Monday, March 31, 2014

Useful Android Apps for your Business Activities

There are thousands of business apps and games accessible in Android that‘s wide used across the globe.

Android provides the extraordinarily helpful business apps that not solely facilitate in your daily business activities; it should increase your business productivity moreover.

In this article, I’m aware you with those nice business apps that assist you in your daily business activities.

Bar code Scanner


Bar code Scanner is that the beautiful app on Android. The Bar code Scanner app scans the bar code & QR codes of the product. This app uses the phone’s camera to scan the bar codes. It is extracting the information from the barcode or QR code mentioned on the product through metadata. This app is also enables the user to share this information via contact, browsing etc.

Expense Manager


It is a really tedious and necessary task to manage the daily expenses of your home and business. It is a very time-consuming task to keep track of your daily expenses. To solve this problem Android provides a worthy app of Daily Expense Manager. As the name defines, this app will help you to write your daily price in expense manager and it will calculate your expenses and budget and show you the weekly, monthly or daily reports of your budget.

Android provides the free version of Daily Expense Manager. You can easily download this app as it consumes very less space in your phone’s memory.

Bill Minder


Bill Minder is Bill Reminder and Organizer app. Android provides this great app absolutely free. As the name suggests, Bill Minder helps you to organize your bills in your phone. Bill Minder synchronizes the bill alerts on your device and you can easily set the time of every bill in it. Bill Minder is now available in Windows store and in iphone OS. In this app, you can easily export or import the data at any time.

Cam Card


Cam Card is a very useful business app. To make yourself free to hold the multiple business cards in your pocket, you can use this app. This app is rated as best business app ever used. Cam Card reads the business card and saves it in your phone contacts. It reads the business card through your phone’s camera. It saves the business card instantly in your phone contacts. It is an environment friendly application as it saves the paper use. This app syncs all the business card in your phone with your contacts.

This application is also available in iPhone & Windows Store.

Business Calendar

This app helps you to organize the business things at one place. This is the featured app. Business Calendar is a useful widget. Using this app, you can easily drag and drop the appointments, organize the events. Now all the business appointments are organized on your fingertip.

This application is synchronized with your Google calendars. Its great user interface makes it a beautiful widget.

King Soft Office

This is the wonderful app given by Android. This app enables the users to create and organize the documents in a single place. This app is totally free and provided in Android as well as in iPhone. This app enables you to create and edit the word document, power point documents, and Excel documents. King Soft can also give the PDF conversion facility. This app has an easy to use interface.

It is the powerful utility to organize the office documents with an easy to use interface. You can do with this app same as you do with Microsoft Office on your desktop.

I hope that above apps information will help you in your business. These apps are very helpful to increase the productivity of your business. Anyone can take the benefits from these apps by just simply download it in your phone.

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