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The Top 5 Security Apps For The IPhone 5

darth The Top 5 Security Apps For The IPhone 5

These days, with the risk of hackings [1] , virus infections, and spyware contamination on the rise for mobile devices of all types, keeping your personal data secure is of paramount importance. All it takes is one industrious hacker, one virus, or one piece of spyware on your device to make you lose valuable data that could comprise your personal data, your job, or your business. It pays to understand how you can protect yourself in this era of constant connection and digital technology. For those of you who have moved over to the iPhone 5, what are some great apps that you can use to protect yourself?

Find My iPhone

With the unfortunate rise in the theft of mobile devices, especially iPhones [2] , you have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. If your device is lost or stolen you want to be able to find it as quickly as possible, before your device is used by individuals who could potentially steal your data. In addition to the handy locator services, the device app allows you to erase data, set an alarm on your device, and perform other nifty functions all remotely from your computer. Best of all, it’s completely free!


This app is particularly good for folks who use their phones to store personal data. mSecure utilizes 256-bit blowfish encryption in order to protect your data and make it difficult for hackers and other malicious users to access. This one costs £6.99 to download.


If you need to protect even your daily conversations with folks and ensure that nobody can access your conversations or listen in on you, then this is the app you want. It uses 256-bit AES encryption using a voice over Internet protocol to protect your mobile phone conversations and is completely free to download.

Lockout Mobile Security

Need location services, remote phone calling, remote alarm setting, the ability to save last known location in case your device’s battery dies, and notification of your device being jail broken? This free app has it all. Oh yeah.

Dot Lock Secure

Available for just 69p, this app emails you whenever someone tries to break into your phone. It sends you their location and even uses the camera to snap a picture of the potential thief of your iPhone. It also helps you to ensure that your phone’s data is fully secure. Pretty dang nifty if you ask me!

In this age of constant connection, keeping all of your electronic devices secure is extremely important. Whether this means protecting your devices from being attacked through a hacking, being able to secure your devices from virus infections or spyware installations that you don’t want, or being able to locate your devices in case they are lost or stolen, you want to do everything in your power to keep your data safe. These days, this includes even mobile devices such as your brand new iPhone 5. It is also a good idea to invest in a good mobile phone insurance policy such as iPhone insurance [3] in case of damage, loss, or theft.

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