Friday, May 31, 2013

Adobe Releases Kuler for iPhone | TUAW

Rejoice designers. Adobe has released a free Kuler app for iPhone [1] . Kuler is a free service offered by Adobe that helps designers with the creation and sharing of color themes using a series of slides and color wheels. The site is fun [2] , but the app is a powerful addition. The app allows designers build and edit color themes based on photos taken with the iPhone.

Simply snap a picture in the app's camera view and it will automatically build color palettes based on the image you capture. The palette tones are shows via a series of overlaid color dots that show you where the primary colors are being drawn from. It then uses this information to create a color swatch for you. The app gives you the option to manually adjust your color selections with RGB sliders or switch between presets like "Colorful" and "Muted" to quickly manipulate your set.

The app also features pre-set color rules for its color wheel, allowing you to quickly identify monochromatic and complementary colors with ease. Themes can be named, tagged and shared via email, Twitter or Kuler's website. Once a theme has been shared to the Kuler site it can be uploaded for use in other Adobe apps, such as Illustrator.

Kuler is available for free right now in the App Store. Go play with some colors.

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