Friday, October 31, 2014

How to record the screen of iPhone / iPad?

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One of the most pleasant surprises of OS X Yosemite, the new operating system from Apple (and free upgrade from the Mac App Store) is that can now record your iPhone screen without extra hardware or software. Yes, enough to have our iPhone or iPad on hand, and see how simple it is!

How to record the screen free iPhone, without additional software or hardware?

The entire process, we will do a classic and popular program on the Mac: QuickTime. QuickTime is available on the Mac since 1991 as the media player from Apple. Over time, it has been updated several times and Yosemite has gained a new function. To allow us to record videos of your iPhone

Now, few know, but QuickTime is actually quite capable even an application to record video from your webcam. Whenever you need to record a quick video, just open QuickTime, starting a webcam recording, and ready.

In fact, it is this very feature, the recording, which we will use for the iPhone. So connect their phones to the Lightning Cable, open QuickTime on Mac and then from FIle (File), choose “New Movie Recording” or “New Movie Recording”

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When you have done this you will see that Quicktime is default with our Webcam. To record the screen of the iPhone or iPad, make sure the phone is unlocked and on the Home screen, and then give click on the arrow located on the side of the record button. This will allow us to choose the iPhone for video and audio. Choose both if you want to record both the image of the iPhone or iPad, along with audio, or choose the microphone as audio narration while recording if you want the iPhone screen (perfect for tutorials). They can choose between two quality options. If you have a modern iPhone (or iPad 5S Up Air), Maximum is a good choice. Otherwise, high enough, especially for online video


Once done, give it a Record button, and voila! Super simple, right? And best of all, the quality is very good. Watch the gameplay video I made of Retry:

Or Run, Sackboy, Run, which is 60 frames per second!

Do not forget to just click on File / Export, once they finish recording, in order to save it! U optionally use the Share button to send Quicktime directly to YouTube, Vimeo and others!


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