Sunday, July 31, 2011

SoundHound 4.0 ~ Top & best free iphone apps, games

SoundHound 4.0

Author: gadina

Status: Freeware / Cracked

Update SoundHound.
Appendix Shazam can identify music tracks, playing nearby. Appendix SoundHound (Midomi Music Identifier and Search) does the same thing, but it adds several new features. SoundHound can listen to and correctly identify the song regardless of whether it sounds on the radio or you yourself humming it. In SoundHound use search engines to accurately Sound2Sound music recognition. In contrast, Shazam, an application can identify tunes that you are humming. In addition, you can just say the artist name or song title into the built-in microphone and SoundHound find it. The application also has a text input field for search. If there is no Internet connection, the name specified in the search will be stored and found after the link to appear. SoundHound lets you share songs found through Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail. When SoundHound recognized at the song, he gives full information about it. Song title and artist name appears at the top of the screen with 30-minute preview clip and a link for download through iTunes. Below you will find several links to YouTube, where you can watch videos while in the application. You can also find information about the artist and his albums and photos. In SoundHound simple and attractive interface that makes it easy to use application. Impressive accuracy with which SoundHound identifies the song. In addition to its primary function the application provides a wealth of information. SoundHound will greatly increase your musical information.
In the new version:
- The words, as shown in time with the music for the songs you hear playing or what is on your iPod
- The very first play audio words: double-tap on the required words in order to play them!
- Incredible coverage of more than 500 000 songs LiveLyrics
Requires firmware above 3.0
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Language: English

Links for download:

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