Thursday, July 31, 2014

Download August 2014 desktop, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy lock screen wallpaper « WEDGIENET.NET

The August wallpaper is up :)


Unlike my other wallpaper downloads , there is just one size available (1600 x 1200 pixels) but it’ll fit all screens. On your computer’s wallpaper settings, just choose “fit to screen” or “center” (or similar) and adjust the border/background color of your desktop to match, if applicable.

There’s also an iPhone 5/5c/5s lock screen version so it’s super convenient to quickly check this month’s dates without having to unlock your phone and look for the calendar app. Just download it from the link below and set it as your lock screen wallpaperâ€" there’s usually no need to scale and adjust if you have Reduce Motion turned off (Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Reduce Motion). A version for the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Mini Retina is also available. This one’s a bit tricky to standardize between iPad sizes, so feel free to scale and adjust to your liking.


I also made a version for the Samsung Galaxy S4 lock screen, seeing that that’s one of the most popular Android models. Click here to download the Samsung Galaxy S4 wallpaper version.

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