its fifth anniversary. To celebrate, Cryptic and publisher Perfect World announced an in-game Anniversary Event (Jan. 28-Feb. 26), which will feature a new story episode highlighting Garrett Wang and Denise Crosby.

New DLC is now available for Gearbox's Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [7] . The Lady Hamm erlock Pack expansion launched this week for Xbox 360 [8] , PS3 [9] , and PC, introducing a new character--Lady Hammerlock--as well as a new weapon (sniper rifle) and a new skill called Cold As ice. You can buy the expansion today for $10.

How do all the Mario games fit together, in terms of an overall timeline? While Nintendo hasn't answered the question, one fan now has, creating this video (and this image timeline [10] ) explaining what he thinks is the correct chronological order. Check it out.

Uken Studios this week launched its latest mobile game, Titans, for iPhone and iPad as a free download. Haven't heard of Titans? Based on an original IP, Titans is a real-time card battle game that puts players into a fantasy world that has been conquered by an evil nation. You play a Master Alchemist and must forge an army to fight back. You can download the game today here [11] .

Organizers of this year's Game Developers Choice Awards this week announced the first two special award winners for the year. The Ambassador Award, which honors someone who is actively involved in helping games "advanced to a better place" through advocacy or action is going to Brenda Romero. Meanwhile, the Pioneer Award, given to a person who has achieved breakthro ugh technology and game design milestones, will be given to Elite creator David Braben. Romero and Braben will accept the honors as part of the Game Developers Choice Awards on March 4 in San Francisco.

From the folks at Game Informer comes this wonderful interview with Naughty Dog key creative developers about the challenges of writing Uncharted 4: A Thief's End [12] . Grab a cup of coffee and watch the interview here [13] . It will be worth it.

This fan-made Game of Thrones Miencraft world, WesterosCraft, continues to look amazing. This week, creators behind the project released a new video that shows the incredible progress they've made. Even if you aren't into Game of Thrones, this is still worth your attention.

The Game Awards, a new video game awards show from industry media veteran Geoff Keighley, will return in 2015 after the inaugural 2014 show. Keighley revealed the news on Twitter [14] , saying he's already started putting together the event and will reveal more details this spring. What would you like to see from this year's show?

Science! New research from smart people at UC Davis says that gamers who play sports- and health-oriented video games are likely to try harder of they play with a trim avatar compared to a heavier one. You can read a summary of the research from Polygon [15] .

En Masse Entertainment this week announced that MMO Tera [16] is getting a guild housing system next month. Called the "Skycastle" system, Tera's housing system will come to the game via its next major content update that is currently scheduled to arrive February 25. In addition to the housing system, the update introduces a new 5v5 PvP Battleground, and a new airship dungeon, among other things.

The I rrational Games Store has been updated with a new item: BioShock shot glasses. The four glasses are focused on plasmids Electro Bolt, Incinerate, Insect Swarm, and Telekinesis. Buy the four-pack today for $20 [17] .

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences this week announced the full list of speakers for this year's DICE Awards, which will be held February 5 in Las Vegas. Without further ado...

  • Dr. Mike Capps, AIAS Board Member
  • Mark Cerny, PS4 Lead Architect, Cerny Games
  • Jessica Chobot, host, Nerdist News
  • Neil Druckmann, creative director, Naughty Dog
  • Richard Garriott de Cayeux, creative director, P ortalarium
  • Rich Hilleman, chief creative director, Electronic Arts
  • Min Kim, executive vice president, Nexon Partners
  • Robin Hunicke, co-founder, Funomena
  • Alexey Pajitnov, Tetris creator
  • Ted Price, CEO and founder, Insomniac Games
  • Martin Rae, president, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences
  • Jade Raymond, game developer
  • Chris Roberts, chief creative officer, Cloud Imperium Games
  • Brenda Romero, program director, UC Santa Cruz MS Games & Playable Media
  • John Romero, creative director, UC Santa Cruz MS Games & Playable Media
  • Glen Schofield, GM and co-founder, Sledgehammer Games
  • Chris Taylor, general manager, Wargaming Seattle
  • Nathan Vella, president, Capy Games
  • Ru Weerasuriya, chief executive and creative officer, Ready at Dawn Studios

Another DLC song is now available for dancing game Just Dance 2015 [18] . The track is Charli XCX's hit song "Boom Clap," which you can buy now on all platforms for $3.

Developer Little Orbit this week announced a new contest that invites players to design their own Adventure Time character for a chance to have it featured in the next Adventure Time game. Fans can now submit their artwork, along with a short character description, to Little Orbit for consideration. All you need to do is email your design in a .jpg file no larger than 5MB to . The contest closes February 17.

Want to try out upcoming Alone in the Dark game, Alone in the Dark: Illumination [19] , ahead of its release later this year? If you do, you're in luck, as publisher Atari this week announced that anyone who pre-buys the PC game will gain entry to its beta testing period right away. Pre-buy the game today on Steam for $30 [20] .

PC shooter Block N Load [21] developer Jagex this week announced a new skin for the character Nigel. The character skin is called "Old Scroll Nigel," and it's meant to showcase a "youthful" version of Nigel. The new skin is available now for anyone who bought the Fully Loaded Edition of Block N Load. Jagex has also this week released two new maps for Block N Load: The Last Bastion and Shuko Style. Check out Block N Load today on Steam [22] .

League of Legends [23] developer Riot Games this week released a free album of music based on the immensely popular PC game, featuring the new Amumu track, "The Curse of the Sad Mummy." You can listen to the album and buy it here [24] . Alternatively, it's also available through iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

Super Smash Bros. Kazoo Cover. Need I say more? Enjoy.

Valve announced on Monday a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament will be held at upcoming European gaming tournament ESL One Katowice 2015. The top qualifying teams will battle it out March 12-15 for a prize pool of $250,000. For more, check out: t/ [25] [26]

Here's a pretty good deal for WWE 2K fans. The latest game in the series, WWE 2K15 [27] , is now available through Walmart [28] and Amazon [29] for $40 across all platforms.

Have questions about The Elder Scrolls Online's recent announcement [30] that the online game is dropping mandatory subscriptions? You're in luck, as developers from Zenimax Online Studios answered loads of questions about the business model change on Reddit. Read the full thing here [31] .

Here are NBA logos as video game characters. We won't waste your time: click here [32] to see them all. They are great. Enjoy.

Have a great weekend!

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