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The 10 best iPad action games ~ GAME DOWNLOAD 8

Warning, this article is for fans of action, big guns and other means to air the guts of his neighbor.
Here are the top 10 games on iPhone / iPad that will allow you to gut the zombie, play or replay futuristic war World War II.
Y has something for everyone ...

1. NOVA 2
More beautiful, more violent, more weapons and always with a perfect handling NOVA 2 sinks completely the first part of the series. Add to that a very complete multiplayer mode and you're with one of the best games on iOS.

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2. The Infinity Project
More oriented adventure and exploration that NOVA 2, The Infinity Project delight nags less of you and offer them a compelling story, wrapped in a successful implementation. Unknown iOS game that deserves attention.

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3. Doom Classic
THE game that created the FPS genre so much so that also speaks of Doom -like. Including 4 episodes of the series and also with a multiplayer mode, Doom shoed a tear of nostalgia to older and younger shoed discover the mythical game.

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4. Star Wars : Imperial Academy
Only multiplayer Star Wars Imperial Academy allows 4 players to compete to become the Storm Trooper [4] Elite and serve Darth Vader himself. Found happiness with great environments, sound effects and music from the Saga Star Wars .

(AppStore - Free)

5. Archetype
Also only multiplayer Archetype adaptation unofficial Quake on iOS. Deathmatch, Capture flat, team combat, and a host of different weapons, everything is there to spend hours online to kill his neighbor.

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6. Rage HD
Rage HD transports you into a post-apocalyptic world in which you are a participant in the reality TV show: Mutant Bash. The goal is simple: survive the zombie slaying. The technical realization is exceptional on iPhone 4 and vivid soundscape. This rail shooter (you do not point your character, just the viewfinder) is a must have for fans of action games on iOS.

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7. Call of Duty: Zombies
This game is an adaptation mode Zombies series Call of Duty . Propelling you in the Second World War, you should resist the invasion of Nazi zombies and fight off waves of increasingly important eating brains. Stressful and well done, Zombies will keep you busy for a long time if you get into the high-score hunting.

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8. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
Nestled in a modern conflict, you must complete various missions to protect American interests in the world. Yes I know, it reminds Call of Duty Modern Warfare and this is done on purpose as often at Gameloft , we shamelessly copy what works on consoles. Well we do not want him too as Modern Combat 2 is satisfactory in content (solo missions and multiplayer) and container (flawless execution). Gameloft iOS mastery level games, it feels.

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9. Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front
Pacific, Normandy, Africa, and Sicily Allemegane, Brothers in Arms 2 you see the country and shoed shoed you relive the most significant steps of the Second World War. For directing vehicles, bringing a little variety to the traditional FPS, the game is fully 3D. 13 levels, a multiplayer mode, you will have plenty to do.

(AppStore [9] -Download )

10. Welcome to Hell
The title says it all: red blood will squirt like that on the screen of your iPhone . Again, it will kill, burn, cut hordes of zombies using various weapons and varied. Letting off steam and having fun, this game is reserved for those who have a strong stomach.

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And you, what is your favorite action game on your iDevice?
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