Saturday, August 31, 2013

Best Free Apps of the Day on 8/31. AvgNite Cam, HT Recorder for iPad, Lens Lab, & More!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

We have lots of great apps this Saturday!

Average+Night Camera allows you to take better photos in low light and even virtually no light situations. HT Recorder for iPad is a powerful recording app that is great for recording lectures and business meetings. Configure depth of field and field of view settings for your SLR camera with a lens simulator app.

We also have two popular music apps, a smart task manager, and 2 quality games. Don’t miss today’s Best Free Apps of the Day!

Please Note: All apps listed here are free in the U.S. App Store when this post was published. But since most apps listed here are only FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME, price changes by the developers can happen at anytime. Please double check the price in the App Store before your download.

AvgNite Cam : Average+Night Camera (4.5 stars with 7 User Ratings)
iPhone App
$0.99 â†' Free



AvgNite Cam has two special settings to help you take better photos. If you’re in a low light setting, the Average camera will help you with an enhanced performance, boosting the light and lowering the noise in the photo. If you’re taking a photo at night with even less light and no flash, the Night camera will do the exact same as the AvgNite camera, with similar results. It works by putting your camera in burst mode for a long exposure shot, taking multiple photos and then splicing them together, creating effects or reducing noise. It works surprisingly quick when averaging the photos, and if you want to take just one photo at a time, it works with a low light enhancement performance. There’s a lot more to discover here, but check out AvgNite Cam yourself.

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