Monday, December 31, 2012

Software Training Developer InfiniteSkills Releases Universal iPad and iPhone App with Over 10,000 Video Tutorials

(PRWEB) December 15, 2012

Technology training company InfiniteSkills Inc. has released a new edition of popular iOS app that now provides unlimited access to its tutorials for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users.

With version 4.0, users of all iOS devices can download the app for free and receive streaming access to over 1,000 free demo videos from the company’s training library. With a no-commitment subscription option of $ 9.99 per month, users can unlock full access to the company’s title list, with over 1,000 hours of training in programming languages, multimedia and office software, CAD tools and more.

“Ever since we released the first version of our training for the iPad, we’ve had a huge response, and over time more and more users have asked for iPhone access, too,” said Colin Boyd, sales director for InfiniteSkills. “Before releasing a universal app, we wanted to make sure we did it absolutely right, and we’re confident that the unlimited training model combined with our intuitive interface is exactly what users are looking for.”

Subscribers to unlimited in-app training are able to stream the tutorial videos on any iOS device they own, and the InfiniteSkills app also supports Airplay so that courses can be viewed on any HDTV via Apple TV. The multiple viewing options allow users to watch the training by itself or side-by-side as they work through examples on their computers, Boyd said.

In addition to the courses currently available in the app, subscribers receive weekly updates with new courses as they come out on the InfiniteSkills website. Any time the company releases a new DVD training course, InfiniteSkills creates a full corresponding online edition specifically for the iOS app. Recently added courses include Microsoft Excel 2013, Apple OS X Mountain Lion, Javascript Programming and full courses for each major program in Adobe Creative Suite 6.

“We cover the most popular programs used in business, engineering and education, and we also monitor requests from customers through social media and individual emails every day,” said Chris Johns, content coordinator for InfiniteSkills. “InfiniteSkills has professional tutorials for programs that aren’t addressed by anyone else, and the new app is just one more way we can get our training into people’s hands.”

InfiniteSkills course coverage includes products made by Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Autodesk, Oracle, Avid and SAP as well as web and technology standards such as HTML5, PHP, MySQL, C++, jQuery, Python and more. The training library accessible within the new app spans more than 110 separate titles and more than 10,000 hours of hands-on lessons.

The InfiniteSkills Video Training app is a free download compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 5, with optimizations for the iPhone 5. An active internet connection is required to stream videos within the app, with WiFi and 3G or greater speeds recommended. More information on the app can be found within iTunes or on the App store product page:

About InfiniteSkills Inc

With a rapidly growing library of tutorial video courses on the world’s most in-demand applications and technologies, InfiniteSkills has emerged as a premier provider of professional software training. Its popular video training products can be found on DVD, multi-platform eLearning formats and as a universal iOS app.

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