Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Record Keeper and World Wide Words

Pocket Gamer reports [1] that two new free-to-play Final Fantasy games from Square Enix [2]  have sneaked their way onto the App Store in Japan â€" Final Fantasy: Record Keeper [3] and Final Fantasy: World Wide Words [4] .

In Record Keeper, players take on the role of an Apprentice that jumps into paintings that take them to famous scenes from previous games in the series. The battle system is similar to that found in Final Fantasy: All The Bravest [5] , with players getting to fight alongside Cloud Strife, Zidane Tribal, Luneth, and more.

Meanwhile, the word-battling RPG World Wide Words features the same art style as Theatrhythm Final Fantasy [6] , with players given the task of typing out words to perform attacks against monsters and fast typing rewarded with more powerful attacks.

Nothing has been announced regarding the release of either of these games outside of Japan, but both can be found on the Japanese App Store now and are free to download.

source: Pocket Gamer [7]

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