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The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

We are literally days away from the release of Windows 10 on PCs and tablets, but we still don't have a definitive release date for Windows 10 Mobile. That is ever so slightly annoying, given that one of the big things about Windows 10 is the concept of universal apps. Windows Phone 8 apps support is hardly amazing as it is, what's going to happen in that lull before release? Not that I feel like the mobile version should be rushed out before it's ready, that wouldn't be beneficial to anyone.

But while we ponder about what the future might bring, here is this week's batch of apps for your downloading pleasure.

iPhone Apps

Pixcall:  [1] This app is what the creators refer to as a 'teleportation photo app', and promises that it lets you meet and do things with friends, even if you happen to be thousands of miles away from each other. Essentially you organise a time to hang out with your friends, and when that time occurs your phone's cameras will activate simultaneously. Whatever the result, you can all view, comment on, download, and share them with your other friends. [Free]

AccuWeather: [2]  This one is a crowdsourced weather app, and has just had a decent update. The new AccUCast lets you become part off the weather forecast cycle, sharing your current weather and road conditions with people in the local area and help them stay one step ahead of mother nature. There have also been updates to the minute-by-minute forecasts, and now you can get rain warnings, accurate to your street, two hours in advance. [Free]

NINE: [3]  NINE is a visual to-do list, designed to let you quickly remind yourself of things you need to do. There's a nice nine-grid system that organises everything, based on the general action you need to take (buy, make, watch, do, etc), and everything is kept separate from your photo gallery so you don't lose anything. Plus, old items are archived so you don't really lose them once they've been completed. [£0.79]

Skyüber: [4]  I think the purpose of this app is fairly self-explanatory, but here goes. Skyüber is basically Uber for the skies, letting you book passage in planes and sharing the costs with any number of experienced pilots. Obviously they can't have the plane pick you up from your house, but if you want to take a flight without a huge cost then this is worth looking into. [Free]

Travelex Money: [5]  Ordering currency has only been a pain if your local post office is prone to very long queues during off-peak hours. But anything can be made easier, and Travelex Money is here to make it easier to buy foreign currency; all it takes is a few taps from your phone. It'll tell you how much would be a good idea to order, based on where you're going, and lets you choose between having your money delivered to your home or picking it up at your nearest Travelex location. [Free]

iPad Apps

Colorfy: Colouring Book for Adults: [6]  Colouring in is one of those things that adults never do, but children love. Now have you noticed how care-free and happy children are? Is it a coincidence? Probably, but that doesn't mean colouring can't be soothing. That's what Colorfy is for, it's an adult colouring book filled with an array of floral patterns that are designed to ease anxiety and watch time fly by. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Smarter Paris: [7]  An offline tool designed to help you make the most of your trip to Paris, Smarter Paris has the equivalent of thousands of pages of information and over 1,500 images. There's a map so you know were to go, landmark guides, a trip planner, as well as reviews of landmarks, restaurants, and bars. There are even tools, like a currency converter, dictionary, and phrasebook. [£2.99]

MyEye: [8]  Another option in the world of live-streaming, MyEye lets you use your iPad's camera as a conduit for filming and sharing with the wider community. There's nothing much distinguishing it from rivals, perhaps aside from a celebrity endorsement in the form of David Beckham, but if you want to try a new option (and want to enjoy the 72 hour replays) then you know what to do. [Free]

Chrome: [9]  Safari is known to be a bit rubbish compared to its rivals, so you'll want to install a better browser like Chrome. Google has just updated it, and now Google has updated to include gesture control for navigation. That means you're less reliant on pesky buttons to find your way around. [Free]

Laundrapp: [10]  So you don't have a washing machine, or you have clothes that absolutely have to be dry cleaned, but you don't have much time. It's no problem, as long as you live in London, Birmingham, or Edinburgh. Laundrapp has a team of people who will pick up your clothes at a time that suits you, sort everything out and then send it back to you. It's now had a new updated interface, and improvements to customer care, so everything is nice and simple. [Free]

Android Apps

Tiles Instagram Lock Screen: [11]  There are many things you can do to spice up your lock screen, and Tiles is one that let's you turn it into a collage of photos from your Instagram feed. It's all customisable, so you get to choose which accounts you follow show up, and you don't even need an internet connection for it to work. [Free]

Pause: [12]  This one is a curated music magazine, containing s tories, interviews, reviews, audio, and video from some of the world's best music authorities. That includes the likes of the Guardian, the New York Times, Billboard, and more. This is the perfect download for music lover. [Free]

Inbox: [13]  Inbox has been a controversial addition to Google's email infrastructure, but now it has an in credibly useful new feature in the form of Snooze. In effect it lets you snooze your e mail notifications, so that you can deal with them at a more appropriate time. You can also set reminders to compose emails, so you have no excuse for forgetting to deal with your emails. [Free]

Adobe Lightroom: [14]  Lightroom is an Adobe app that uses the power of Photoshop to help you create your own incredible images without having to jump between apps. It's had a decent update, and that means you can edit images much faster, improvem ents that let you easily and effectively crop your images, and a new 'Segmented View' that offers new ways to discover and interact with your images. [Free -- requires Creative Cloud Photography subscription]

YouTube: [15]  The official YouTube app has had a nice big update, and the emphasis is on making discovering your content easier than ever before. Now your subscriptions, favourites, and recommendations are only a fe w taps away. There are also new in-app editing tools to make it easier dealing with video on the go. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Dailymotion: [16]  Dailymotion is one of those YouTube rivals that has a huge library of videos for you to enjoy. The app is ideal for keeping up to date with all the new content being uploaded to Dailymotion, with staff picks and recommendations to help you to discover new things. You ca n watch some things in 4K, share and follow your favourite content, manage your own Dailymotion channel, and even stream live content. [Free]

10Calc: [17]  All phones have a calculator built-in, but they are pretty basic offerings. If you want to go beyond that, then you should check out 10Calc. In addition to having both basic and scientific calculators, 10Calc has a unit converter, a programmer's calculator, and an Unorthodox calculator for things like bill splitting and such-like. [Free]

Perfect Tube: [18]  This is a YouTube app designed specifically for Windows Phone, and lets you take care of pretty much every YouTube-based business you require. Subscriptions, recommendations, and so on. It's all there. There's even a mini player so you can watch content while you do other things. [Free]

Feed Lab: [19]  Windows Phone is very well known for the whole lack of first-party apps shabang, but thankfully there are plenty of third party devs who work tirelessly to give everyone the services they need. Feed Lab is the latest example, functioning as a third-party Feedly client for you to store all your RSS feeds for easy viewing. [Free]

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