Monday, December 31, 2012

Vibrating iPhone app lets you take hands-free 360-degree videos

We're still essentially at the beginning of the innovation cycle when it comes to smartphone apps, but even now there are amazing new apps that offer functions that can seem like magic. The latest of these includes an app the uses the iPhone 5's vibration function in a way that even Steve Jobs never imagined.

Cycloramic is an app that uses the built-in vibration ability of the iPhone 5 along with the phone's accelerometers to automatically rotate itself in place, creating 360-degree panoramic videos on any hard, flat surface. While simple in terms of execution, Cycloramic's operation is so seamless and fluid that some viewers thought the video was a hoax when the developers first posted a demo of the app. At this point, the app doesn't take panoramic photos, and the videos don't include sound, but it's still impressively innovative.

Among the app's fans are none other than Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who gave the public a demo [1] of the app from his own kitchen. The app is available for 99 cents on iTunes and you can see it in unbelievable action in the video below.

Via Cycloramic [2]

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