Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy Machines 2 HD 1.0 ~ Top & best free iphone apps, games

Crazy Machines 2 HD 1.0

Author: gadina

Status: Freeware / Cracked
Welcome to Crazy Machines 2. Continuation of the acclaimed and beloved game for iPhone and iPad. Absent-minded professor came back and now leaves his secret laboratory to explore the wide world where he can play with their sophisticated experiments. This will lead him to the most beautiful beaches in the world and the Pyramids Giza, among other places. You will help the Professor in his experiments, the most idiotic vyzvaya valuable reactions and finishing more and more complicated test tests.
The angle of rotation and fall: Professor is in his voyage round the world!
"Crazy Machines 2" will take you on a journey around the world: You'll need to use a variety of objects to build strange machines that produce some valuable responses to the Great Wall of China, the pyramids of Giza and even eerie Transylvania!
For example: Your goal is to launch a rocket firework. You'll need to use their ingenuity to achieve the desired result, because all you have available, a soccer ball, bellows, hot air balloon, scissors and a few boards. Only the right combination and sequence of things will cause a chain reaction that will result.
- Three tricky game modes: Action, Puzzle and Building Kit
- Wacky minor history with 13 exotic settings parameters
- Improved graphics, which uses a completely new engine
- The controls have been optimized
- Numerous new levels and combinations of objects
- And more ...
Requires firmware is not below 3.2
Compatibility: iPad
Language: English

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