Thursday, February 28, 2013

AppShopper » ‘Real Racing 3’ Debuts in App Store

28 FEB

by Marianne Schultz

If you’ve been keeping an eye out for the newest entry in EA’s Real Racing series for iOS that was first revealed last September at the Apple keynote event when the iPhone 5 was announced, today is your day to hightail it over to the App Store. Real Racing 3 for iPhone and iPad debuted last night in the App Store in all its free download glory.

Real Racing 3 lets you race virtual versions of real cars on virtual versions of real tracks around the world. You can compete against others using Time Shifted Multiplayer, a feature that lets you race against other players even when they’re not playing the game right at that moment. There are over 900 events you can compete in and you earn in-game currency to buy new cars or upgrade and repair cars when you complete events.

The graphics of Real Racing 3 are crazy good. As shown in its first demo at Apple’s keynote last year, you can actually see the other cars behind and next to you in the mirrors as you drive and details and lighting are realistic and crisp. It’s truly a treat on a retina display device like the iPhone 5. Here’s the trailer to give you a peek (and yes, it looks this good as you’re playing):

While Real Racing 3 is free to download and you can play it to your heart’s content without spending a dime, you do have the option of putting down real money to speed things along. You do earn in-game currency when you complete races but it can take time to rack up enough to buy stuff. Repairs and upgrades to your virtual cars take time to complete and if you don’t want to wait for them to finish, you can spend the in-game currency you’ve earned or buy more via in-app purchase to get them done immediately. The same goes for buying new cars and upgrades if you don’t wait to wait until you’ve earned enough from completing races.

If you want to keep your Real Racing 3 experience as low-cost as you can, check out ‘Real Racing 3′ Tips on How to Spend as Little Real Money as Possible [1] over at TouchArcade. While you’re there, check out their full review [2] if you’re not convinced it’s worth the time to download.

I’ve spent some time playing Real Racing 3 today and it’s been super fun and more realistic than I was expecting. I haven’t come across any tracks that I’ve actually been on yet but the interior of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe I chose (which cost me $1.99 in real money that I don’t regret spending one bit) looks just like the ones I’ve seen in real life. If you like cars and racing, Real Racing 3 offers an excellent experience for a mobile game and you should hit that Buy Now button below toute de suite and get it. And if I see you on the virtual version of Laguna Seca where I’ve had the pleasure of flogging a sportbike a few times, I will give you a run for your money.

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