Awesome Apps of the Week [1]

Awesome Apps of the Week

It’s the weekend, and Cult of Mac is here to bring you a roundup of all the app goodness you might have missed from the last week.

VLC makes its triumphant return to the App Store, a great printing tool becomes Apple’s free app of the week, a premium todo app goes universal, and more.

Without further ado, here are this week’s awesome apps!

VLC [2]


VLC and the App Store are like teenager lovers, on and off again without end. But now the open-source video player is back with a vengeance.

The last time VLC was pulled was around the release of iOS 8, and VideoLAN has been working with volunteers for months to get the app ready for re-release.

You can still play nearly every video file known to man, and now the app will automatically detect vertical videos and rotate them with some letter boxing. iPhone 6/6 Plus resolutions are supported along with external subtitles, library search, Google Drive streaming, and bug fixes.

The desktop app has finally been updated with the ability to resume playback where you left off, among other enhancements. Get it before it’s gone!

Available on: iPhone/iPad/Mac

Price: Free

Download: VideoLAN [3]

Printer Pro [4]

Printer Pro

Paper and ink printing may be going out of style, but for those will still rely on old fashioned physical documents, Printer Pro is the best.

iOS has AirPrint built in, but Printer Pro has desktop-class features like print review for queuing multiple documents, printing certain pages in a document, select paper size, sheet orientation, and more. Plus, iOS 8 extension support was recently added for printing from just about any app.

Printer Pro normally costs $6.99, but as Apple’s free app of the week, it’s completely free for the next few days.

Available on: iPhone/iPad

Price: Free

Download: App Store [5]

Vesper [6]


The beloved todo app Vesper from John Gruber’s Q Branch has added iPad support. Syncing keeps your tasks and lists up to date from the iPhone version, which now supports landscape mode.

A Mac app is still in the pipeline.

Available on: iPhone/iPad

Price: $7.99

Download: App Store [7]

Spotify [8]


Spotify is getting a nice feature on the desktop. Musixmatch integration means that you can look up lyrics to song from right within the app.

No more Googling song titles to find out what that one verse was saying. The app’s Friend Feed has also been consolidated into a sidebar to help you see what your friends are listening to. New daily viral charts show you the hottest tracks in your region.

Spotify says the new tracks will be rolling out in the coming weeks for everyone.

Available on: Mac

Price: Free

Download: App Store [9]

Forge [10]


Adonit is trying to get into FiftyThree’s territory by releasing a Paper app competitor. Forge is built mainly with Adonit’s excellent Jot Touch stylus in mind, but it will work with others and your finger.

The main thing that sets Forge apart from Paper is support for editing in layers. This means you can iterate on designs by combining and removing specific layers, which is the kind of ability typically limited to desktop editors like Photoshop.

Available on: iPad

Price: Free (with $3.99 in-app purchase to remove file saving limit)

Download: App Store [11]