Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Muscle Run v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch iPad-P2P – Releaselog

P2P group has released “Muscle Run” for iOS.

Description: Muscle Run â€" is a sensational fusion of blood-thrilling races, 100% realistic feeling of driving and the unlimited number of exciting tracks!. Each time before you there is a unique track with its unforgettable sensations and dangers. Participate in competitions and free rides on your beauty car, earn money to build a garage full of beautiful muscle cars and upgrade them to real beasts. This game will give you a good shot of adrenaline and satisfaction of speed. Try the real novelty of the season and become the champion!


  • Every time a new track is generated
  • The actual physics of the vehicles
  • Great graphics
  • Full support for the Retina Display
  • A lot of bonuses on the track
  • Sophisticated and exciting quests
  • Various control schemes
  • Customizable assistance in driving a car
  • 6 unique cars, inspired by the most powerful muscle cars of the twentieth century.

Release Name :Muscle Run v1.0 iPhone iPod Touch iPad-P2P
Size : 170 MB
Links : Homepage [1]

Download: [2]

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