Thursday, July 31, 2014

Download Latest Version Of Viber For PC, Android, Mac, Java, BadaViber For PC, Android, Mac, Java, Bada

Viber is an app which allows you to call, chat, Send messages Etc.. It is initially Launched for the Mobile Phones, But now this app has been launched for PC also. Viber is an Upcoming successful product for PC, Android, Mac, Java, Bada operating platforms.

Download Free Viber For PC:-

Downloading the Viber for PC is very easy.There are two Steps to Download the viber for your pc

The above two links provide the Viber for pc without any restriction, The First link is a Direct link allow you to download viber.exe file and from second link you may download the emulator You just need the android emulators for download the viber for pc version.

Download Free Viber For Android:- 

This is the Latest Version Of Viber for android This will allows you to phone call, texting without any interruptions and This is the newly launched version of the Viber. It includes with some extra features and easy to use, extraordinary user interface

Download Free Viber For Mac:-

You can use this app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and in all Mac operating platforms. With the Mac Emulator you may easily access viber on pc.

Download Free Viber For Java:-

Even though the java platform is outdated still there are many users for java phones. This Java or jar file will also work on the symbian (Nokia Mobiles). Below is the Links that allows you to download the Viber for Java. Enjoy using the Viber on java and Symbian Operating System.

Download Free Viber For Bada OS ( Samsung ):-

Samsung Mobile Wave M and Wave 3 uses this Bada operating system. It is quite Complicated to download the viber for this operating platforms. But here you can get the Viber for Bada operating system. Below are the links to download the new version of viber.

Hope you Enjoyed This Post And Most Of it You have Downloaded Viber For Your Preferred Devices And Please Do Comment and share Your Doubts And Suggestions To Improve This Post.

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