Friday, September 30, 2011

FreeAppWin iPhone App Review – An Easy Way to Find and Download Apps

September 30, 2011 | Randy

If you are one who don’t want to miss out some free app apps from the app store, here is the right app for you; FreeAppWin. It is time-consuming to check app store every time and searching for some good apps that you can avail without any bucks. FreeAppWin can help you get some cool free and paid apps from the app store right away from it.

Even I am the one who checks for some free apps around the store, but what I was used to search those was FAAD (Free App A day); a website that displays apps that goes free for a particular time. Now this comes pretty handy on my iDevice and I am able to track all the great apps that are categorized as free, gone for free for one or two days and some spectacular paid apps as well.

Apart from the apps, FreeAppWin offers some cool contests for the users. You can check out the available contests and giveaways from the app. This app requires full-time Wi-Fi/3G connection to work, which is sometimes frustrating. On launching the app you can see the featured free apps available, apps that can be available for free for a limited time, suggested free apps and suggested paid apps. This app has an attractive interface such as the iBook shelf (But looks repetitive). The apps inside FreeAppWin are arranged very clearly within a well-made wooden shelf.

On tapping an app inside takes you to the description page with screenshots of the app (from the app store). But I didn’t find the screenshots inside the page apart from the five blank screens. You can directly get the app by tapping the “Get It!” button on top. It will guide you directly to the app store and you can proceed with downloading it. I was able to share the particular app via Twitter, Facebook and Email, which is benign.

On tapping the Contest button you can see the live contests available inside the app. You can also refer the app to your friends from here to get bonus monthly entries. There are daily, weekly and Monthly contests that offer a wide opportunity for users to win Amazon gift cards worth $5 to $200. If you are going to participate in any contests, then have a look at the terms and conditions as well.

FreeAppWin is available on the app store for FREE of cost and I am sure you are not going to be disappointed by downloading this app.

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