Monday, March 31, 2014

How to get Free Cell Phone Service Any iPhone or Android | Gadgets Video

Thanks for the video! I use a pretty similar system to get really cheap
phone service (not completely free).

I use a service called Lycamobile which charges 2 cents a minute and 6
cents a megabyte.I use Google Voice for all of my texting. I send most of
my texts wifi and only occasionally send a google voice text over data. I
also use a VOIP app called Groove IP to call over google voice when I am on
wifi. I only resort to using lycamobile when I am out and about.

I worked my cell phone bill down to about 20 cents to a dollar every month.

If you have an unlocked gsm phone you should consider lycamobile. It can
give you a little extra coverage when you are out and about. 

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