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The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

It's remarkable what a Steam Sale can do to your thought process, specifically changing what you define as a bargain. There were a couple of games that I wanted, one of them being Return to Castle Wolfenstein which is currently 50 per cent off. Any other time I would have jumped at the  half-price sticker, but not now. Now I'm just irritated it hasn't popped up as a daily deal. Funny that isn't it? I have bought Civilization V, however, and now I can't stop. Once you've read the list, send help.

iPhone Apps

Slingshot: [1]  So you want an app that sends disposable messages to your friends. But what if you don't want Snapchat, and you're more than happy to trust your communiques with Facebook? You'll probably want Slingshot. The only real difference between this and Snapchat is that to see the messages sent by your friends, you have to send them something in return. [Free]

Boots: [2] < /a> Having your reward cards on your phone is much better than having to carry a dozen different cards, and Boots is one of the latest reward schemes to make that digital transition. With your point balance, offers, a barcode scanner, and a store locator, it's everything you'd need right there on your phone. [Free]

Pipes: [3]  An app to help you keep track of the things that you love, Pipes will keep you up to date with news and upd ates on your selected topics. Best of all there's Twitter integration, so you can keep up with what real people are saying right there. [Free]

FireChat: [4]  You might remember FireChat as the app that lets you keep in touch with people in the immediate area even when there's no phone signal. Now it's cross platform, so you can stay in touch with people on both iOS and Android wherever you are. [Free]

MovieMood: [5]  Choosing a film can be a difficult time, especially if you have an over-abundance of choice. MovieMood will help you find a film based on what mood you're in at the time, and will then link you to iTunes so you can buy or rent it. [Free]

iPad Apps

The Championships, Wimbledon 2014: [6]  We still have another week of Wimbledon to get through, and you might be wanting an alternate way to stay up-to-date. The iPad app has live video and radio coverage, as well as new integrated social functions like social media sharing. [Free]

Stylect: [7]  Some people like shoes; I'm not one of them but there are plenty of them out there. Stylect is a way of browsing over 50,000 shoes from brands around the world. New updates bring the opportunity to create your own collections from shoes on your wishlist, and an improved buying experience. [Free]

Ministry of Silly Walks: [8]  One of those apps that makes you think, "why has it taken so long for this to appear?" This a Monty Python-approved endless runner where you take control of John Cleese in his role as the Silly Walks minister. [£0.99]

Paperama: [9]  Want to learn and practise origami without going through reams of paper? Paperama is a way to learn in the form of an iPad game. With 70 different origami puzzl es to work through, it should have you learning in no time. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Tayasui Sketches: [10]  An sketching app designed by artists, for artists. It's had a pretty major update, and now has options to share to Dropbox, Tumblr, Flickr, and Picasa, photo stickers to make it easier to manipulate layers, and a trash folder to recover any deleted work. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Android Apps

Google Slides: [11]  Announced at I/O this week, the release of Google Slides makes Google more of a threat to the likes of Microsoft Office. If you didn't know already, Slides is the Google equivalent of Powerpoint and lets you craft your own digital presentations. It works with Powerpoint files as well, so you don't need to fiddle about with file conversion. [Free]

Yahoo Aviate: [12]  Some of you may remember Aviate, which was featured in its beta form last October . Now the app has been properly released, and now belongs to Yahoo. Aviate is designed to simplify how you browse your phone. With three navigational screens it streamlines your phone to make it faster and more efficient. It got some positive reception from you lot in October, so if you missed it then now is the time to grab it. [Free]

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Car Music: [13]  Music is important when you're driving, but it isn't exactly safe to go fiddling around unlocking your phone when you're travelling at 70 mph. Car Music is designed to make it safer and easier to organise your music on the go. It's large, it's easy, and it's quick. What more could you want? [£1.49]

Path Talk: [14]  This one is an app designed to replace your native SMS app and Facebook, streamlining it into one easy to use interface. But it's far from just an amalgamated app and has a whole host of cool features. Two prominent features are Ambient Status which shows your status to your friends, whether it's being in transit, or having a low battery, and Off the Record, which erases all your messages after 24 hours. [Free]

BrightNest: [15]  A scheduling app that promises to be both easy to use, and visually appealing. There are reminders and prioritisation included as well, but the clincher is the collection of tips and tricks to help you keep your home up to scratch. It's that useful, some have referred to it as LifeHacker in your pocket. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Photoshop Express: [16]  Photoshop on your Windows Phone, what's to explain really? You won't have any of the complicated stuff you get on the full PC version, but you have the basics and that's more than enough for editing on the go. [Free]

Zapper: [17]  A QR code reader that can be used to pay for bills in certain restaurants. Simply scan the code on the bill and you can either pay yourself, or split the bill with friends. Better yet, it'll work out exactly who owes what, and how much to tip (if you're in America or tipping inclined). [Free]

6tin: [18]  There doesn't seem to be an official Tinder app for Windows Phone so, like so many others, you'll have to make do with the best from a third party developer. 6tin is basically the full Tinder app, but available on the Windows Phone system. [Free]

FN8: [19]  An eight-minute exercise workout designed to increase and prolong your body's metabolism. You don't need much room, which is a bonus, but you will need a set of hand weights like dumbbells. A great tool if you find you don't have time to exercise. [Free]

Roku: [20]  The official app for the Roku streaming box, this app will let you control your box via the local Wi-Fi network. Useless on its own, but if you have a Roku and a Windows Phone, this is invaluable. [Free]

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