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Blood Nexus by Jeff Norton

Title: MetaWars: Blood Nexus
Author: Jeff Norton
Produced by: Freed Fiction
Source: Author
Publication Date: 20th March 2014

Tell Me About It
Sam Kavanaugh has devoted her life to fighting for the freedom of the Metasphere, a virtual world that offers mankind its only escape from the ruins of reality. When Sam is critically injured during a mission, she discovers that the lines between the digital world and real life are dangerously blurred.

My Thoughts

MetaWars: Blood Nexus â€" Episode 1.0 is the first in a trilogy of interactive digital novels set in the MetaWars universe that puts you in control of the action. Join Sam as she battles for survival and make life-or-death decisions to uncover secrets that threaten the future of the Metasphere itself.
MetaWars: Blood Nexus episode 1.0 is an interactive eBook for children aged 9+ which puts the reader in control of the action. It's a prequel to the action-packed MetaWars book series by Jeff Norton.
Available for free download from iBook store for iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, and Mac from March 20th 2014

If you have followed my blog for a while you would have seen how blown away with the MetaWars Series I was, devouring every book as fast as possible. When I saw that Jeff had teamed up with Freed Fiction to make an interactive prequel, MetaWars: Blood Nexus, for the MetaWars series I could not wait to get hold of it, I stalked the iBook store, stalked the Freed fiction website waiting for updates, and may have stalked Jeff's twitter account for the tiniest crumb of information about when it would be released. Now my stalking may or may not have paid off, but I was beyond excited to find an email from Jeff asking if I wanted to be a beta tester for MetaWars: Blood Nexus. Of course the immediate and obvious answer was no........are you kidding, I replied instantly with YES, and soon found myself with a copy of MetaWars: Blood Nexus.

I work full time, so my usual weekend routine is as follows...

  • Shop for food
  • Hoover bedroom
  • Hoover hallway
  • Clean dishes
  • Wash clothes
  • Make sure all my uniforms are ready for work next week
  • Get bag ready for work
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean bedroom
When I got my copy of MetaWars: Blood Nexus all of that went out the window, and for the entire weekend I found myself sitting on the sofa, reading the book, and making sure I tried every single option available to me to make sure it all read well, and emailed with the occasional question. Only when I had finished reading did I attempt to do some of my 'jobs', choosing to leave the rest for Monday.

MetaWars has been a series I have loved from the minute I picked it up, and MetaWars: Blood Nexus was just as engrossing, compelling, and unputdownable. I loved reading this type of adventure book when I was younger, and reading MetaWars: Blood Nexus certainly brought back memories of stealing my brothers books to read. I love the whole idea of not knowing what will happen when you turn the page, leaving the path you are going to follow to chance, fate, or just pure luck. I love how interactive MetaWars: Blood Nexus is and that it is you, the reade r, that gets to make the decision of where to take Sam next, her life or death is purely in your hands.

Sam is the protagonist of MetaWars: Blood Nexus, and occasionally get to see points of view from her Dad as he is worrying over something that happens in the pages. I read and re-read MetaWars: Blood Nexus over the weekend, and while some paths and choices you make crossed over with other paths, it was rare to find this in the first couple of reads. Reading MetaWars: Blood Nexus you are drawn into the MetaWars world even more, giving you the background knowledge about things that happened years ago, and why some characters behave the way they do in the MetaWars series itself.

MetaWars: Blood Nexus is a fantastic prequel to this world, and can be read before reading the MetaWars series to give you some basic information to work from, or you can dive straight into the MetaWars series now and not feel like you are miss ing out if you have yet to buy this book.

Find MetaWars: Blood Nexus on iBookstore here: MetaWars: Blood Nexus
Learn more about Freed Fiction here: Freed fiction
Take a look at this video Jeff made to tells us a little bit more about this book
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About Jeff
Jeff Norton is London-based writer who dreams up big, immersive worlds and fills them with page-turning stories and awesome characters. Sometimes he writes by himself, sometimes he creates stories two co-write with his friends.

A reluctant reader as a boy, Jeff strives to create stories that will turn reluctant readers into lifelong ones.

Before writing full-time, Jeff managed the Enid Blyton literary estate. Jeff moved to London from Los Angeles where he'd developed and produced the critically acclaimed interactive movie Choose Your Own Adventure, based on the best-selling books.

Originally from Canada, Jeff lives in London with his wife and two young sons.

Website - Blog  - Twitter - Facebook [3] [4] [5] [6]

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