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How to live stream NFL Super Bowl XLVIII on your iPhone or iPad

Was Apple’s long time advertising partner Lee Clowâ€" the guy behind Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad, PC vs Mac, and many othersâ€"  really hinting at an Apple Super Bowl ad  for this Sunday? Would you like to see a commercial from Apple at the game this weekend?

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks officially kicks off this Sunday at 6:30pm ET in chilly New Jersey, and this year there are a few options for live streaming the game from your iPhone or iPad. It’s going to be tough to get an official stream on your iPhone if you’re not a Verizon and NFL subscriber, but all iPad (and Mac) users will be able to get an official stream of pre-game coverage and the actual game for free through FOX in the US. Head below for all the info on what apps will have live streams and the best places to find Super Bowl ads, replays, and more.


NFL-MobileFOX Sports GO: [1] One of the only official ways to live stream Super Bowl XLVIII on your iPad for free is through the FOX Sports Go app. Fox is going to be hosting the live stream for desktop users on [2] and will redirect users to the Fox Sports Go iPad app [3] for a free live stream available to all from 12am ET Sunday morning to 3am Monday morning. Unfortunately the stream won’t be available to iPhone users “due to league restrictions.”

NFL Mobile: [4] There is one way you’ll be able to access a live stream of your game from your iPhone. Those “league restrictions” mean you’ll only be able to grab a live stream on your iPhone through the official NFL Mobile app [5] . Access to the stream, however, is limited to Verizon customers that are subscribed to the app’s Premium Features for live streaming. If you’re not a subscriber, you’ll still be able to use the app to keep up with scores, highlights and Super Bowl commercials with notifications.


YouTube: [6] The best place you can catch replays of every Super Bowl Commercial as soon as they go live is through YouTube’s Ad Blitz channel [7] . You can also access the Ad Blitz channel through the YouTube iOS apps, and there is currently a few playlists for 2014 teasers and last year’s commercials.

Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials: [8] There is at least one other app on the App Store that provides one easy location to browse all the Super Bowl ads that hit YouTube. The app has been updated with many of the 2014 ad teasers and also has collections of ads from each Super Bowl back to 2006. The app is available for free now for iPhone and iPad.


Super-Bowl-program-appSuper Bowl XLVIII â€" NFL Official Program: [9] This iPad app features everything that you’d find in the physical  288-page printed commemorative program for this year’s game. You’ll also find “Animated starting lineups and stadium renderings; real-time Twitter and Instagram feeds; current temperature at MetLife Stadium; sortable rosters for both teams; and fun activities for the kids.” The app already has a ton of video conten t and in-app purchases to access programs from previous years, but it will also be updated with photos, video, and highlights following Super Bowl XLVIII this weekend.

Super Bowl XLVIII on iTunes: [10]   If you want to rewatch the game, a $12.99 Season Pass is available through iTunes that also gets you tons of pre and post game content including a number of full-length Super Bowl related specials already available.

NFL Game Rewind: Another option for full replays of games directly on your iPad is the NFL Game Rewind app, which gives you access to full games for the entire 2013 season as well as Playoffs and Super Bowl XLVIII. It does require a $19.99 subscription to NFL Game Rewind. [11] [12]


NFL Connect: [13]  Apple is featuring this app in its own Super Bowl section in the App Store. The game acts as as second screen experience allowing NFL fans to challenge each other to mini games while watching live NFL games: Predict plays, swap in game tiles and use your game strategy as live events happen in the match. When you achieve a “Connect” you bank the points, earn bragging rights and rank up the leaderboard! The app also builds in chat features for trash talking and Facebook integration for challenging friends.

NFL Homegating: [14]  Another official NFL app, NFL Homegating, will make it easy if you plan on throwing a Super Bowl party at the last minute. The app has a built in game schedule, lets you send invitations customized for the upcoming game, and also offers a ton of featured recipes, products, and tips for “homegating.”

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