Friday, May 31, 2013

Download the new issue of The Next Web Magazine: MOVE

The latest edition of The Next Web Magazine is now live [1] . This month we’re looking at fitness, sports and how the latest technological advancements are helping us to track and improve our personal health.

Data has never been so abundant, thanks to the plethora of fitness-tracking devices slapped to our wrists, waists and shoes. Whether it’s an iPhone in your pocket equipped with the latest version of Nike+ Running [2] , or a Fitbit hanging from your belt, technology is there to tell us how we’re performing in real-time.

Of course, TNW’s intrepid reporters are back with another batch of in-depth features this month, looking at the most prevalent issues and trends emerging in our industry:

  • Data, smartwatches and the future of fitness, with RunKeeper’s Jason Jacobs â€" by Paul Sawers
  • Fitness startup wants to make the quantified self mainstream â€" by Harrison Weber
  • Tell me everything about you: What’s next in Quantified Self? â€" by Martin Bryant

As always, we’ve enlisted the help of 22tracks [3] to detail the very best records to add to your music collection, as well as [4] ’s pick of the top startups worth keeping an eye on.

Also in attendance is Let’s Ask The Experts, where we ask several specialists the all-important question, “Will winning in sports be determined by technology?” We’ve also got our usual rundown of the most mouth-watering gadgets, apps and movies covered in WANT.

The magazine is available for download for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch via the link below, and is completely free. Don’t forget to check out our back issues too, which have covered all sorts of topics, including photography , fashion and… snow .

ipad portrait 730x973 Download the new issue of The Next Web Magazine: MOVE

➤ The Next Web Magazine [5]

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