Friday, May 31, 2013

Top Free Calling Apps for Android

Today, I am talking about top working free calling android apps that you can use for calling anywhere in the world. There are many free calling android apps in google play store, you also find lot of free calling apps for android in google play store, but some of them have many limitatons like slow speed etc. But today, I find few best free calling apps for android. I am always using these free calling apps in android and save lot of money. In these days android is better choice and everyone have android phones so they can download lots of android apps and also use there free call apps in there android phones.

Top 5 Free Calling Apps for Android :

1. Skype :
Skype is the most popular application which is used for free calling. Mostly use this application on pc, but in these days this app also used on mobile phones. This is also applicaion available for every Android phone. With the use of this free calling application you can make calls skype to skype any all over the world whether they are on iPhone, Pc, Mac, Nokia etc. You can make call in skype application totaly free of cost and great voice clearity as well as you also share messages instantly with the use of skype chat.

2. Viber :
Viber is the second most popular application used for free calling and also have similar features like skype. This application is worked in your mobile number which you registered your number in Viber application and Viber application is automatically detect your friends number who have viber account. In this way you make free call with fast speed and totaly free of cost all over the world, you also share your messages with the help of viber chat.

3. Nimbuzz :Nimbuzz is the working and older application used for free calling. Many users run this Numbuzz Applicaion in Nokia Symbian Phones. This application contains very cool and intersting features. You need to create a new account on Nimbuzz and login with your Id and password. You also connect you faebook or twitter account with the help of Nimbuzz App. You also use this app for online chatting with your facebook friends. With the use of this app your also make free call to Nimbuzz friends.

4. WeChat :
WeChat is new application used for exchange voice messages and chat messages. I also watch some ads about this WeChat application. This is new launched app from India. This WeChat app contains some latest and intersting features. You must try this app once. This WeChat app have no any limitation and so download this app in apps store. You also make free calls, send images, chat messages to your wechat friends with high speed and clearity of calling is very great.

5. ooVoo Video Call :
This application have more great features, you can make free calls with the use of this application. You need to create a new account on ooVoo Video Call app and Sign In, You also connect to your ooVoo Video Call friends and make free calls all over the world. One more feature in this app is you make a group in this app and call four friends at one time. This feature is very intersting. You also share or transfer files with your friends and you also send free group messages to your friends with amazing speed.

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