Saturday, May 31, 2014

Battlefield 3 For PC Legally Free On PC Right Now, Download It!

Electronic Arts deciding to discount culture to its Origin store by launching the ‘On the House’ initiative and now giving away the full Battlefield 3 For free on PC as part of its campaign. Digital delivery is very much the future of how we are going to get our games, and with Xbox LIVE, Steam, PSN and others going great guns

The system is very simple enough: take a popular game, or two if we’re really lucky, and offer them for the rather excellent price of FREE. The first title to offer was Dead Space, and this month it’s been replaced by two equally impressive titles.

Battlefield 3 Now Legally Available For Free On PC via EA’s Origin Store

Actually, the motto of the campaign is to give some of the most popular games with a new game title on offer every month as free download. Following their initial offering with Death Space, EA has now announced two other best games “Plants vs Zombies” and “Battlefield 3″ for the On The House offer.

If you aren’t happy with Dead Space shooter then you’ll be pleased to hear about this new Battlefield 3 is now free on Origin, with that being the case unti June 3rd. The game generally retails at $19.99, so that’s a very good opportunity to grab this discount. Although the game was replaced last year when Battlefield 4 released, that’s where the 3rd gen installment turned into a bad game overnight. Got a PC to play this thing, then you’d be unwise not to jump on this ASAP.

Battlefield3 isn’t the only title on offer at this far moment, but speaking of games you’ll want to jump on Plants vs Zombies, also in offer right now. Free of charge, Popcap’s delightful little strategy game is also available for nothing until 16th June, 2014.

Those who wish to download the game after the offer period will have to buy the game. For an instance, the Battlefield 3 retails at €19.99 while Plants vs Zombies sells for €4.99. So, make the most of this opportunity as it is a limited period offer and EA is unlikely to offer the same game for free again.

Grab your favorite title by visiting Origin’s “On The House” campaign here [1] . Hit the link below on details on how to download Battlefield 3 and Plants vs. Zombies for free! First of all, you have to sign up for an EA Origin account and install the accompanying software onto your Windows-powered PC. Signing up for an account doesn’t take that long either, the whole process is easy as pie.

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