Friday, August 29, 2014

Remember, the emoji-only messenger? It has finally launched on the App Store


Earlier this summer, iPhone users were treated to one of the biggest App Store fads in recent months in Yo . The app allowed you to communicate with others by sending a simple Yo notification â€" that was it. Following in the footsteps of Yo was, announced in late June as an emoji-only messenger. The app, as you probably guessed, is an instant messaging platform for sending messages with only emoji characters. After a two month wait, the app has now launched on the App Store. sent out an email to those that signed up for the app prior to its release with instructions on how to unlock the username they reserved, including a six-digit code to enter. The team also announced that it remains undecided about releasing an Android version of the app, while sarcastically suggesting that the two Windows Phone users out there will have to wait a while for the app to reach that platform.

We’re not sure why you could possibly need, but it is now available on the App Store [1] as a free download for iPhone and iPad.

If you give it a spin, let us know how many minutes it takes you before tapping the uninstall button.

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