Thursday, May 31, 2012

Facts And Features Of The iPhone 3GS Smart Phone

With so much being said about the iPhone 5 being released, it is super easy to forget that there are quite a lot of older and lower priced models like the iPhone 3GS smart phone that are out there. In fact, this is a great time to purchase this particular phone since AT&T has such great deals on them these days. Of course, before you spend money on this or any of the smart phones that are out there, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all of the most important features.

The days of calling and receiving phone calls from your phone or over â€" smartphone technology allows you to do a lot more with your cell. To make sure you never get lost, the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone has a GPS system ready to use. GPS units that are in cars are very useful, yet you should also have one with you in case you are trying to find your way in a metropolitan area while walking. The app that you will need is called the Maps & Compass application â€" just download it and you are ready to go. Finding North is no problem at all using this app. Finding a place to go has never been easier using the Maps function on the app. So if you’re walking around an unfamiliar neighborhood, you can type in something like “hotel” and the nearest hotels will appear on your map.

The iPhone 3GS gives you many options for storing, editing and sending photos. Taking and organizing photos has never been easier; simply categorize your photos by place, face, or event. To make your photos look better than ever, download apps that can help you with editing and processing your images. The Crop For Free app, for example, does just what the name suggests, allowing you to easily crop any of your photos to your satisfaction. To make your images look even better, there is an app that you can download called iRetouch Lite. You can even edit multiple groups of images by downloading the right apps to your iPhone.

You can find one really great app that works fantastic if you are a runner. On the other hand, it may even motivate you to start running, which is a healthy activity for anyone to do. This app is the Nike+ app which is a joint effort from both Nike and Apple. You place a sensor in your Nike running shoe and it connects to a receiver that sits in your iPhone (it works with iPods too). The app tracks your progress in terms of your speed and how much ground you cover. When you add in a Bluetooth headset you can talk to people while you are running. The Nike+ app is currently free but that might be a limited time offer.

The iPhone 3GS smart phone is a classic device that Apple created and holds up perfectly well against other phones. You may want to compare it to later models such as the iPhone 4 and determine if it’s really worth it to pay a lot more for features you may not even use. On the other hand, if you are very intent on having the most recent iPhone you would be better off waiting until the iPhone 5 is released.

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