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Kids #AppFriday Deals - Special Art and Creative Apps

Kids App Friday DealsTime for AppFriday when a lot of top apps for kids are going free or on sale for the day! This week focus is on apps that will help stimulate your kids creative skills with a special Art and Creative Apps! You will find musical apps, drawing apps …..

Have fun with apps and if we missed any, please feel free to add in the comments or list your apps in the Link Exchange below.

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Art and Creative Apps for your week end!

Creative Learning Apps:

Move the Turtle [1] : Top Mathematical App for Students

Move the Turtle Programming for kids by Next is Great is based on the mathematical idea of Logo to give students the opportunity to be introduced to basic programming or coding skills. Through a few simple step by step commands your “turtle cursor” will be able to draw geometric shapes and patterns, while also reinforcing angles…. A TOP PICK for Fun Educational Apps!  AppStar Pick Selection [2]

AppFriday Price: Free -RRP: 2.99 US$


Drawing Animals With Numbers [3] - By Johnny Byrnes

A fun way to learn about numbers!

AppFriday Price: 0.99 US4 -RRP: 1.99 US$ -Universal Apps iPad/iPhone/iPad




Montessori Numberland HD [4] - By Les Trois Elles Interactive

* A Gold Medal winner of the 2011 Parents' Choice award! Fun Educational Apps Top Picks and AppStar Pick Selection [5]

AppFriday Price: 2.99 US4 -RRP: 4.99 US$ - Universal Apps iPad/iPhone/iPad



Art and Drawing Apps

Character Creations [6] - By Dave Baxter

A fun apps for your kids to create over 1 million different characters combinations using drag and drop features

AppFriday Price: Free -RRP: 1.99 US$ â€" Universal Apps iPad/iPhone/iPad




Storybook Apps for creative thinking:

The Adventures of Slibby the Snail: The Stolen Food [7] - Top Storybook App

The Adventures of Slibby the Snail: The Stolen Food is a top story book app created by developer CoolAsh Studio. Developed with versions for both iPad or iPhone/iPod, this cute story integrates reader participation, nice graphics, and a fun story line. It's sure to keep the reader engaged. Fun Educational App Top Favourite!!!  - AppStar Pick Selection [9] [8]

AppFriday Price: Free -RRP: 2.99 US$ -Universal Apps iPad/iPhone/iPad


Creative Play Apps

Merry Cubes HD [10] - By Igromatic

Fun puzzle game

AppFriday Price: Free -RRP: 0.99 US$ â€" iPad App


Puzzle School 2+: Kids Puzzles Learning Game for Preschoolers and Toddlers [11] - By Anlock

Top puzzle app highly recommended!

AppFriday Price: Free -RRP: 1.99 US$ â€" iPad App



Smash Your Food HD [12] - By Food N' Me

Want your kids to have fun…

AppFriday Price: Free -RRP: 2.99 US$ â€" iPad App



Trucks in Town [13] - By Pet Project

Encourage your kids ages 2 to 5 creative play with a simple, absorbing game that encourages imaginative free play.

AppFriday Price: Free  -RRP: 0.99 US$ â€" iPad App


Mulberry FingerPlays for iPhone [14] - By Mulberry Media Interactive Inc

AppFriday Price: Free â€" iPhone/iPod App Compatible iPad



Musical Apps:

Classical Kids Student Edition [15] - By The Children’s Group

Looking for a musical app that will help your kids to get into classical music …. Producer Susan Hammond’s award-winning series have revolutionized the way children, parents and educators approach classical music. All Classical Kids recordings feature a unique combination of music, history and dramatic storytelling to engage the imagination and present Classical composers as heroes for children.

AppFriday Price: Free to download â€"Additional composer available for 3.99 US$ via In-App Purchase â€" iPad App

Don’t miss:  Classical Kids: Beethoven Lives Upstairs [16] - Teacher's Edition

AppFriday Pike: Free â€" RRP: 19.99US$ â€" iPad App


*** Promotional pricing lasts until 8pm US PST Friday/ UK Europe 4.00 am UK Europe Saturday! unless extended by the developer ***

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Note: all the apps featured were free or on sale at the time we published … Prices can change anytime, we have no control over prices!

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