Friday, October 31, 2014

Best Free Games for iPhone! Download these games for your iPad / iPhone

Yesterday we took our list the best games for Android, so it was just as well, of course, actualizáramos our list of the best games for iPhone / iPad!

Here the list of the best games of recent months. If they are not enough, you can find our huge list of the best free iPhone games here !

Run Run Sackboy

Sackboy, one of the most lovable characters in recent years and starred in the LittleBigPlanet series of games for Playstation 3/4 first comes to iOS in the form of an Endless Runner with excellent graphics and lots of fun. The game has a unique look and crafts, which looks very good on the screen of your iPhone / iPad. Definitely have to try it.

Adventure Xpress

Adventure Xpress was so good, they excel in their own post. It’s basically a much more “cool” and fun Candy Crush version; This means we’ll be getting three “gems” of colors. But having an adventure behind (with items that can be purchased, or equipment that can improve), Adventure Xpress becomes one of the best modern versions that will play Bejeweled. Highly recommended.

Shoot The Moon

Entertaining and simple game where our goal throughout the ordeal, simply shoot the moon. A sort of Space Invaders with a single goal, but one that for dodging our shots. The graphics are extremely funny. It’s the kind of game that we can try and enjoy in small intervals during the day.

Zombie Highway 2

A “Endless Runner” vehicle, Zombie Highway 2 puts us in command of a vehicle (which can be updated / changed) who is trying to get from one side of the road to “safe zones” or safe areas. Zombie Highway 2 improves on every aspect of the original, including superior graphics, better game mechanics, vehicle upgrades and weapons that give longevity, and more.

Gemini Strike

Excellent shoot ‘em up with ships that knows implement the Free To Play model: the game is fully playable without investing a single dollar, but do give us good and valuable extras. Highly recommended!

The Silent Age

The Silent Age is one of the best games of modern adventure they will encounter. It has a great plot, creative puzzles and excellent graphics. Episode 1 is free, while the second (and last) episode, is available as an in-app purchase.

Turbo Dismount

Dismount Turbo is the perfect game to kill time: this is a game with one goal: to cause the most damage possible scandalous puppet “doll” or appears as a protagonist, and thus achieve the highest score. To do this, we can fill the level of barriers or elements that collaborate to, like ramps. Perfect, as I said, to kill time


This is a challenging game that is guided under the concept of “Flappy Bird” to give us a difficult journey. But unlike the latter, there is a repeated game, then Retry we have multiple levels, as you can see in the video. The graphics are good â€" they remind me of a classic SNES game â€" and levels of fun. The IAP is not annoying.


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