Saturday, August 31, 2013

To gear up for the iTunes Music Festival, Apple Store App is offering six free songs from attending artists

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The iTunes Music Festival has been a popular event for the past few years as Apple’s premier music extravaganza, and to drum up excitement the company is offering six free songs via the Apple Store App. The songs that are available for download are from artists that will be attending and playing at the month long event in London starting on Sunday, September 1. They include:

* Trying To Be Cool â€" Phoenix
* Working Woman Blues â€" Valerie June
*2013 â€" Primal Scream
*My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me â€" Little Green Cars
*Chain My Name â€" Polica
* The Curse â€" Agnes Bel

All six tracks are available to download until October 31 of this year, and feature a pop-infused sound that seems to be right in line with the philosophy behind the iTunes Music Festival. The festival is an offering of free live performances from some of the industry’s most popular artists. You can stream the whole thing live with the iTunes Festival app, or watch the performances in iTunes on your Mac or PC. In addition to the artists mentioned above, you’ll be able to catch performances by Katy Perry, Vampire Weekend, Paramore, and many others. No matter how small or big of a music fan you might beâ€"or eclectic your tastesâ€"there’s bound to be something for everyone at 30 day event, so grab the above downloads, get excited, and tune in.

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