Thursday, January 31, 2013


In order to give a little light to mobile games that are worth a look, here's a list of 10 titles that we have selected, on both Android and Apple (iOS and Google Play). Racing, action, adventure, searching for objects stashed in sets, there will be something for everyone as you can realize with this list, not a ranking. The figures used ONLY to hold a minimum:
1. FINAL FANTASY: THE BRAVEST ALL  € 3.59 iPad / iPhone (optimized 5) Taking the famous licensed Square Enix Final Fantasy All The Bravest is a kind of very light RPG in which the goal is to eliminate opponents by using the touchscreen simple . It suffices to tap one of the characters to push to attack. Bringing together the greatest heroes of the saga and iconic villains, he already has downloadable content with warriors "special" as Auron or Tifa.

2. TEMPLE RUN 2 Free iPad / iPhone (optimized 5) reflex game, Temple Run 2 asks you to achieve the highest score in trying to catch the maximum number of objects in front of you, logically related some more points. We must also avoid the many pitfalls and not too underestimate the power of the idol cursed you carry. All under the gaze of a time.


€ 5.49 iPad Suite Myst, Riven takes you into the same kind of desolate in which the only weapon you have is your mind. Solve puzzles and progress to the confines of a mysterious land driven by an atmosphere of loneliness that works very well. An adventure game pure juice, despite its side a little dry.

4. ABYSS: THE WRAITH OF EDEN Free iPad / iPhone / Android Belonging to a little esoteric genre of hidden object games, Abyss: The Wraith of Eden takes you to the bottom of the ocean for a ride in a sunken city a bit too optimistic, a bit like Bioshock. A coating of high quality, especially for a title graphic that should attract fans of the big blue.

5. SPIRIT WALKERS: CURSE OF THE CYPRESS WITCH Free Android Also part of the class of games where the goal is to find the hidden object scene available on a first list, Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch takes place in a magical forest where a group of young people will undergo a curse that will require them to find an antidote. Very pretty and second by a story that leaves follow the game which is more free.

6. DARK ARCANA: CARNIVAL Free Android horror adventure game, Dark Arcana: Carnival takes place in a strange carnival where a mother and daughter decide to go for a ride. A moment of rest gone awry when the mother disappears without a trace. Your mission will be to find it by all means and especially by collecting clues.

7. JOE DANGER TOUCH € 2.69 / Free iPhone / iPad Reprise live a very nice arcade Thurs typed out at the time on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Joe Danger Touch based on the same concept, namely loop levels while minimizing the walls and other obstacles in your path, while performing some challenges annexes. Small increase over that life and the difficulty of fun ways.

8. UNDEAD SOCCER Free iPhone / iPad As the name suggests, Undead Soccer is a game based on football practice in a world of zombies. The story is simple, a poor player who is sidelined must stop an invasion with the help of a balloon.The goal is to direct the ball towards the various creatures that constantly progressing and kill a maximum.

9. HUNDREDS € 2.69 iPad New Project designers very good Canabalt, platform game based on the headlong, Hundreds is an exclusive iPad that takes the form of a puzzle game. Rather clever puzzle game, it will ask you to magnify circles progressively being careful not to touch the other objects.

10. KINGDOM CONQUEST IIFree iPhone / iPad Published by SEGA, Kingdom Conquest II is a game that blends action phases and management. In the first, you must explore dungeons and dismember the tough monster while in the following, your goal is to improve the defenses of your city to protect it from enemy attacks. All powered by a rather nice graphic.

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