Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 Super Apps to Help Working Moms Who Drive « Car Clique

Ongoing rapid technological developments have truly revolutionized the world. It gives us goose bumps when we look at some jaw dropping advancements today that couldn’t have imagined just five or ten years ago.

Remember when mobile phones were launched? They were pretty big in size, heavy and the only benefits it offered were the ability to call and â€" eventually, text. But today things are much different with smartphones. Not only can users enjoy the benefit of calling and texting but women also enjoy web browsing and shop online. No matter who you are and what you do, it’s easy to find and download the perfect app that matches your needs and offers the benefits you are looking for.

Juggling work, home management, dropping off the kids and de-stressing is not easy. However, thanks to a range of apps, working moms can strike a greater work life balance. Or, at least save a few extra minutes to help optimize her “time management”.

Our favorite super apps designed to help working moms who drive to work include:

1. Dragon Dictation: This app uses voice recognition to type text messages, create emails and compile to do lists. It allows working mothers to run office errands on the go without touching the screen or diverting their attention while driving. This is a free voice-to-text app available at Apple’s iTunes store and can run on iPhone and other iOS based devices.

2. Waze App: This is a mapping, traffic and a navigation application. It helps cut down drive time and provides shortcuts to reach to your desired destination. It comes in handy when women are driving to new locations alone for the first time and need directions so they don’t get lost. Waze is one of the biggest communities of traffic centered forums where real time information is shared to help you save time and gas money. Downloaded for free on all platforms including iOS, Android and Windows.

3. PayByPhone App: This app is truly handy for working moms who have to rush into meetings and don’t have time to pay the parking meters. Set up an account, enter license plate number, location and how long will the car be parked at the desired location and pay for it. Also, it allows the parking time to be extended, if needed. Download PayByPhone app on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry free of cost.

4. Intuition Mom’s Personal Assistant App: Like the name suggest, this app acts like your virtual personal assistant. It is exclusively designed for busy moms. Use this app to get and stay organized, keep track of all your shopping lists, things to do + appointments. With this app you can prioritize and run errands and manage your time efficiently. Downloaded for free. Is compatible on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone 3 G and iPad.

5. DropBox: This app is compatible with all platforms like Apple, Blackberry and Android and is free. Save all your important business documents, files, videos and photos in this app. With this app, all your important files are at your fingertips. Who needs an external drive anymore?

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