Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Amazon Cloud Player 2.0 for iPad

Amazon Cloud Player gives you online (and offline) access to your Amazon music collection.

It doesn’t matter how much capacity you throw at a device, developers and owners find a way to fill it to bursting point. Take the 16GB retina-display iPad for example â€" you can easily fill it up with apps alone, leaving little or no room for your video or music. That’s where cloud-based music comes to the fore â€" you store your music collection in the cloud, then stream or download it on demand, freeing up much-needed space on your mobile.

If you’re a fan of Amazon, and are using its Cloud Player service, then this is the app you need to access your music collection on your mobile. Cloud Player automatically includes all MP3 purchases (and CDs with auto-rip enabled) from Amazon, plus you can upload music from your computer too: up to 250 songs for free, or 250,000 songs if you pay $24.99 a year for the privilege.

Your collection is organised in the usual way, with options for album, artist, track, genres and playlists. Select a track to start playing it, remember it’s being streamed over the internet, so consider using the Settings to only allow streaming over Wi-Fi if you want to avoid data roaming charges.

Note, however, that the Cloud Player creates a cache on your device â€" 500MB by default, but this can be changed â€" to store streamed tracks on, thus helping to reduce your bandwidth and giving you offline access to those tracks you’ve recently streamed. You can also manually select favourite tracks and albums for downloading to your device for the same purpose.

Everything works as it should, the display is bright, vibrant and simple to navigate, so if you’re an Amazon Cloud Player user, you’ll find this app is an essential addition to your collection.

The initial release of Amazon Cloud Player was iPhone/iPod touch only, but version 2.0 extends support to the iPad as well as sporting an updated interface. Users will also be pleased to learn that a new setting allowing you to change the default cache size has been added to the Settings dialog.

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