Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[Sponsor] WestlawNext -- legal research on the computer, iPad and iPhone

I am pleased to welcome WestlawNext as a sponsor of iPhone J.D.  I've been a fan of the WestlawNext service ever since I first used it on my computer.  I find the service to be incredibly efficient and effective, and it helps me to find the best cases, statutes or other legal authorities to cite, having a direct impact on the quality of the legal arguments that I write. 

Moreover, I really like the implementation of the service in the iPad app.  As I noted when I first reviewed the app in December of 2011 (and long before Westlaw first approached me about being a sponsor) the app's interface is simple enough to be intuitive and to not get in your way, but the app is powerful enough to satisfy all of your legal research needs.  The app has received numerous updates since it was first released so it keeps getting more powerful, and I often use my iPad to do legal research even when I am in my office and could be using my computer just because the iPad app works so well. 

If you want to learn more, click on the ad on the left to read some WestlawNext customer success stories.  If you already subscribe and you are ready to try the iPad app, download it today at no additional charge.  While there is not a dedicated WestlawNext app for the iPhone, simply access http://next.westlaw.com [1] from your iPhone to use the efficient mobile version of the website.

Click here to get WestlawNext (free):  WestlawNext - West, a Thomson Reuters business

  1. ^ http://next.westlaw.com (next.westlaw.com)

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