Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Best iPhone Black Friday 2013 Deals


If you’re in the market for buying a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, then Black Friday is probably the best day to buy one. We’re rounding up the best Black Friday deals retailers are offering so you can get a shiny new iPhone for the cheapest price.


Walmart will be selling the iPhone 5s at a discounted price of $189, and will also be bundling a $75 gift card that could be used for the purchase of anything else in the store, effectively bringing down the device’s price to $114.

The iPhone 5c will start at a discounted price of $49, and Walmart will also be giving a $75 gift card with the purchase, making the device effectively free.

Stores open 6 PM, Thursday, November 28th. Check Walmart’s website for more details. [1]


The iPhone 5s starts at $179 at Target, and the retailer will be giving a $30 gift card with the purchase, bringing down its effective price to $149.

Target doesn’t seem to have a discount for the $99 iPhone 5c. Stores open 8 PM on Thursday, November 29th. Go to Target’s website for more details [2] .

Best Buy

Best Buy isn’t offering any discount on the iPhone 5s’ regular starting price of $199, but it is selling the iPhone 5c at a discounted price of $48, which is $51 less than the regular starting price of $99. Best Buy stores will open at 6 PM on Thursday, November 28th. For more details, head over to Best Buy’s Black Friday page [3] .


RadioShack will be offering the iPhone 5s at the usual $199 price, but will be throwing in a $50 gift card, bringing the price down to $149.

The iPhone 5c will effectively be available for $0, with a $49 price tag and a $50 gift card.

Stores will open 8 AM Friday, 29th November. To know more, visit this link [4] .

H. H. Greg

The iPhone 5s will be available from $189 from H. H. Greg, but the retailer will also be bundling a $100 gift card with the purchase.

The iPhone 5c will start at $49, and just like the iPhone 5s, will come with a $100 gift card.

H. H. Greg stores will open 8 PM, Thursday, November 28. For more details, head to H. H. Greg’s website [5] .


Apple will also be discounting its products as a part of its Black Friday , but the iPhone isn’t expected to be a part of this sale.

You can say Here’s the comparison table to get the quick glimpse on which retailer is giving the best deal on the new iPhone:

Note: All these prices are for the 16GB base iPhone model, and come with a two-year contract.

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