Saturday, January 31, 2015

Best mail apps for iPhone

Apple has built Mail right into the iPhone, with universal inbox, multiple draft support, gesture actions, and more. Yet the App Store is home to many other email apps as well, some focused on a particular service, others on workflows like "inbox zero". Which is the best iPhone app for you use depends as much on personality as feature set.

If you're still looking to supercharge your email, check out the list we've compiled. And when you choose â€" or if you've already chosen â€" let us know which one you went with in the poll!

1. Outlook - For your Office 365

Microsoft's new Outlook app, based on Acompli, lets you not only manage your Office 365 mail, but Gmail, iCloud, and standard mail accounts as well. If you're all-in on Office, you'll want Outlook.

2. Gmail â€" For Google lovers

Google's Gmail apps is everything you love about the web service wrapped up in app form. You can label, you can star, you can archive, and more. If Google owns your mail, you should own Gmail.

(Google has the invitation-only Inbox mail app in the App Store as well. It's likely what they're moving to next.)

3. Mailbox â€" For Dropbox fans

Mailbox, now owned by Dropbox , focuses on the "inbox zero" philosophy by letting you archive, delete, snooze, or file email with just a gesture. Attachments can use your Dropbox storage to save on local space as well.

4. Dispatch â€" For app integrators

Dispatch lets you send your mail to TextExpander, Pocket, Evernote, Things, Omnifocus, and many more. If you want your mail to be part of your larger workflow, you'll want to check out Dispatch.

5. Boxer â€" For task masters

Boxer has a dashboard for quick looks, to-do lists, and Exchange support. If you want all that along with gestures that let you quickly sort your mail, you'll want to take a look at Boxer.

6. CloudMagic â€" For power mailers

CloudMagic is based on smart cards that let you easily push email out into Evernote, Pocket, Trello, OneNote, Salesforce, Asiana, Mail Chimp, and more. If super productivity and services integration are you think, CloudMagic might just be your thing.

7. Hop â€" For the chatty

Hop turns mail into something closer to messages. Instead of threads, you get conversations. You can even make groups and place calls with other Hop users. That makes Hop good for workgroups and the social set alike.

8. Triage â€"For exactly that

Triage does just what the name suggests â€" it presents your email like a deck of cards and lets you rapidly swipe an email up to archive it and down to keep it. If all you want is to rapidly sort while on the go, Triage makes it super fast and easy.

9. Inky Mail â€" For the over organizers

Inky Mail wants to help you sort your way into an more organized mail system. It does that with smart filters and categories that include personal, social, packages, and more.

10. Your favorite?

If you're new to mail apps on the iPhone, one of the above apps should absolutely suit you well. Read them through, pick the ones that interest you, and tell us which one you end up liking the best. If you've already found your favorite email app, let me know which one it is!

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